Basketball was first introduced on gaming console by Magnavox in the year 1972. If you have seen basketball video games, I’m sure you would be laughing and trying hard to recognize it as Basketball even from a single frame. We know the struggle guys.

Basketball has been our favorite sport both in real and on gaming platforms. NBA gaming spent their ages serving us the basketball thrill for decades now. As the time advanced, the virtual reality took the spin in such a manner that it’s not easy to tell if the graphics of the NBA video game nowadays is real or were framed by gaming engineers inside their cubicles.

NBA basketball game is played digitally on every gaming portable, let it be Sony’s Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo or any other. This game is special to each one of us.

Super Slam Dunk, NBA Action, NBA Street, NBA Elite, these are some famous names which we all NBA lovers are already introduced to. It’s also a fact that the millennial generation has learned Basketball rules much more through these games than in comparison with the real one.

Here in this article, we will discuss the NBA 2K20 version of the game only as the previous one are too late to talk about. And as the trend says, the NBA has been consistent in excelling in their graphics quality and impulse gameplay, not to forget about the detailing they are into.

NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20

NBA 2k20 is the 21st installment to the NBA 2k franchise and was launched in September 2019. This Basketball simulation game is available in both “Regular edition” & “Legends edition”.

Anthony Davis starts the cover for the regular version while Dwyane wade features in the outlook for the legends edition. The basic difference between these 2 editions is the additional players, legends version has a separate row for elite players of this basketball game.

Story Mode

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The story mode of NBA 2k20 is literally a glittery treat to watch. The brightest light spots the players taking their entries is the best-looking thing this year. This 2k20 version features some wittiest writing and better than usual performances from the stars cast in the game. Not to forget the motivating speech by the team manager in the restroom.

The story navigates about some really interesting issues like manipulation of student-athletes, mixed with few fun game variants like participating in the series of mini-games with the NBA draft combined and lights, sets the new standards for the sports video games.

It’s also worth noticing that microtransactions still play my career, progression is much faster than compared to the prior years. It even allows you to try varies skills of your player before committing to your arcade sportsman.

Game Play

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For the first time in the history of NBA 2K franchise, all the 12 teams from the WNBA are included in the game. However, they can be used exclusively in the Play Now section & single-season modes only.

NBA 2k20 like its previous games and series is based on the reality depicting storyline of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The improvement over the years is visible and can not go unnoticed at any cost.

The player mainly plays NBA games within the skin of or with real-life players and the player they customized according to their desire. As this video game is a simulator of real NBA games, this also follows the rules and objectives strictly according to the NBA games.

Several fun games are added and many settings have been customized for this 2k20 version. This gives you an option to add your own customized teams up to a number of 6 in the game and play with them, with the possibility of 36 team leagues, any team can be relocated and rebranded anytime you want.

For the eight times in the series, this 2k20 version features MyTeam mode. A mode that is designed to keep you engaged in the game by building your ultimate basketball team and maintaining a virtual trading card collection. Assets are made for the team through various means, including randomized card packs and the auctions. You will notice the extensive use of virtual currency and it’s pandering at every corner of the game.

Online Game Play

Enough of playing against CPU, let’s go online and challenge some real players around the world. This game and particularly this series has been offering online gameplay for many years now. And most of the players stay on the online gaming side rather than going local.

The web connection takes this game to a whole new level. As the NBA is played in different countries with world-class teams, now you have all of it digitally and some others who also got the same access will now be playing against you. This adrenaline rush creating game strategize to engage the most of you inside them only.

Online play is pretty good as compared to the arcade play option. Any latency can be noticed due to the precision of the controls but this never outplays the fun of the competitive gameplay experience. It’s more enjoyable to beat down the players online in the world than ever before.

It’s worth mentioning that the only inconvenience we experience in the online gameplay is due to the opponent’s player random connection issues. However, the NBA 2k20 teams say they are working on it and will get back with a solution for this too pretty soon.

Final Verdict

The NBA 2k20 continues the tradition of already tremendous gameplay and simulating real-life Basketball game, in ways which didn’t seem possible just some years ago. The inclusion of WNBA in the series and this version is the biggest step forwarded, especially when they did a fantastic job showcasing many gameplay improvements from last year.

My Career has also improved in many small but noticeable ways, surpassing the standards set by the previous versions of the game.

Still, NBA 2k20 would have been better off by focusing on its complex modes like My League & cleaning up My Team by being less dependent on the microtransactions.

At last, NBA 2k20 has still topped the chart and remains best at what they do. Start your gaming now.

I hope I was able to review the NBA Basketball Video Game correctly and now you are clear how this version is different from its previous ones. If there is a doubt that I couldn’t address then please drop a comment below. If the content was helpful, leave a like on the post.