Remember those days when you had to call your friends over to play some games together? Well, this ain’t 1990 anymore! The internet has given us the advantage to play with your friends who are sitting in another room, house, city or even country! You can also play multiplayer games with strangers and make new friends. I myself made many friends and we even met in real life.

Online Gaming has bought a Major Revolution in the Gaming Industry. Now, most of the games are ‘Multiplayer Centric’ rather than ‘Story Centric’. Many Online E-Sports Tournaments are being organized nowadays with huge Prize Pool. Many Players are playing games for a living!

Playing such online games with your friends or Other strangers makes the game more fun as you can talk in-game and interact with each other. But to play games online, you need a good internet connection to play with your friends without any interruption and for some games, and some games require Online Playing Pass to play games online, for eg, PS4 requires a PS4+ subscription to play games online.

Well, we have bought you a list of best online games to play with friends. I have divided the list into 2  Categories, Battle Royal / FPS Games & Arcade / Story Multiplayer games. So let’s get started!


Battle Royal & FPS Games

Well, the world knows about these games but in case you don’t know, in battle royal games. You and your teammates are dropped in a battle Ground with a number of other people (100 in most games) where you have to find guns, ammunition, attachments, armor, etc and survive and the last team standing wins.  The best Example

And The FPS Games ( First Person Shooter) is a Game Genre where the players experience the game in First Person-Perspective or to be simple, the player experiences the action from the eyes of the character. FPS games rule the Online Gaming Scene.

Enough talking! Let’s get started with the games!

Online Games to Play with Friends 1

1. Players Unknown Battle Grounds (PUBG)

  • Game Size: 20 GB Approx
  • Frequent Updates? : Yes, Almost every month
  • Max 4 Players can play this together*
  • The game costs 999₹ on Steam 

 Well, No gaming lists exist without PUBG in it! It is one of the most downloaded Battles Ground Game. The Game was released in 2017 but the new faces never stop coming. A game where up to 4 friends can play together* and fight against 96 other Players in Maps Like Green Erangel, the dusty Miramar, The Sanhok and The snow cold Vikendi! Each map has a different gameplay and Fighting Battleground. 

The main objective of the game is to Scavenge Guns, Ammunition, Armors, Meds, etc and fight against the others and the Last one standing gets the Smokin Hot Chicken Dinner!

Online Games to Play with Friends 2

2. Fortnite

  • Game Size: 20 GB Approx
  • Frequent Updates? : Yes, Almost every month
  • Max 4 Players can play this together*
  • The Game Is free to play on

Fortnite is Similar to PUBG, the same 100 players play together and the last one standing wins. The Players are dropped from a Bus to a small island with each player having an Axe and should scavenge for more weapons.  The game is free to play and surely a treat to the players.

 The Game’s Animations are just opposite to What PUBG has. PUBG has more realistic gameplay whereas Fortnite has a more cartoonish or animated gameplay. Max 4 Players can play together as a team and fight against all together!

Online Games to Play with Friends 3

3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)

  • Game Size: 20 GB Approx
  • Frequent Updates? : Yes, Almost every month
  • Max 5Players can play this together*
  • The Game Is free to play on Steam

The game which rules the FPS E-Sports Gaming Scenario, the Counter-Strike Global Offensive, the game which requires insane reaction timings, Pixel perfect aim, and a high sense of the map, strategic layouts and mainly Good Coordination with your teammates! \

The players are made to select their teams, The Terrorist who have to Plant a Bomb or the Counter-Terrorists who have to Prevent the bomb being planted. If the bomb is planted, and the Counter-Terrorists were unable to Defuse it, then the Terrorists wins and vice-versa.

Apart from all of this, CSGO is also known for its bunny hops system, You can have fun with the BHOP while playing with your friends. It is not very easy to learn but don’t worry  good amount of practice can help you to show off your BHOPs skills in front of your friends, Learn how to BHOP in detail. 

The players can play in multiple game modes such as

  • Death Match
  • Arm Race
  • Demolition
  • Casual
  • Competitive
  • Or can join Community Servers
Online Games to Play with Friends 4

4. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

  • Game Size: 75 GB Approx
  • Frequent Updates? : Yes, Almost every month
  • Max 5 Players can play this together*
  • The Game is priced at 999₹ on Steam

Well, you can say that The Tom Clancys R6 is a hotter son of Counter-Strike which lacks precision shooting, and precise hit detections like CSGO but I’m sure once you’ll start playing this bad boy, then there’s no end to it.

The Rainbow Six is a more Tactical game, which requires a high sense of Map Locations and really good coordination with the teammates. Learning this game can be a pain in the Ass but the game is worth the effort. You get multiple Maps, characters, gadgets, etc to choose from. 

