PUBG Corp has bought a new revolution in the gaming industry around the world, especially in India! The Pc Version of the game has nearly 400 million Downloads whereas the mobile version has around 500 Million downloads worldwide with India Having 19% of the total downloads alone!

And as you know, PUBG Mobile has played a huge role in the Mobile E-Sports industry, where the PUBG Gaming Community organizes an E-Sports Tournament on a world-wide level where players from each country compete with each other in teams of four. The tournament was the PUBG Mobile Club Opens which had a prize pool of whopping 400,000$ (Approx 3Crore Rs.) Well, all the success which PUBG mobile could achieve is all because of us, i.e The daily active users who play this game every day for the thrill, action, and entertainment. 

But most of the players cant enjoy the game as it’s meant to be because of their Mobile Specifications. PUBG Mobile is a powerful and high-end game and requires a Mid Range smartphone to play on Lowest settings @30 Fps. But not all players have a Mid Range smartphone and as Tencent (the developer of PUBG Mobile) came to know about this, they came up with their official emulator which can run the same game in a low-end pc. The emulator is called Gameloop which was previously called Tencent Gaming Buddy.

And because Gameloop is developed by Tencent, it has a pretty Huge Player base and runs exactly like PUBG Mobile. Previously, Both mobile and emulator players used to matched together which made it difficult for the Mobile players to fight against Emulator players as they have Mouse and keyboard which is easy to play with. But then Tencent Fixed this by creating separate lobby for emulator and mobile players.


So if you’re looking for how to play PUBG Mobile on PC, then follow these steps:

Download and Install GameLoop

how to play PUBG Mobile on PC

Gameloop is by far the best emulator available out there for players. It is Optimised for both Low and High-end PC. Click on this link and download the Installation file for Gameloop. Once the installation is completed, follow these steps for installing PUBG Mobile on your emulator.

  1. From the home screen, click on PUBG Mobile and download it. It will automatically be downloaded and installed on your HDD.
  2. Once downloaded click on the Game to run

Optimizing the Emulator for Better Performance

Sometimes, you may face some Lag in the game and that is because of unoptimized Emulator settings. Heres how you Optimize the settings for better performance:

  1. From the top Right Hamburger Menu, open Emulator Settings.
  2. In the BAsic Tab, Uncheck the Start on Startup option which is enabled by default. This may reduce your PC’s performance when you’re not using the emulator as it would keep running in the background.
  3. Goto Engine tab and Enable Prioritize Dedicated GPU as it will use your Dedicated GPU to run the game reducing workload for CPU. and if you don’t have GPU, then Enabling/Disabling this function won’t matter.
  4. Now you know your PC Specs better than me, so You should choose Memory, Resolution and Processor according to your PC specs and your personal convenience. 
  5. Also, set DPI according to your personal preference.

Optimizing the In-Game Settings for Better Performance

So now we have done setting up the Basic Optimum settings for Emulator, now its time to run your game. When you’ll start the game for the first time, all the keyboard controls will show up on the left. So if you have played PUBG or any other shooting game before, then you might know them all but if not, then I would seriously recommend you go through the controls once. The controls can be hidden from the top menu.

So once the game has started, it will ask you to log in which can be done by entering your Twitter, Facebook or Google account details or you can also just start with a guest account.

Now open the settings menu and open the Graphics Tab. in this, if you have a high-end PC, then you can keep the settings at highest, if you have a low-end pc, then I would seriously suggest you keeping the Graphics on Lowest and Framerate at Ultra or high. If you have a low-end PC then I would also recommend you to disable Anti Aliasing as it may reduce the performance.

You can also check out our blog ‘Best PUBG Mobile Settings for Beginners’ which was made for mobile players but most of the setting will also help you in improving your game.

I hope this article resolve your queries of how to play PUBG mobile on PC. If you have any queries, do let me know in the comments below. You can also comment on your in-game username and ID and team up with some of our viewers.