Dwarf Fortress is the most epic and exciting game you’ll ever play. The game has been designed by Tarn Adams and has been quoted as deeming it to be his life’s work with an approximated 20 years until the full completion of the game. Dwarf Fortress was first produced in 2002 but an alpha version of the game was not ready until 2006. The game is completely free and maintained solely on donations.

Dwarf Fortress’s ritual world generation is the most worldly and complicated in reality, simulating thousands of years of myths, history, geology and Gods, songs, cultures, animal life, and more. Then you get to create a dwarven fortress in this system, able of an equal level of extreme attention-to-features. 

Top 11 Games Like Dwarf Fortress You Must Try in 2020 1

All these features come at a price. As you might assume, Dwarf Fortress is notably dense and mean to strangers. Although this complexity can be achieved through, I’ve been enjoying the title for over a decade, both in its unique graphics and with modifications at first glance, Dwarf Fortress looks like you’re looking at the code from The Matrix.

For those who are new to this Genre, Dwarf Fortress is a different city-building experience that lets players manage their own group of dwarves in what is a very unique city-building experience that also includes some strategy elements.

Your main goal in Dwarf Fortress is to build and maintain the ideal environment for your dwarves which just so appears to be a wealthy home on the side of a cliff. This is no easy business though with players having to battle the conditions, evil aliens from the night, and mega beasts (think Balrog from Lord of the Rings). Alternatively, you can command dwarves in an adventure style game mode where you smoothly travel the game world without the building perspective of the core game.

Therefore, if you like Dwarf Fortress a lot, but are looking for those modern alternatives or if you want to try something new in this genre, I’ve assembled a list of some of Top 11 Games Like Dwarf Fortress You Must Try in 2020. So, here are my favorite alternative games like Dwarf Fortress. Let’s jump right into it.


11 . Tropico 4

Top 11 Games Like Dwarf Fortress You Must Try in 2020 2

Tropico 4, an Open-Ended City-Building, management, and MMO-RTS (Massively Multiplayer Online- Real-Time Strategy) Simulation video game, developed by Haemimont Games and Feral Interactive. The game lets you design, build, and operate the Cities as the Leader of Tropical Islands (Banana Republic). You must administer over the Banana Republic and construct buildings and structures on an island by picking one from the map or you can simply randomly select an island and begin building. The game makes you be part of the game world by choosing and customizing an online avatar for yourself and after you are done with the primary steps you can start operating your cities. 

Tropico 4 allows you to play the game in Campaign Mode and provides 20 levels of exiting and engaging game-play in which you get a lot to attack your enemies and capture their lands and loot their supplies. You must use the best Turn-By-Turn Based Strategies to defeat your enemies and any threat that redirects your attention from constructing your cities. Tropico 4 is an exiting MMO-RTS (Massively Multiplayer Online- Real-Time Strategy), City Building and Management game to play and enjoy.

10 . Starship Theory

Top 11 Games Like Dwarf Fortress You Must Try in 2020 3

The initial peek at the Starship’s Theory UI can terrify people but worry not the title is winnable. The UI initially offers 8 boxes while several of the boxes are further hidden in alternate tabs. Once you master the basics, the game has exciting things to offer like traveling the universe with mining lasers, craft raising, and supply collection.

The craft’s company is bound for performing various kinds of consoles in order to drive different systems on the craft. For instance, for exchanging between crafts, communication console is used, for analysis purposes science console is brought into account, and for greater jumps navigating console comes helpful.

The game is similar to Dwarf Fortress in terms of warfare but it has a little more clear aim and an extra twist that if a team person is outside the ship while turning away then the person is left-back. The developers are precisely updating the game on a frequent basis since one can assume the game to drive out even better than before.

9 . Travian

Top 11 Games Like Dwarf Fortress You Must Try in 2020 4

Travian is one of the best ever Browser-based Free-to-Play MMO-RTS (Massively Multiplayer Online- Real-Time Strategy) games ever, developed by Travian Games GmbH. This game offers a very related experience to Tribal Wars and takes you to the incredible setting of ancient Rome where your job is to be a skilled master of a small village rich in nearly all kinds of supplies. Your task is only to choose between three equally dominant tribes and start building from scratch. Construct houses for your citizens, train armies, build your defenses in order to protect your settlement, and to wage wars against the rebels in order to conquer their lands and to expand your own town. 

