It has been a very long time since Pokemon Go came into our lives yet it feels like it’s just been released last month. It was released a few years ago and people were crazy about it back then but it has surely lost some of its following. Yet a lot of the players have the same enthusiasm for it as they did back then.

pokemon go

If you don’t know what this is then let me just take a minute to spread the word. This is a game based on the famous kids’ cartoon, Pokemon. In this game, we catch virtual Pokemons by going to real-world places and searching for them and we even enjoy certain fights. What’s best is how much they have tried to connect us to the real thing and the user experience its developers try to provide us.

Having a good game isn’t just everything for a developer, maintaining it and keeping it fair is a very important thing. And to do this, certain safety measures and bans are put into motion. These can occur when any suspicious activity takes place and is put into effect depending upon the intensity of the activity.


Pokemon Go Soft Ban

There are basically several types of the ban, permanent ban, and soft ban. Permanent bans aren’t reversed and last for eternity while soft bans are for a specific time period and instead of blocking the player entirely from the game, it goes on to block certain actions to be performed in the game.

For example: – if you wish to check for a soft ban on your game then try capturing a Pokemon, it will escape your ball in the process and will flee as well. This clearly indicates that you won’t be able to catch Pokemons on a soft ban.

Pokemon Go Soft Ban

Reasons For The Pokemon Go Soft Ban

You may get soft banned if you do try GPS spoofing, log in on other devices from different geographical places in a much shorter time duration than the normal travel time, playing on the go with your vehicle on high speed or even sharing your account on various devices.

These aren’t actually set by the official developers but I somehow figured it out through experimenting on my own. These may be the reasons for your soft ban and you must try to refrain from doing all this and remember that GPS spoofing will cause you the longest ban, lasting 12 hours.

Resolving The Ban

This isn’t a very tiresome task as people go through this all the time and have come out of it without a single scratch. Firstly, you need to get a check of your location, especially if you were banned due to GPS spoofing. This means that if your first location is in Denton, Texas and another location from St. Cloud, Minnesota then you will have to set your location back to Denton and try opening your app.

Another thing that you will have to do is go up to different Pokestops and you will need to spin the wheel but you definitely won’t be getting any rewards. This would be due to the soft ban on your account. Do this about 40 to 50 times until you start getting rewards and your soft ban will be raised.

Note: This information isn’t provided officially and there is no confirmation that the account won’t be flagged for super reference so treat it carefully and in case you can’t leave your house in order to enjoy this game, try giving the game enough time to travel to a place that might be required by anyone.

I hope I was able to help you understand and remove the soft ban from your account. If there are any further doubts regarding the topic, please drop a comment below. If the content was helpful, please like our post.