Everyone nowadays is familiar with the online multiplayer game PUBG, which is the short form of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. This is a great multiplayer game that involves real-life inspired game play. And for nearly the last six months, they have been rolling out updates with mind-blowing features.

Recently, they added a few new maps and before that, they brought in team death-match or TDM which was really breathtaking as this was a feature that could rarely be seen in a computer or console games and wasn’t available in a lot of mobile games.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

After the roll-out of Call of Duty in the market, they even introduced a slide feature in the PUBG game play. Many such interesting features were updated into this game and a lot of these features brought in more and more users into being addicted to this brilliant game.

In their recent update, they have introduced yet another great map that is attracting more users and it is simply brilliant. A lot of players in this game have even called this the best map yet. The game developers believe that this update will bring in more gamers to this game. Let’s discuss some features of this map.

PUBG Map Karakin

PUBG Map Karakin

PUBG recently introduced a new map called Karakin in its new update. This is the fifth map in the game and is turning out to be very popular amongst the players. This is the second map which has a desert theme after Miramar.

It is the smallest map in the game. Developers had promised that they will provide their players, a map with faster gameplay that the earlier ones didn’t have. So this map has much faster gameplay than even that of Sanhok. The size of this map is 2X2 which is much smaller than Sanhok and provides a game of smaller time to the player.

The players used to be bored of the slow gameplay proposed by Erangel and Miramar where they had to stew throughout, in order to win and it took a lot of their precious time to even complete one game. This is why Karakin is going to leave a better impression on its players.

This map even provides better terrain for players to take cover in if they get caught between some crossfire. Also, as it is a small map, it makes it easier for players to get through circles and makes the blue zone less dangerous than it used to be. This makes this map the best scenario of playing a battle royale excluding the vehicles. Although the smaller map does mean that there’s a greater chance to encounter an enemy wherever you go.

The map has the same landscape as that of Miramar so it makes the competition fair. Because no players that are less skilled can remain alive and emerge victorious just by staying prone and spotting moving enemies. In fact, the snakes or prone enemies are much easily visible in this mad as there is nothing to protect the player from being seen.

Also, this map comes with plenty of loot. Although using the word “plenty” isn’t really right because it evens out the amount of loot throughout the map as it is a small map. It is more likely for people to encounter enemies in this map as it is small but there’s loot almost in every house so you may be able to defend yourself against opponents in a better way in this map if you have the appropriate weapon.

karakin map game play

The addition of breakable walls into the gameplay is quite fascinating as this would help the player in manipulating certain areas on the map. This will be carried out by using a sticky bomb that blows up the wall. Also, the ridges will provide great cover to players especially when engaged in a long-distance battle as the player won’t be able to spot you that easily if you use the ridges in the right way to keep yourself safe or you may even be helpful in trying to protect yourself during firing. Who knows what kind of easter egg PUBG have added into this map, By the way, you can also check out the other Easter Eggs of PUBG here

Also, the black zone is introduced in this map which pushes players out of buildings to restrict camping and it can be understood by a purple circle on the map. And the weakest walls on the map can be destroyed easily by using the sticky bomb.

I hope I was able to help you with the knowledge of all the new features and characteristics of the new map which went by the name “Karakin”. If this content was helpful, please leave a comment or a like on the post to support our work. If there are any doubts about this topic then please mention it in the section below.