Resource collection, research, and upgrading new technologies are the fun element of the game that allows you to show off your domination over your enemies and your friends as well. Construction of markets, starting a trade, building strategic and strategic relations with different nations, assaulting in epic combats with enemies to seize their lands is what makes this game more exciting. Travian offers great visuals aspects, a brilliantly immersive game-play, and a lot of other great things to enjoy. Do try it out, its fun playing.

8 . Towns

Top 11 Games Like Dwarf Fortress You Must Try in 2020 5

Towns is a city-building simulator. Towns was originally developed by a three-person group called SMP. While the game was never completed by the devs, as it was published as early access that whole time, this game is unquestionably similar to Dwarf Fortress. 

Requiring the complexity of either of these, Towns sets you on the driver’s seat and gives you full control of a wide group of citizens which you shall use to build huge towns and cities and search deep into the Earth. Control supplies and care for your residents as you build your fortress. With a simple army aspect drawn into this game, many of us hold this title dear to our hearts and are anxious about the shift this game took. However, It is still a great title that you can enjoy today.

7 . Planetbase

Top 11 Games Like Dwarf Fortress You Must Try in 2020 6

‘Planetbase’ is a base strategy simulator that is placed in a sci-fi world. If you have ever imagined building a community on an outer planet, then look no more. Although there are quite a few games out there that let you build communities on unknown planets, none of them is as realistic as Planetbase.

You have to take in a lot of effort before you start building your bases, such as the supplies accessible to you and the environment. These will have an opposing effect on your community as you progress further into the game. Beginning a community is no easy task and the unfriendly environment does not help either. Supplies are scarce, to begin with, and will demand quite a bit of micromanagement in order to get tasks working.

One of the things that I really love about Planetbase and I am sure you will is how great your community can grow to be. You begin off with just a couple of structures and then before you know, you have all kinds of structures, tons of settlers, and an automatic series of robots that know what to do!

Other than that, the game will force randomly generated events at differing intervals like storms and solar flares, holding the gameplay original and appealing. Fans of Dwarf Fortress will surely find a lot of recurring gameplay factors and hence, should clearly check this one out.

6 . First Feudal

Top 11 Games Like Dwarf Fortress You Must Try in 2020 7

One of the most recommended game on Dwarf Fortress’s Store Page on steam, the ‘First Feudal’. It has a remarkable similarity like supply collection, plant building, workbenches crafting, and house construction with doors, floors, and walls.

The villagers are supplied with food and rest and can be given machines to perform given tasks. The role-playing title sums on commanding a character whose mission is to build a town with the help of a group of villagers.

The idea is quite captivating but the AI (artificial intelligence) of the villagers is pretty slow and clumsy. For example, if a villager does not have a machine, he will just stand while the team around him will be sweating nuts, thus giving the situation a weird look. For those who like old games and want something related to Dwarf Fortress, First Feudal will be a good option.

5 . Gnomoria

Top 11 Games Like Dwarf Fortress You Must Try in 2020 8

Here is our next title that truly took me by surprise. While the fantasy-based environment gives it a unique choice to be on this list, I think that it is very similar in its nature. The idea of Gnomoria is that you take command of a group of little gnomes and then you are liable for making sure they survive.

You can separate and gather pretty much anything you get across which you later can use to build structures and things that will benefit them survive. One of the most appealing aspects of Gnomoria is not just the crafting and endurance aspect. It is when you get across another group of figures.

These will either see your bustling community and desire in….. or they may want to take what you have!

4 . RimWorld

Top 11 Games Like Dwarf Fortress You Must Try in 2020 9

A game that’s explicitly inspired by values and numbers, complex in its presentation, has to convince you that what you’re seeing unfold is an organic ecosystem. RimWorld is an indie planning and supervision Simulator title by  Ludeon Studios. Originally called Eclipse Colony, it was earlier distributed as a Kick-starter crowd-funding plan in early entree for PC in November 2013 and was formally released on October 17, 2018. The game aims to create complex drama from its actions, but as close as it sometimes gets, the illusion never quite takes grasp. 

