Multiplayer gaming isn’t for everyone. Some people love it but it is just a matter of time before you get bored of doing the same thing over and over again. Some people believe in playing a game that provides a specific storyline and follows a structured approach to the game.

Single-player games have evolved a lot since the past two decades. There only used to be text-based gaming once and then the introduction of graphical gaming took place. At first, the graphics used to be pretty poor and the storyline wasn’t that catchy either. But with time, games have turned more realistic with interesting storylines and nearly real-world graphics.

It is no doubt that multiplayer gaming is one, but the thrill provided by some single-player games is just too hard to fight off. That is why I’ve prepared a list of best single player pc games that will blow your mind. These games might differ on the basis of interest from person to person but an average of people will be able to relate to most of the games on the list. Some of them are paid but they are worth every penny of their cost.


List Of 9 Best Single Player PC Games To Play:

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Since the TV- Series has shown up on Netflix, this game has grown huge. This is why I’ve kept it on top as it is one of my absolute favorites as well. Who wouldn’t like to go on a quest with the famous, Geralt of Rivia? Who wouldn’t be charmed by the raw action of this game?

Simply the character of the Witcher has been a great deal to a lot of fans for this game and the TV- series. It is a wonderful game when it comes to fighting with monsters and defeating them in combat. It has grown so huge that it is being compared to Apex Legends apart from the fact that the Witcher is based on a storyline.

Each quest carried out by Geralt is absolutely amazing and all the locations available in this game are pleasantly astounding. The way the developers seem to accommodate the reality into this game is appreciable. The evidence of the brilliance of this game is that it is still appreciated as much as it was when it came out.

2. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight

If you are a fan of the Metroidvania design of games, this game is the best for you. It is known to be the pinnacle of Metroidvania design and is obviously worthy to be played. It takes us back to the 1990s while still keeping the sense of gaming intact.

In this game, we travel as a titular knight through a subterranean kingdom that is enchantingly forlorn. During these quests, we even get certain abilities and these keep on getting better as we move forth into the game. It is quite interesting and there are nice effects too like the knight takes out his own map when the player looks at his map.

3. What Remains of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch

This is a great game and isn’t anything like the other games on this list. It is well deserved to be on this list and is one of the most versatile single player pc games I’ve ever seen. It is developed with great precision and provides the player with a very lifelike experience that would touch them from inside of their hearts. It will thaw even the coldest of hearts.

This game is based on the haunted house of Edith Finch. It is the house that her whole family died in and throughout the game, we have to explore the house and its rooms. When we visit different rooms of different family members, Edith receives dreams of different realities that show how the particular family member died. It is a surreal experience and is extremely awesome to play.

4. Resident Evil 2: Remake

Resident Evil 2: Remake

Everyone is familiar with resident evil quite well. It is a game that changed the gaming patterns of a number of players. Its awesome storyline and great graphics appeal to gamers as no other game can. And the adrenaline rush it gives is pretty exciting too.

It is a very hard thing to be great being the remake of a game but this one broke records. It wasn’t just great as a part of the resident evil universe but it even made its name through time amongst the best remakes. It has still kept some of the previous features of the game like narration based storyline.

It has always been one of the best games that accommodated zombies but now it has turned into something much better through evolution. It is a great game and the zombies and other events taking place in the game seem realistic as well. It really brings the horror zombie theme to life.

5. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows die twice

This is a really engaging game as it is set in mythical feudal Japan and we play as a samurai. This is a severe combat game that simply appeals to a certain audience and isn’t for everyone. So if it doesn’t suit you, I would recommend that you don’t try it. But according to me, this is a terrific game.

A lot of people see severe combat to be sadistic but it is actually very challenging and the gaming experience it provides is obviously incomparable. Although its prequels were pretty different this game has a mainstream action narrative that doesn’t just concentrate on the spiritual elements but the action as well.

The player gets to travel around the game to discover secrets and shortcuts and these quests are highly rewarding. And when we talk about combat, it nearly throws the player off his feet. It takes you into the lifestyle of a katana-wielding samurai and helps you learn their ways and perfect them. It is an extremely grasping game and would definitely grip you for hours at a time.

6. Total War: Warhammer 2

Total War: Warhammer 2

Total war games are absolutely the best ones for the people who like war strategy games and are mostly the same but even some small changes can bring a variation in each of their gameplays. And moreover, as the series has advanced, the graphics have enhanced quite a bit which was actually necessary.

The series was stagnant for a long time after Rome 2 but the developers made up for it with this sequel of Warhammer. It has great graphics and a powerful storyline to grip the player. The gaming experience would be best if you have Warhammer 1 with you or have played it as it gives certain insights into the storyline and it is absolutely great to try out.

7. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

And this is another game with a well-known franchise to have its back. This great game is liked by a number of gamers worldwide and is obviously worthy of this appreciation. It has earned its place amongst the best RPGs of the generation. Although a lot of its success is dedicated to its franchise it is still a great game independently.

The best thing about it is that it is an open-world game and there are absolutely no games comparable to this one. It has brought about a lot of changes to the series and this game. The series is no longer considered the conventional one with those swords, daggers and cloaks and all the other historical ways. The evolution of the series into this game is very fascinating and deserves the fame it receives.

8. Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2

This is another game where you cast off as a skilled assassin who is out on a revenge mission. This quest is set out in the city of Karnaca. It is complete with action-packed scenarios and mind-boggling experiences. You can explore around and do a lot of similar work.

It might seem a little orthodox to some people but it really isn’t. It is instead an action-packed game with all the right sequences that a gamer would need. It provides the best experience by including a time travel element into the mix which somehow makes it even more fascinating.

9. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus

This is the last game of the list but still isn’t the least of the ones mentioned above. This game is set in reality after a nuclear war that has left the world in pieces. Even after that, the hostiles haven’t been compromised and the war is still somewhat going on. This makes the situation even worse as the player still has to face all that.

The game has to be played in a circumstance of destruction and chaos, and there are no other alternatives that make this game the global success it already is. The environments left in the game to explore are marvelous and each situation will put the player on an edge to give a powerful adrenaline rush.

The player should stay ready to experience literal chills while playing this game like that might happen as well. It is absolutely tremendous to try out and would definitely have the gamer at its clutches.

I hope I was able to provide you a great list of single-player games to play and enjoy. Most of these are my personal favorites so I can assure you that they will positively amaze you. If you have any queries related to the games mentioned above, please drop a comment below. If the content was helpful, please leave a like on the post.