Being a gamer, our gaming consoles are the most important things in our life. We spend a significant amount of time throughout our day and they accommodate us in a way that no other entertainment source can. They become a precious part of our life.

PS4 Controller

With the advancement of technology, our gaming systems have evolved a lot in order to provide us the best experience possible. Most of the consoles have even helped us in making the experience quite real. Even the people at PlayStation have worked hard to get us such consoles that pique our interest and bind us to them through fascination.

The PlayStation 4 or PS 4 is a console that is incomparable. It contains powerful specifications and receives the best services possible. Its controller has been evolved and turned into the one that provides a lifelike experience along with some other components. But what if there’s an issue that disrupts this?

Through recent personal research, I found out that a lot of PS 4 users are having issues with their controllers as they refuse to charge. Such a problem is always frustrating for any and every gamer using this console. But there are a number of simple ways to troubleshoot this issue.


How to Fix “PS4 Controller Not Charging” Issue

Here, we will use quite easy and simple steps to regain the proper functionality of the PS 4 controller. We will start from the most common and easily resolvable issues and work our way up to the more complex ones. These are the ways we are going to stroll by:

  1. Resetting the controller
  2. Trying to charge the controller upside down
  3. Checking the charging cable of your controller
  4. Checking the charging port of your controller
  5. Replacing the batteries of the controller

Resetting the Controller

Generally, the “PS4 controller not charging” issue occurs due to a malfunctioning controller. So a simple and first-hand solution about it is to reset the controller. This can be done by following the given steps:

PS4 Controller Not Charging
  1. There is a reset button located behind your controller under the L2 key, which looks like a small hole, look for it.
  2. Use a pin or a toothpick or any small object that can get into that hole and press the button inside it for a few seconds.
  3. This will make your controller restart.
  4. After it reboots, try charging it again to check if the issue is resolved.

Trying to charge the controller upside down

Sometimes there is a problem with loose circuits or loosened charging ports that may prevent the controller from charging. This is generally resolved by keeping the controller in a specific orientation while charging or trying to hold down the charging cable into the port.

This isn’t an official method of resolution for this error but it seems to work for quite a number of users, which is why I’ve considered it. You can do this by trying to keep your PS4 controller upside down to induce charging. If it starts charging, the issue is resolved.

Checking the charging cable of your controller

charging cable of your controller

Checking the charging cable is also a good idea as sometimes the charging of your controller stops due to glitches in the charging cable. If the USB cable you use for charging your controller is damaged, charging might not be quite possible. So you might need to check for it. This can be done by keeping in mind the following checkpoints:

  1. Try charging another controller with your current USB, if you have a spare controller. If the cable works for the spare controller then there might not be an issue with your USB cable. But if the other controller doesn’t charge by using that USB either, something might definitely be wrong with the cable.
  2. If you have a charging cable that is different from the original one that was provided with your PlayStation then it might be the reason why the controller isn’t charging. Try using the original cable.

Note: it isn’t always an issue but sometimes even similar-looking cables may have different specifications. In order to prevent damage, try not to use such third party cables. And in case the original cable is lost, buy a cable from Sony.

Checking the charging port of your controller

Checking the charging port of your controller

The charging port is basically the point where the charging cable gets plugged in. This is one of the most important parts of the controller that needs to remain intact for the right performance.

If the charging port is damaged, your PS4 controller won’t get charged because of no conductance of electricity through it. This is a common issue but might charge you a significant amount when you go to get it changed. So check if it’s damaged or loose.

This can be done by first checking the functionality of your USB cable. Once you are entirely certain that your cable is working, try plugging it into your controller. If the controller doesn’t charge, try another working cable. If it still doesn’t charge, you might have to get the port replaced.

You can even visit PlayStation’s official website to check out how to get it replaced or you may take it to a technician who might have some insight into the topic.

Replacing the batteries of your controller

Replacing the batteries of your controller

If none of the above methods work, you might have to face the bitter truth that the batteries of your PS4 controller are dead and you might have to get them replaced. If your controller is quite old then this might be the case.

Once you change the batteries of your controller, try charging it. If it starts charging again, then the problem was with the batteries all along. But if it still doesn’t charge then there might be a bigger internal issue with your controller.

Keep in mind that replacing the batteries of your controller doesn’t void its warranty. So there won’t be any negative implications.

I hope I was able to address all your queries and now you can resolve your PS4 controller not charging issue. if the problem still persists, try to take your controller to a technician or visit the website of PlayStation to get help. If the content was helpful, please leave a like or comment on the post.