Gaming consoles are cool, but only desktops and laptops are powerful enough to support some games. Some games even come by default to PC and not any consoles. The PlayStation and Xbox have a really powerful and sturdy design but they cannot be modified, which leads the user into a little issue that he has to buy the newer version of that console as his new games are incompatible with the older one.

PS3 Controller

When we talk about PCs, they can easily be modified just by placing any extra piece of hardware we require in the spare slots and we’re good to go. This helps gamers directly modifying their device to make it compatible with the latest software and games instead of buying a new one.

Although PCs give the most powerful performance for gaming the remotes compatible with PCs aren’t that great to play with. We may be fine playing with components like the mouse and the keyboard but we all know that they aren’t as great as compared to gaming controllers.

PlayStation has the Dual shock 3 which is a great gaming controller as compared to those designed for PC. Although it is a bit outdated because of the Dual shock 4 and the Xbox controllers. But it is still easier for a lot of gamers to access as they might have Dual shock 3 controllers lying around that they wish to try on their PCs.

You might have your own reason to use the PS3 controller on PC and we won’t judge you on that. So let us discuss how we can execute the task in hand. Firstly, we’ll discuss the installation process and then we’ll move onto the usage.

Now, you must know that you will need certain software and drivers to run the SCP software properly. These are:

  • DirectX web installer
  • Visual C++
  • Microsoft Dot Net [.Net] Framework
  • And, the required controller driver (PS3 compatible driver for windows 7 or earlier, and Xbox compatible driver for later)


How to use PS3 Controller on PC

Now, this can be done quite easily by following the given steps:

  • After installing the required software, download the setup to the SCP toolkit.
  • Connect your PS3 Dual Shock controller on your PC using a mini-USB cable. Ensure that it is the original cable.
  • Make sure that your Bluetooth connection is enabled if you need to set up the remote to work with Bluetooth. If you don’t have Bluetooth inbuilt to your motherboard, use a dongle.
  • Run the downloaded installer for the SCP toolkit. Check the box to accept the terms of service and continue to the installation by using the default setup priorities.
SCP toolkit
  • After the installation is complete, click on the “Run Driver Installer” button.
Run Driver Installer button
  • Read and select the required check boxes. Then select the connected controller and click on install.
select the required check boxes
  • Wait for the installation to complete and there will be a prompt to notify a successful installation.
  • Now, you’ll be able to find SCP toolkit Settings Manager in the start menu and there will be an icon for the SCP toolkit on your system tray.

Note: SCP toolkit will boot up automatically with startup and it will be evident by a noise alert provided by it.

Basic notes after installation that the user must know

After the complete installation of the SCP toolkit along with your controller’s driver, it will work like an Xbox controller which will give you an advantage of automatic detection of your controller. Although a setback to this would be an inability to use Dual Shock 4 controller features in certain games by default it can still be borne.

Any game that has native X input support will let the controller work without a single issue. There might still be issues regarding the action keys but that can sometimes be altered in the in-game settings.

Connecting the PS3 controller on PC via Bluetooth after installation of SCP toolkit

This part requires successful navigation through the toolkit setup using Bluetooth options. If the given process is carried out with the required variables, you can just disconnect the cable of your controller from the PC, and your controller will automatically initialize via Bluetooth. You might even receive a notification in the system tray when the initialization is complete.

You can even reboot your PC and wait for your controller to initialize via Bluetooth. You can simply disconnect the controller after the LED turns on and you’ll be able to sync the controller quite easily. Then you can simply use it in whatever game you wish to.

I hope I was able to help you in connecting your PS3 controller on PC without any issues. The process is quite simple and doesn’t need much work. Although, it would’ve been easier to connect an Xbox controller or a Dual Shock 4 controller. If you have any queries, leave a comment. If the content was helpful, please leave a like on the post.