Nowadays, most of people use gaming as an activity to relax from their daily lives. But that’s not it, in today’s world, there are even careers in the gaming sector. This sector accommodates a lot of activities for the current generation as well as their parents and the generation after them.

Gaming is not just for kids anymore, it is a part of life for a significant number of people, with the new touch of social interaction through gaming. This is accommodated through multiplayer online gaming. People play together, talk and sometimes even discuss their real-life to accommodate an individual into their day to day life.

All this can be achieved with the help of a community specially set up for gamers to chat and handle a lot of their games from it. One such community is Discord. It helps us communicate with other gamers and manage a lot of our game-related data.

Now, there are a number of advancements in this field too when you talk about certain functions. Discord, much like other such services, also provides some brilliant insights into Application Program Interface and a lot of great things can be achieved by using Discord’s API.

One such thing is a discord bot. This is basically a user-defined program to carry out a certain task using automation. The user doesn’t need to fret about the task anymore as the bot will take care of it with ultimate efficiency.

To understand this, let’s discuss an example. Starting a community on discord is quite simple and it’s also really exciting for the user. It helps you increase your horizons. It helps you influence people and bring a certain kind of image from your reality into such platforms for people to follow.

Imagine if you started a community. Now, your first few followers might be quite an exciting experience for you. You might even wish to write to them yourself, inviting and welcoming them into your community so that they engage more people into it. This task is quite easy to be taken care of when the community is in its initial phases. But, as the community grows, you might not have enough time to text everybody that joins it. So such tasks are handled by a bot.

I’m going to discuss the simplest and most straightforward technique of creating and setting up your discord bot. It is quite easy to follow and it wouldn’t require a lot of your work.


How to Make a Discord Bot And Invite It To The Server

Now, you first need a discord account, in order to utilize this service. If you do not have an account, then create one by registering. This is a quite simple process. After the creation of your account, you need to create a bot to carry out your specified task and then you need to invite it. This can be done in the given process:

Create a Bot User

The first step for us, in order to use this API provided to us by Discord, is to create a bot user. This can be done by following the given steps:

How To Make a Discord Bot
  1. Open the discord website and log into it.
  2. Go to the application page.
  3. Tap on the New Application option.
  4. Provide a name to the given application and then tap Create.
  5. Go to the Bot tab and click on Add Bot to create a new Bot user. When you see a popup, select “Yes, do it!” to carry the process forward.
  6. Toggle Public Bot on if you would be wanting others to invite your bot. Keep Require OAUTH2 Code Grant off, if you aren’t designing a service that would need it. In case you’re unsure about it, leave it off.
  7. Copy your Bot’s token by clicking on Copy.
Create a Bot user

This will create a Bot user for you that can be accessed with the help of this token.

create a Bot user for you that can be accessed with the help of this token

Invite Your Bot

After the creation of your bot user, you need to activate it by getting it on the server as it is still inactive. In order to do so, you need to invite your Bot by creating an invite URL. This can be done by following the given steps:

Invite your Bot
  1. Log into your account by visiting the Discord website.
  2. Go to the application page.
  3. Navigate to your bot’s page.
  4. Browse to the OAUTH2 tab.
  5. Under Scopes, check the checkbox against Bot.
  6. Now, under Bot Permissions, check the check boxes against your required options to help your bot to work. Allowing your Bot to have Administrator privileges may lead to some undesired consequences.
  7. The final URL should be used to introduce your Bot to your desired server. This can be done simply by copying the URL and pasting it into the browser. Now, select a server to invite your bot and click on Authorize.
select a server to invite your bot
successfully introduce your bot to the server

This will successfully introduce your bot to the server.


  • Your token is a part of your private information, which can be used to access your bot. So keep the token private.
  • The user that adds the Bot would need Manage Server permissions to carry out the task.

I hope i was able to help you in creating a Discord Bot in the simplest way possible. if you have any further queries, leave a comment below. Also, if the content was helpful, please leave a like on the post.