Vampyr is yet another great title from the developers, Dontnod Entertainment after Life is Strange and Vampyr is a rather bizarre RPG. You’ll encounter the inhabitants of the darkness, but you’ll also have to talk to the civilians trapped in the middle of the growing epidemic. Bloodsucking vampiric monsters chase the streets while groups of anti-vampire vigilantes strike anything that looks shady. It’s a dangerous world out there, and your craving for human blood turns things more complex.

London is a being, breathing city in Vampyr, and you can suck the blood from any named citizen. As in real life, everyone has his own story, and executing any human can create countless consequences in their realm, for example.  if you kill a merchant, you’ll waste your only spot for trading, and you simply might cause another important other to fall into the gloom. Each civilian is a different character, so picking who you suck upon is a tough call.

For those who don’t know much, Vampyr is an ARPG game, designed by Dontnod Entertainment and distributed by Focus Home Interactive. It was published for Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The plot describes how Jonathan Reid, a physician who has changed into a vampire, comes to words with his undead state as he is ripped among the Hippocratic Oath and his newfound blood-sucking nature.

Dialogue options are used for communicating and killing prey to suck on, which reduces strength and increases players’ level. Weaponry and paranormal skills are used in while facing opponents. Established during the period of the Spanish flu, London works as a fictionalized open-world formed of four districts, responsive to damage based on the player’s activities. Their choices also decide which of the four ends they receive.

Vampyr is a different and much more difficult than other games from the same genre, and even one wrong call can make things worst. So here I am, with 10 Vampyr Tricks and Tips to Am Up Your Vamp. I was gonna call this article ‘10 Vampyr tips and tricks to stop you sucking at sucking’, but that’s not how this game treated me 🙂


10 Vampyr Tips And Tricks to Amp Up Your Vamp! 11 .  Think Before you Kill to Suck on!

The first tip which I recommend to everyone who just started this game (and in REAL LIFE too) That’srobably the only most valuable tip I can give you for the whole game. Now, if you’ve only played vampire-like games such as Legacy of Kain series or BloodRayne, then you’ll most likely be influenced to heedlessly pierce your tusks into the lily-white scruff of the first civilian you’ll come across, or bleed the first filled publican who tries to offer you a pint of the tart. Of course, that’s all absolutely typical when you’re a vampire, but keep in mind that this is actually an ARPG and that every unfair kill can produce far-reaching consequences. By killing anyone without thinking, you’re most likely to kill a character of crucial importance in the later stages of the story. Max to the max, you’ll lose an essential clue or vital twist in the storyline. And Finally, each body you drop on the streets can serve in the spreading of the plague, so precisely weigh the values of every kill.  

2 . Talk to Everybody

The conversation is the real lifeline of Vampyr. The bonds you grow with the game’s numerous citizens, and the connections they have with each another, are the most exciting element about Vampyr, and it all straps on the conversation. A definite amount of information with each character is needed to develop the main narrative, and there are also various character-specific inquiries and side hunts that both flush them out and present you with a solid root of experience. Even if your future plan is to go completely evil vampire and murder everybody, you’ll still require to talk to them and reveal secrets of their life to maximize the knowledge points you’ll get when you suck into them. If you don’t like the tone of long, sometimes repeated chats with citizens, Vampyr may not be the one for you. 

3 . Don’t Grind Sucking for XP Gains

Vampyr keeps hinting you that eating characters will make the story easier because of the red XP in their blood, but you should not worry too much about it in the beginning. Okay, okay, the normal civilian will give you a minimum of 1500-3000 XP per neck in one sip, which would apparently take you an hour or so to make in-game. But you can get it by completing tasks to get the XP slower initially if you perhaps don’t want to destroy indiscriminately from the off. A good way to increase this is by doing searches, and traveling or talking to characters to find more. Later on in the story, upgrades can get costly so you will have to make a few choices about who to bite but don’t suffer about doing it straight on.

4 . Sometimes it’s fine to run away10 Vampyr Tips And Tricks to Amp Up Your Vamp! 2

Minute-to-minute, the fight is a big chunk of Vampyr. As you stalk the old streets of London, you’ll be attacked by vampire shooters and enraged contaminated around every turn.

In the same style as talking to others all the time, primarily towards the following story when the opponents go hard, this can change into a bit of a nuisance. You don’t actually get that much Wisdom for killing usual enemies, so if you can’t be worried to engage every Tom, Dick, and Harry that favors a square go, just don’t.

