Since its first release in 1999, Silent Hill, the name gives people a nightmare about those Spooky empty foggy town where the evil lurks are just waiting for you. The series has never failed in delivering some of the most overwhelming and iconic Horror Stories, taking horror story games to a whole new level. The series delivers such an experience that each Horror Games Fan must play this game once, especially when you’re aching for something terrifying.

The Silent Hill series is one of the best survival horrors experience without any doubt. You can’t deny, over the years, the franchise’s quality went through Ups and Downs throughout its 13 Year Tenure, mainly because the developers of the game, Team Silent, disbanded shortly after the release of the fourth game.

Silent Hill is currently on a break after Konami canceled the sequel of Silent Hills, which was a collaboration between the famous horror director, Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima. Well, as we look back at the Silent Hill Series.


List of 9 Best Silent Hill Games of All times. So let’s get started!

9. Silent Hill: Book Of Memories

Silent Hill: Book Of Memories

An RPG-type dungeon crawler placed in the world of Silent Hill, The game lets players choose from a some of the one-dimensional characters, combat enemies recycled from past sequels, and discover key items as they try to escape another dull, cookie-cutter level. Book of Memories is slightly playable, but it’s also a completely irrelevant and somewhat out-of-place in addition to the Silent Hill series.

8. Silent Hill: Homecoming

Silent Hill: Homecoming

Silent Hill: Homecoming was the opening of the end to the series as we knew it. After a little disappointing fourth sequel, Homecoming was developers’ chance to take some criticism and use the advantages of next-gen technology to stimulate the features of Silent Hill that were becoming stale.

For most of it, developer Double Helix Games does an excellent job at nailing some of the core features that defined Team Silent’s work: a relatable lead with a determined goal; a closer dive into the secret cult, the Order; and some incredible visuals for its time. It also divisively drove the franchise in a more action-oriented area, perhaps taking a few cues from Resident Evil at the time. As a result, it had a bit of an identity crisis going on that made it difficult for newcomers. Homecoming is still remembered as the most action-heavy Silent Hill game from the franchise.

7. Silent Hill: Origins

Silent Hill: Origins

A prequel to the original Silent Hill was always going to be a tall order, and still Silent Hill: Origins just happens to fall short of the mark, it’s still a pretty firm and engaging game in its own right. I’d go saying that it’s faithful to a fault, maybe clinging too close to the established method of the series. 

Origins, however, can’t be defined as much more than the one that’s there. While there’s nothing wrong with it and it’s perfectly work-man-like, it doesn’t offer much that the rest of the franchise hasn’t already done better and with more courage.

If you’re just looking for the Silent Hill basics on your mobile, Origins neatly fits the bill: this PSP exclusive stars a troubled middle-aged trucker, Travis Grady, who is attracted to Silent Hill by a strange entity and must battle his way through the quiet fog world and a grizzled Otherworld. As the name suggests, Travis experiences the events that lead the original Silent Hill, so you get the excitement of seeing those well-known characters again and then the slow realization that they don’t do anything new. Radically, Origins is a fine game if you’re certainly craving some Silent Hill action, but fine fit the best that can be said about it.

6. Silent Hill 4: The Room

Silent Hill 4: The Room

What is perhaps the most under-rated Silent Hill game yet, Silent Hill 4: The Room was Team Silent’s last works in the franchise and they went with honour. While the story is still somewhat criticized for being unfocused, but it does preserve the winning formula of Silent Hill thanks to the superb atmosphere, an interesting proposition and set-up, and some deadly monster designs. It’s insurgent in many regards but doesn’t disrespect the titles that came before it. What you have is a game not without its defects, but one that felt like a perfect ending to Team Silent’s work and legacy. If recent rumors are to be considered, I guess that leaves a little more to be wanted.

5. Silent Hills: Shattered Memories

Silent Hills: Shattered Memories

The game where a lot of stuff could’ve gone wrong, in fact, most of us wanted things in the game to go wrong Silent Hills: Shattered Memories is a reimagination of the first story about harry Mason who’s looking for his daughter in a spooky mysterious town with the deadly beast. Players had to evade these monsters by sneaking around, distracting them, knocking down Almira’s to slow them down or even hide in the closet. The best part about the Shattered Memories is the use of the psychologist who drags you out of your comfort zone by psychoanalyzing you in concurrence with events that happen in the main story. Silent Hills: Shattered Memories isn’t the best horror game out there, but the story twist endings make this game unique and worth the while.

4. Silent Hill: Downpour

Silent Hill: Downpour

Downpour is a wonderfully flawed and troubled game. The game tries to fix the crack between the unorthodox Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and the Silent Hill: Homecoming by developing the spookiest game in town. And genuinely, the developers, Varta Gams was successful in making the Silent Hill town feel different from its previous sequels. The I-Am-Always-Here Fog is downplayed for frequent violent rainstorms that wipe the nearby enemies into insanity! The constant threat of rain makes the Silent Hill more threatening to explore. The game’s opening combat is the best part, which teaches players how to fight by brutally killing the man to death in a prison shower. In addition to that, the main character motivation’s are left completely open-ended. Well, for all good the game has, there’s enough bad combat and technical issues to balance it out.

3. Silent Hill 3

Silent Hill 3

The game is entirely capable of creating a truly disturbing atmosphere and putting its own stamp on the disturbing creations that fill the Silent Hill’s Streets. The Silent Hill 3 introduced a new look to the horror from the perspective of its unique lead character. The strangely empty environments from the first two sequels are well-executed here, but the best part comes when the gore comes out, making Silent Hill’s otherworld that is more terrifying and suffocating. The In-Game Creepy-Monsters are brilliantly malformed to the point that the series iconic nurses feels boring in front of them. The game gets more disturbing when you consider the game’s themes i.e fertility and childbirth. Not many games can reach the fear of pregnancy so directly and that’s where Silent hill 3 Hits hard.

2. Silent Hill

Silent Hill

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? But that’s not what the game developers did, instead, they made one of the most highly-regarded horror games of all time. The Team Silent, developers of the game, made the Silent Hill for PS1 which could only render close chunks of the environment, at this time, draw distance in PS1 wasn’t introduced. But then the developers decided to add fog to the town which fixes the technical problem of distance rendering issues, and also made it an unsettling boon for players. From the moment the lead character, Harry Mason enters the Silent Hill looking for his lost daughter, all you get is unsettling and discomforting appearances, and just knowing that something deadly is out there behind the fog clouds waiting for you!

1. Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2

The first silent hill which introduced the series uniqueness in creepy deads, but the later parts have been more innovative, which took Silent Hill to a whole next level. But nothing beats the Silent Hill 2. When you first play the game, it makes you believe that it’s just another Scary game where you knock off some deads, but as you move ahead in the game, the whispers about James history comes up, discover the hints fall into place, and the brilliant twists force you to face the reality that the town is hell for James!

The game is totally focused on feeling that vision so that everything fits together like a perfect puzzle. Wach monster serves a symbolic function while being scary. The character’s behavior affects the way he fights or accesses his inventory. And from the start to the end, the game asks you just one question, why and I Don’t know is the scariest of all!

So I hope you loved the list of 9 Best Silent Hill Games of All Time. The games are purely ranked as per my experience which may vary from players to players. If you want more such Ranking Lists for other Series like Call Of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto, etc, do let us know in the comments. If anyhow you disagree or agree with me, then do let me know in the comments. That’s it for this one! GG!