An operating system is the soul of the Computer. It is really necessary for operating the computer flawlessly. There is mainly three Operating System available in the market right now, which are Windows, Linux, and macOS. They have their separate versions and own their advantages and disadvantages as well. 

The variety of operating systems to utilize for gaming is something really important that is often ignored in gaming discussions, although it is an interesting and significant one. The purpose might be that the result seems to have been accepted on a long time back, the all-time consent is that Windows is, in every glance, the best Operating System for gaming. But the true question is, ‘is it right for all PC’s, all games, all budgets, and all kinds of gamers?’ Windows’ top competitor doesn’t look too keen to surrender, as they advance to create new gaming solutions. With the exponential growth of Mac in the multimedia business, many are questioning themselves if it is not also rising to edge out PCs in gaming, too. Plus, there are a considerable amount of Linux fans, and there is the topic of whether they should leave their beloved and reliable Linux ecosystem for a high-quality gaming experience.

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Though Steam is optimized for all 3 OS, each has distinct qualities that you may not be known of before you truly try gaming on them. This adds some adaptability and execution issues, as well as the optimization advantages advised by each OS.

But what is the best OS for your new Gaming Machine? I’ll give you a summary of all your options, along with their benefits and drawbacks.

Before jumping into the OS itself, it’s essential to note that the OS values little if you don’t have the best hardware specifications for gaming.


Minimum Specifications For Gaming

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You’ll have to build your gaming machine(desktop or laptop) to be fit for goal, or else the software you install concerns very little.

You have plenty of options for customization even with ready-made PCs. Base systems, mid towers, or packed towers, and the kind you prefer directly affects the set of hardware you put in.

As for least hardware specs, the most significant parts include:

  • Processor
  • GPU
  • Hard drives
  • RAM
  • Video card

Then, there are some additional components like:

  • Ethernet adapters
  • Sound cards
  • USB ports

You don’t certainly need these extras on a new machine. Late-model motherboards come with loads of connectivity features and a built-in sound card, so the central stress should remain on the processor, video card, and GPU.

Though there are no firm and fast rules in gaming machines, I suggest that you don’t install/purchase your first gaming title unless you have a:

  • Quad-Core Processor
  • 500 GB HDD
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 1 GB GPU if you want to play games below 1080p; 2 GB GPU if you want to play games at 1080p; 3GB if you want to play games over 1080p


A Quad-Core processor is your safest play for all game compatibility above 720p. Avoid getting a Dual-Core processor unless your budget is too low for a four or six. Although a Dual-Core process goes with older titles, modern titles may not work. 

Try for a solid-state drive (SSD) because it’s faster than HDD’s and they are less costly than you remember. SSDs don’t affect in-game appearance, but it reduces the loading time from a 30-second loading to fully-booted in 5 to 10 seconds.

Hold to getting the RAM you want rather than filling up. Most modern games don’t need more than 16 GB, which makes 64 GB useless.

AMD and Nvidia currently own the GPU market, and most players buy whatever grants the performance they want at the value they want. Avoid purchasing and placing multiple GPU if you can.

Now that you have a Gaming PC, let’s dive into the Soul of your Gaming Machine, the Operating System.

5 . SteamOS

Top 5 Operating System For PC Gaming 3

SteamOS is a free release of the OS created by Valve. SteamOS is specially designed for gaming and performance, and for presenting games from the Steam Store. It is not ideal for business, production, or other purposes, including web browsing, is restricted. As a Linux system, you are completely in charge of all aspects of the OS, for a high level of customizations, optimization, and privacy clearly not possible with other OS.

But, while SteamOS was published to many parades, support and buzzing around Valve’s own OS have fallen down quite a bit in the past few years. SteamOS still runs for certain games and people surely use it, but it is no competition to the mighty Windows Operating System.

SteamOS is an excellent choice for gamers who play Steam games, especially if they have a high-performance computer and are technically bent. It carries a wide variety of graphics cards, gamepads, and accessories. The install is not designed for amateurs, though, and those different with Linux apparently don’t want to try it.

Part of that is essentially due to the truth that, while it was designed to be an easy-to-use Linux set gaming distro, the truth is that it still has a lot of problems that would discourage the users it was working to win over.

As you might assume, Valve games work excellently within Steam OS, but none Steam features are restricted, so this Operating System should not be placed on a prime PC.

4 . macOS

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A Mac works on its own hardware, so it is unique. Most games are maas PC games without considering macOS, so Mac variants are almost obtained from original PC games, and games can work on a Mac with the minimum adaption.

What this implies, in reality, is that those games are not optimized to run best on Mac, but rather modified to anyhow work on Mac. As a result, the frame rate (fps) in most games on Mac describes around ⅔ of the frame rate (fps) on Windows.

Also, as you apparently know, Apple machines are created to be non-customizable and small, so there is very little place for obscure user adjustments that could expand gaming performance. You can still attach an external GPU, but that would be a doubtful purchase on top of all the cash you’ve already paid on a not-so-cheap Mac.

