Nintendo Switch is an upgraded version of Wii-U, the console which didn’t do well in the market even after having such great games and ideas. But The Nintendo Switch is a Hybrid console which can be used handheld and with a TV with just an HDMI cable. It comes with 2 JoyCons, which can be connected as a controller and can be wrapped around the hand and used as Motion Joystick.

Nintendo is such a great console to play with but as you know, Nothing is perfect and the same is with the Switch as Some users claimed that their Nintendo Switch won’t power on! The same happened to my friend. He tried turning on his device after a week and it won’t turn on!

After a lot of lookup on the internet, I found some great solutions so that’s what I’m sharing with you!Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On 1

  1. Try Charging the Device:

Firstly, your Switch might not powerup because there’s no juice left in it. Try Charging it for a while. Usually, a Nintendo Switch fully charges in about 3-4 Hrs. If still, it doesn’t power up, then try charging with some other dock as there might be some problem with your Dock. If not, then well move ahead with some other solutions.

2. Reset the AC Adapter: Try removing the Joy-Cons Attached to the Nintendo and reset the AC Adapter. The AC Adapter can be simply reset by unplugging it from both Nintendo Switch and power plug for 30 seconds. After the reset, try plugging in the Adapter directly to the wall outlet and boot it up.

3. Try Hard Reset: This mostly works for everyone. Hold the power button down for 30 seconds and then leave. And then again hold the power button for few seconds unless the system powers up. This worked for my friend and as I saw on the internet, this worked for the 90% users who had this same problem. You won’t lose any data so there’s nothing to worry about.

4. Force Power Off: If nothing works, Nintendo Switch recommends you force shut down the device and power it up again. To force shutdown, press and hold the Power Button for 12 seconds and once the device is turned off, try turning it on again. It may be because of some bug or crash in the game which may have crashed the System UI.

5. Get it Repaired: Well, if nothing works, then your Nintendo must be having some hardware problems which can be fixed by some Nintendo Professional. Your Nintendo comes with a 1-year warranty so if your device is in warranty, and you can request a repair on Nintendo’s Site. Nintendo tries its best to save your data while repairing it. But in some cases, you might lose your data.

I hope this article helped you in fixing your Nintendo PowerUp problem. If you have any queries related to the topic, then please let us know in the comments down below. And also, do let us know which one of these helped you fix your issue!