One of the most popular games in the history of Gaming with a total of 2.5 Million Downloads just on PC! Yes, you guessed it right! Minecraft was developed in 2011 by a Swedish Game Developer and was released by Mojang. Minecraft is a simple Survival game where you have to collect items, food, weapons & build a house to safeguard yourself from zombies.

Be it any game! It’s always more fun if you can play it with your friends together! Well, you can do the same in Minecraft! Just invite your friends to your world and survive together, Share food, Shelter, Build Crazy Sculptures, Mansions, Hunt & Farm together for food and fight together with the zombies (Also don’t forget to prank each other)! There are multiple ways of playing Minecraft with your friends like making or Joining an Online Server, LAN Server, Releam and more as the Developers knew that after some time, it might get boring for players to play alone.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!


Join Minecraft Online Servers

Join Minecraft Online Servers

Minecraft Online Servers are one of the best ways to play with your friends and make new friends. These servers are made by Community Members for the Minecraft fans. As of now, there’s no option in Minecraft to scroll amongst the list of servers online so if you want to look for a server, you’ll have to visit a 3rd Party website and choose the one according to your Convenience.

These are some websites which might help you take a look amongst the best Minecraft servers:

Once you finish choosing the right server for you, look at the Version the Server supports and run your Minecraft in the same version, as shown in the pic, the version for this server is 1.15. so launch the Minecraft launcher and follow these steps:

  • Open Minecraft Launcher
  • On the bottom left corner, click on the version dropdown and choose 1.15 and start your game.
  • Now in the Game Main menu, click on Multiplayer and a new window will show up.
  • Click on Add Server and this will open edit server window
  • Enter the IP Address copied from the site and paste it here. Also, enter the server name and this can be anything but its recommended to enter the name as shown on the site because it makes it easy to identify.
  • Click on done and your server will be added to the list
  • Now click on the server and tap on join Server and you’ll be connected to the server.

*NOTE: Sometimes, the server may not show up on the list after tapping on done as you might’ve entered the wrong details.

Hosting & Joining LAN Server

Hosting & Joining LAN Server

 LAN Gaming is one of the most popular and one of the best way to experience a game at its best as the ping or latency are very low or close to 0. Most E-Sports Competitions conduct their Matches on such LAN Servers. Here’s how you make & Join a LAN Server:

  • Connect the machines to a LAN Server. If you’re using the Computers at your home, then its most likely that your computers are already connected to a LAN Server and if not, connect them.
  • Now run Minecraft on the computers and make sure all are running the same version. The version can be changed from the Minecraft Launcher’s Edit profile on the bottom left.


  • Create a world or load up one of your older worlds and start it in single-player mode. 
  • Once the world is all loaded up, open the pause menu and click on Open to LAN
  • And set up your world according to your convenience and click on start LAN World.


  • Open your Minecraft launcher and change the game version to the same as the host’s game version and boot up the game.
  • Now from the main menu, click on multiplayer and look for the LAN World and click on it and hit join button and boom! You’ll be connected to your friends in their world.

How to Play Multiplayer using a Realm

How to Play Multiplayer using a Realm

Minecraft Realm is one of the best ways to play with you and up to 10 more friends of yours simultaneously. This realm isn’t free, it costs 7.99$ Per Month where 11 Players including you can play together. Here’s how you set up and join a realm:

  • Open Minecraft From its launcher
  • Click on Minecraft Realms on the main menu
  • Click on create and configure your realm
  • Once the realm is set up, send your friends the invites and have them over!

Though Realms are paid and  if you’re a new realm user, then the 1st month is free for you, just enter your card details and you’ll get a realm for free

I hope this article helped you with hosting or joining your friend’s Multiplayer servers. If you have any queries related to how to play multiplayer on minecraft pc, then do let us know in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to share some funny pranks to pull on multiplayer servers on friends as I’m short on them xD.