Doubtful, because whatever you plan, many games are just not fit with the Mac. Though Mac OS does have Steam with a selection of about 4,500 titles and holds popular games like CS: GO, Minecraft, League of Legends, and PUBG, in terms of diversity it still lingers behind Linux.

And Mac deals with Linux its biggest problem: there is just not sufficient help from game developers to incentivize each of these platforms to stay up with the gaming industry. Windows is not only excellent now, but is all settled to keep working at the same speed in the future, there is not enough support for Mac OS and Linux aspects as far as high-end desktop gaming is regarded.

3 . Linux

Top 5 Operating System For PC Gaming 5

One instance you didn’t think in your journey for the best operating system for your gaming machine is Linux. Linux has a fame for being challenging use, even though, in the last few years, more user-friendly elements have become accessible.

On the Linux OS, you are permitted to change nearly anything, as far as you have the required knowledge. That is why the Linux operating system is so popular amongst all power users who want to engage in complex tasks efficiently.

Linux involves a wide range of OS called distributions, based on open-source Linux kernel. Because of Linux’s versatility, complicated pro-features, and lower hardware specifications, the OS is usually seen as targeting expert users, programmers, and digital security fans more than gamers.

Still, it is not difficult to play games on Linux, if you’re the true type of gamer, or if you’re totally fronting the idea of replacing Linux for Windows. So, who is the true type of gamer for Linux?

Having only about 4,000 Steam titles at your control may appear low, but it depends on what you are seeing for. It is very strange you would desire to play all 20,000 Steam titles, even if you’re using Windows. So, if you are a Minecraft geek, or you play CS: GO or Dota 2, you’re fine, all these titles are accessible on Linux. If you’re not constantly looking for new titles and stick with your picks that all seem to be Linux-friendly, why not hold up with Linux? Again, most games will apparently not be as optimized as on Windows, but if you’re a Linux fan, you’re apparently OK with doing that sacrifice.

Though, you won’t be able to enjoy PUBG, Fortnite, or Overwatch on Linux. That’s the harsh fact. The same works for a notable number of modern AAA games. Also, when it gets to gaming hardware, Linux virtually never offers full adaptability, and you can end up in a pile of trouble customizing your PC for games.

Since the operators in Linux OSs are not as fully optimized as in Windows, the quality is lower and the middleware is less efficient than Windows’ local equivalent, and the gaming performance is usually worse than Windows 10 – or even 8 or 7, for that subject. All the above both slow games down or decrease their playability. Commonly speaking, titles run 20 to 40% slower on Linux than on Windows, varying on the title, settings, and device. While all supported variants of Windows sustain consistent frame rates, those can change significantly on different Linux distros SteamOs, and Ubuntu seems to function better than others.

2 . ChromeOS

Top 5 Operating System For PC Gaming 6

One fascinating contender for the best gaming operating system is Chrome OS. Google’s Chrome OS is a light opponent that’s attracting much of the market. Chromebooks run a clean operating system that’s essentially just the Chrome web browser with few desktop bits. You have Chrome, Chrome apps, and Android apps, that’s it. You can’t drive Windows desktop software.

The Chrome OS  is so easy and the most reliable operating system for live streaming gaming machines. They sync with Google drive quickly for storage, don’t ask for antivirus and updates automatically. Most Chromebooks cost $200 and $300 and don’t hold any bloatware.

If you barely ever use Chrome and want an easy PC with a full keyboard and a great desktop web browser for not much cash, a Chromebook is a great option. On the another hand, there’s still a lot that ChromeOS can’t do, if you use Photoshop every day, look somewhere else, as Photoshop won’t work here. Most mainstream games are compatible with Chrome OS, but most aren’t, so look out for your favorite one!

1 . Windows 10

Top 5 Operating System For PC Gaming 7

There are actually a lot of various reasons why Windows 10 is the best OS for gaming. But, the greatest reason why Windows is the most suitable choice for gamers is clearly, support.

Windows supports more titles than any other OS out there, and, it’s not yet close. And, it’s not just the steep number of title that Windows supports in contrast to other operating systems ) Rather, it’s the whole of popular titles that are accessible on Windows that aren’t accessible on other OS that gives Windows such an enormous success.

And, moreover, the games that are accessible on Windows and on other OS, those games typically run stabler and are further optimized to run on Windows. So, even if another operating system is able to run any of the same titles that Windows supports, those titles will, more often than not, run properly on a Windows machine.

I mean, I can argue about things like DirectX 12, or graphics card (GPU)  drivers, or the growing potential for the cross-platform games with Xbox, or virtual reality titles, or how most PC gamers are already very firm in using the Windows OS. But, in the end, it comes back to support. And, Windows simply has a lot more support for games.

I’ve covered some of the many choices for the best gaming operating system here, but no single OS is the winner. Each operating system has its individual strengths and several choices will serve out for different people.

Hopefully, I’ve provided you a place to begin your study on which operating system you should apply and helped you drop a few choices.

Balancing all these operating systems is a difficult task. If you’re uncertain whether you should opt for Windows or go with one of the many other OS available, you should apparently go play with these operating systems yourself. Try using a friend’s PC, running a display laptop at a store, or twin booting Linux on your current computer.