Recently, multiple users reported an unfortunate error on their PS-4, i.e, ‘Error ce-34878-0’, while playing games on your console. Error ce-34878-0 usually occurs when the game you’re playing crashes. This usually occurs due to a Corrupted hard drive or some system bugs.

Mostly, this error is fixed by restarting the Application or the console, but if the error keeps happening while rendering the game, then it’s quite a problem. It may require some troubleshooting or your console might need a service.

If you’re facing an issue in some particular application or game, then try reinstalling it and if you’re facing the same issue in every application or game, then you might need to get your Hard-drive replaced as PS-4 uses low, cheap quality hard-drive which is outdated and doesn’t meet the requirements. So, an old Hard-drive might need to be retired and replaced!

Well, if you still continue to face the same issue after trying all this, then there are some other methods that will definitely work for you! So let’s begin with them from scratch.


Restart your console

As I said earlier, most of the time, this error comes up when then application that you’re using is corrupted or crashes in the background. So just giving it a restart usually fixes this issue.

Update the Game

If you face the error ce-34878-0 while using a particular application, then check whether it is up-to-date or no. Sometimes, buggy updates or application’s incompatibility with the latest PS-4 version might result in crashing the application again and again. Here’s how you check for updates:

  • Goto PS-4’s Home screen
  • Select the game that is causing the error and press the options key on your controller
  • Now, choose ‘check for update’ and install if any.

Update System Software

 Sometimes, the older version of your console’s system software is incompatible with the application or some faulty system software update is crashing the application in the background which results in error ce-34878-0. So just updating the system software version might fix the issue. Here’s how you do it: 

  • Goto Playstation’s settings
  • Choose ‘Check for Updates’ and download & install if any.
  • Restart your PS-4

PS4 Error ce-34878-0 | The Fix 1Clear all Cache

There no real option is PS-4 to clear cache but if you’re facing any performance issues, then Sony Recommends to turn off your PS-4 and restart it after 10-20 seconds. This clears the temporary cache from the memory and helps your console to perform better.

Reinstall the Application

If you’re facing issues with a particular application, then that application might be corrupted. Reinstalling the application might fix the issue. But before uninstalling the application, don’t forget to upload all your saved game data to the cloud or you might lose it. You can follow this guide by Playstation Support if you need any assistance.

After uploading your data on the cloud, Simply uninstall the game and install it from the store. This should fix your issue.

Replace the HDD

 If you’re facing error ce-34878-0 while using all applications, then as I said earlier, you might have to get your hard-drive replaced as Sony uses Cheap quality hard-disks which are outdated and once these hard-drives get old, the users start to face such issues. The simple way to fix this issue is to either attach an External Hard-drive and install all your applications there or get the default one replaced.

But before you change your Hard-drive, don’t forget to save all your important data like game save files, images, screenshots, etc to the cloud. 

Get it repaired

If none of these works, then your PS-4 is having some major hardware problems like short-circuit between Motherboard and Hard-drive, etc. It’s better to get the console repaired from the nearest Sony Service Center. Your console usually comes with a 1-year warranty, so if you have your console under warranty time span, then you’ll get it repaired for free!

I hope this article helped you fix your PS-4 easily. If yes, then do let us know which one of these methods worked for you in the comments section. If you have queries related to this or any other related topic, then do let me know in the comments down below.