The Game has the same teams and  Gamemodes as CSGO, Like Death Match, Rescue hostage, Planting Bomb, etc. where you have to choose between Counter-Terrorists or Terrorists.

Online Games to Play with Friends 5

5. Call Of Duty : Warzone

  • Game Size: 120 GB Approx
  • Frequent Updates? : Yes, Almost every month
  • Max 4 Players can play this together*
  • The Game is free to download from its Official Site

The COD: Warzone tries to bring the Traditional COD War Gameplay to a Battle Ground where 150 players are dropped together & Scavenge for Guns, Armors, Meds and kill the opponent teams. The last one standing wins the game. You can check out a detailed review of COD: Warzone here.

A maximum of 4 players can play together in a team against 96 other players. The game is new so there’s not much to say about. Just telling you that the game reached a mark of 25Million players within the 1st week of the release says it all!

Arcade & Open World Games

Arcade games are just games that players play for fun. No missions or objectives are there. Just a bunch of players can join in and enjoy some fun games like UNO, Jackbox, Monopoly, etc. Most of these games don’t even require some high-end Pc

And on the other hand, open-world games are real games that follow a storyline to go through. The players have to travel through a city/town and complete all missions. These games are loved by each and every gamer. You can make your character buy an apartment, car, weapons in such games and live a different life through the game. These games have multiple missions that lead the character to a strong storyline. You can ‘Free Roam’ anywhere, i.e it totally depends on you when you want to complete a mission or reach a destination.

Online Games to Play with Friends 6

6. Grand Theft Auto V Online

  • Game Size: 120 GB Approx
  • Frequent Updates? : Yes, Almost every month
  • Multiple Players can play this together*
  • The Game is currently priced at 2,099 on Steam

GTA V, the most popular Open world game even after 7 Years of its release. You must’ve played the story mode alone, but the GTA V online lets to play together and debut the world of crime together. 

You can team up with your friends and perform some great Heists, Buy bunkers, Sell Weapons, Drugs and a lot more. The GTA Online is a lot harder than the GTA Story Mode as you will be surrounded by a lot of experienced players. You can purchases cars, modify them, drive them around with your friends. GTA Online is just like the story mode, but you can do the same with your friends and other online players. 

There’s a lot to explore in GTA Online which cant be explained in just one article. So it’s better to try and explore it yourself. It’s totally worth it.

Online Games to Play with Friends 7

7. Minecraft

  • Game Size: 2 GB Approx
  • Frequent Updates? : Yes, Almost every month
  • Multiple Players can play this together*
  • The Game is currently priced at 2,099 on its official site

One of the most popular games in the history of Gaming with a total of 2.5 Million Downloads just on PC! Yes, you guessed it right! Minecraft was developed in 2011 by a Swedish Game Developer and was released by Mojang. Minecraft is a simple Survival game where you have to collect items, food, weapons & build a house to safeguard yourself from zombies. 

Be it any game! It’s always more fun if you can play it with your friends together! Well, you can do the same in Minecraft! Just invite your friends to your world and survive together, Share food, Shelter, Build Crazy Sculptures, Mansions, Hunt & Farm together for food and fight together with the zombies (Also don’t forget to prank each other)! There are multiple ways of playing Minecraft with your friends like making or Joining an Online Server, LAN Server, Releam and more as the Developers knew that after some time, it might get boring for players to play alone.

EA Monopoly

8. EA Monopoly

  • Game Size: 4 GB Approx
  • Frequent Updates? : Yes, Almost every month
  • 4 Players can play this together*

The game that needs no introduction, the monopoly which brings Classic Board game that we love to our computer screens. The game has 3-D Graphics and gameplay much better than the actual physical board game. You can play this with bots or online with your friends.

Ubisoft UNO

9. Ubisoft UNO

  • Game Size: 4 GB Approx
  • Frequent Updates? : Yes, Almost every month
  • 2-8 Players can play this together*
  • The game is priced at 14.99$ on Uplay and also comes in free with Uplay+ Subscription.

When we are talking about fun arcade games with friends and family,  then UNO is the game everyone loves. The Ubisoft UNO Comes with enhanced #-D graphics and an Immersive Gameplay which makes the game more realistic and fun. You can play this with your friends online or offline as you wish. 

Each player is given 7 cards with the remaining cards are placed face down to form a ‘draw’ pile. The 1st card of the draw pile is turned over to begin a ‘Discard’ pile.

The objective of the game is to be the first player to say, Uno. Points are scored by getting rid yourself of all the cards in your hand before your opponents. You score points for cards left in your opponent’s hands.

I hope this article helped you enjoy some fun games with your friends online. If it did, then do leave a comment down below. If you have any queries related to the topic, then do comment below. GG Y’all!