Don’t get drawn to every fight and you must have a fluid ride through the game. Rivals will chase you for a while but will turn to their territory after a while. This is also a great strategy if you meet an unusually strong foe by the way. You can abuse their AI by moving in and dealing with some quick damage, before running out of their aggro zone.

5 . See a side quest, You do it

Whenever you lie in a bed to grow your skills, time flies. While you are asleep, everything can break in the world, and, as the game only works on autosave, you can’t really go back and modify your decisions.

If you move ahead in the story, side quests, where someone is in critical danger eg. you’ve found them caught somewhere, besieged by enemies, if you neglect to power up and let time fly, then they are more likely to die. That means you’ll miss the side quest, and you don’t want that right?

If you begin a side quest try to complete it before the time passes unless it might be gone for ethic.

6 . Don’t Be Asleep For Long

One of the elements you can’t miss when you enter your room at Pembroke Hospital, or just around any other shelter in the game, are beds. Though, it’s not fit to take a nap each time you feel like it, not even if you need to specially allocate some XP and improve your vampiric skills. A much safer tactic is to wait to gain a meaningful amount of XP, and only then continue to sleep. The idea behind that plan is simple: each point you rest, the game will count all the things you’ve done in the past day. That indicates that time in a certain area might significantly worsen or get improve, all depending on your activities. For example, if you’ve ignored your patients, or annoyed entire neighborhoods, leaving the piles of dead bodies after you, that surely won’t help your works in containing the plague. In the case that the positions in a certain area join the critical situation, you’ll lose all possible quests and the specific region will be loaded with rivals, which also indicates that you’ll lose a precious source of blood. That’s why, after a big night’s (or, in this state, day’s) rest, if you see that you’ve maybe reached a bit overboard with your efforts, reload the area and try to make everything right.

7 . Stick to One GameStyle 

Abilities in Vampyr work very well collectively and should positively be considered in groups. When picking which abilities to upgrade, don’t just imagine “this ability looks cool.” Rather, look at the other abilities that you have, and get sure that it makes more sense paired together. You will be much strong off with 5 fully smoothed up abilities than 10 half-way leveled-up abilities.

While this may get tedious to some, you can regularly get all of the XP that you have used and spend it again, however you want to. This costs XP and the value increases every time you use it, so don’t waste it

8 . Build Your Health And Stamina

Despite your gameplay whether you kill or want to go vegetarian, Jonathon will do extremely better in the action if he can last more without going out of energy.

Developing his stamina will help with your strength to string attacks together before you want to stop, plus it also indicates you can evade enemy attacks for much more time without regrouping.

It also goes out without saying that developing your health means you can face more attacks before you die in the spirit of an immortal vampire. Extra health is key to obtaining group fights and those harder boss fights where your opponent will also have a greater than normal HP bar.

9 . Be a Healer

And as we’re on the subject of making stuff right, it really pays off to present at least some sort of healing care to the poor residents of London. Not only it’ll make you feel greater about yourself, but for each person you’ve treated, you’ll earn 50 XP. True, this might look kind of pathetic in the contrast with the ample amount of XP you’ll get by sucking blood from them. 

However, especially in the following stages of the story when the plagues escalate even further, you’ll undoubtedly heal dozens of residents per night. Even if you’re that skeptical to perceive them only as potential fools, at least healthfuller patients will give you greater amounts of fresh blood. More importantly, by recovering citizens, you’ll also be able to enhance the overall status of their area.  

10 . Don’t Forget Your Consumables

10 Vampyr Tips And Tricks to Amp Up Your Vamp! 3In the flame of battle, when all your blood is wiped up and you’re gazing at a seriously barren health bar, it can be natural to think like everything is lost and a reload is necessary. For much of the story, I kept ignoring that I have consumable syringes that I could consume by pressing up or down key on the D-pad.

You only begin off with a pair of slots for each, but you can expand the number of slots with XP upgrades.

So I hope you loved these 10 Vampyr Tips And Tricks to Amp Up Your Vamp!. These tips and tricks are my own recommendations which I experienced while playing the game.

If you want more such Tips And Tricks for other titles like Call Of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto, etc, do let us know in the comments. If anyhow you disagree or agree with me, then do let me know in the comments. That’s it for this one! GG!