Here is The List of Best PUBG Secrets & Easter Egg


Ever tried ‘Pressing F to Honk?’ well if yes, then PUBG Dev’s got you! The new pickup trucks with you find in the widespread deserts of MIRAMAR have a very weird number plate which says ‘F2HNK’ which actually means ‘Press F to HONK’. You sure would want to try it right now! but the thing is Pressing ‘F’ In PUBG makes your character leave the vehicle. So if you’re driving a vehicle and try to honk by pressing ‘F’ then you’ll simply fell off the vehicle and would die of falling! Stupid reason to die isn’t it?


El Pollo Es Mio:

As you know the Erangle Map Town’s were named after Real-Life Russian Locations, then don’t be surp[rised if I tell you Miramar Map’s town were named after Real-Life Spanish Locations. So you might go through some graffiti around the map saying ‘ EL POLLO ES MIO’ meaning ‘ The Chicken Is Mine’ which refers to the game’s winning tag ‘ Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’. How ironic would this be if you killed the last player in front of one of these graffiti and get that delicious chicken dinner on your plate? haha moving on!

El Pollo Es Mio


Ever thought where you get that “winner winner chicken dinner” each time you win a game? Well keeping that in mind, the PUBG Dev while making the new MIRAMAR Map added this Storage Room which is 274meters SW of Oasis (Refer to the map location below) which stores a box which says ‘ Perishable. Chkn Dnr. 09224’  where it means  ‘ Perishable Chicken Dinner’ with a random batch number. So now you know where to get the chicken dinner without winning!


A Secret:

PUBG’s been always hiding Secrets from us, and its time for one more. In a small shack in Miramar, you can find these random number being placed on the top corner of the wall and you would’ve ignored it a 1000 times! But if you look in closely, it says the numbers  ” 1 19 5 3 18 5 20 ” Where ” 1=A, 19=S, 5=E, 3=C, 18=R, 5=E, 20=T” Meaning ‘A SECRET’! Interesting isn’t it?

A Secret


You’ve always thought Miramar is a widespread 8x8km map which is technically the biggest map of PUBG with widespread deserts, high wide buildings, stadiums and more. but it wasn’t always the same! You can find an old Miramar map which was the first draft by the  Developers of the game! You can find this map on the east of Los Leones on an island wherein one of the houses it is spread on a table.


Students Voice:

All the school going players of PUBG, this one is for you! This Easter Egg is one of the most difficult ones to find! If you travel South from Valle De Mar, you’ll Find a Hill Named Minas De Sur where in between the grass at the top, you can find the smallest easter egg of the game. You’ll Find a Traffic Cone with a note stuck on it which says ” I HATE SCHOOL”. The fans refer this school to the School which players can find In Erangle map which is a Hotspot of the game which attracts more players to that place resulting in more fights and more chances of dying. Most players avoid this place including one of the Dev’s of the game who did this xD.

Students Voice

On The Rocks:

PUBG’s been always adding strange things to the game including these mind-boggling rock patters which you can see in the pictures. These Rocks can be located on the exact marker on the map in the screenshot below. the color of these rocks is totally different from the color of the rest of the map. The designs don’t match the game’s vibe and feel a little weird.

On The Rocks

Secret Loot Cave:

With the release of the new Vikendi Map in PUBG, a new Secret Cave was found on in the game which could be accessed by throwing a grenade or smashing in with a car. Previously in these caves, you could find Drop Loot Like AWM, M249, MK14, Etc! but after the latest update, you get only 3x Loot and level 3 Armory these. It’s still better than nothing!

Secret Loot Cave

Erangel Mini Map:

The everyone’s favorite 6×6 map with dynamic fighting situations from close range to long-range with a twist of fast-paced gameplay has its own mini 3d modeled map which you can find near a building in shelter. This could be found in the new Erangel 2.0 Update (as seen in the picture).

Erangel Mini Map


This is a weird one! you can find this easter egg at ruins near the church building. Here you find a massive crater which could’ve been caused by a bomb or an explosion. And in-game if someone didn’t knew about this then it’s very difficult to notice and if a player falls in this, then its literally impossible to get out of this. watch out!