RimWorld is a game about setting a colony on a remote planetoid sometime in the distant future. There is a whole Western vibe, resulting in a sort of different setting. It’s a life simulator, a genre about a more hands-off approach to strategy and management, where you handle AI behavior instead of managing it directly. RimWorld rests somewhere between The Sims and Dungeon Keeper, though its offering and style are recollective of games like Prison Architect. It’s a story narrative, promising to co-author all use of wild tales for players. 

In this base-builder game, you need to manage your colonists’ demands like health, illnesses, and wounds. You need to fight in tactical gameplay to assure the safety of your colony. This includes managing your weapons, your attire, and your structures. Rimworld uses metal, wood, stone, cloth, and futuristic elements for all of its gear, resources, and builds. This game will have you battling pirate raids, rampaging animals, unfriendly tribes, tunneling insects, and antique killing machines. You must tame animals for food and build links that include lovers and friends. Every time that you play Rimworld, you’ll find a new world. This game is packed with quirky backstories, traits, and skills.

3 . Prison Architect

Top 11 Games Like Dwarf Fortress You Must Try in 2020 10

Prison Architect is a title that I just lately got into (it was one of the free Games With Gold on Xbox One) and I got into it right away. The purpose of the game is what it appears like, you need to create a prison and make sure that it is working properly and that those prisoners know who is the boss.

No doubt this is a game you have learned of and I can assure you right off that bat that the building aspect of this game is simple to pick up, but it is too far in-depth than one would think. The idea of the game is to build all that you would expect a prison to have. Cells, canteen, a gym, bathroom, and more. You want to keep the system in your prison or you can break loose. You are free to just mess around and raise your dream prison.

What I really liked about playing Prison Architect is that there is really a pretty impressive story that runs through it.

2 . Oxygen Not Included

Top 11 Games Like Dwarf Fortress You Must Try in 2020 11

Oxygen Not Included’ places you in the cold clutches of outer space with short supply to oxygen. Developed and distributed by the Canadian game studio Klei Entertainment in 2017 by the Steam Early Access regime, the game is currently still being renewed upon with updates being published for it at regular interims. 

The basis for the game is pretty simple, but the choices that ultimately open up to the players are endless. You find yourself caught on an asteroid with just a light layer of atmosphere holding you alive. Though you are not alone and you see around to find two other survivors caught on different asteroids alike yours.

As you travel the enviorment, it becomes obvious that the three must act together in order to sustain the mess. This is where the actual gameplay begins. Each of these three survivors holds access to different supplies and you must handle them efficiently in order to enhance the three posts apart. It will be possible to connect the three posts eventually with the opportunity to colonize other asteroids in the belt. This presents a whole lot of possibilities for you as you obtain access to other resources. Alike ‘Factorio’, you need to efficiently manage these supplies and ensure that the essential needs for all your actions are met. 

‘Oxygen Not Included’ is a must-play for fans of ‘Factorio’ and if you haven’t still tried it out, goto to Steam and download it directly on your Windows PC, macOS, or Linux devices.

1 . Frostpunk

Top 11 Games Like Dwarf Fortress You Must Try in 2020 12


‘Frostpunk’ is the best-looking community management and survival Simulator out there that sets you in charge of leading a small team of survivors after an immediate ice age wiped out greatest of the earth’s population. There are many choices you need to make in the game that will surely question your morals, so if you believe you are a man of integrity & values and will support that even when the most serious comes to you, Seriously, I dare you to play this game and experience this once. ‘Frostpunk’ is a must-play for die-hard fans of games like ‘Dwarf Fortress’ and hence, it finds the top place on this list of ours today.

So I hope you loved the list of ‘Top 11 Games Like Dwarf Fortress You Must Try in 2020’! The games are listed in ranking orders and are selected as per my experience which may vary from players to players.

 If you want more such Lists for other Series like Call Of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto, etc, do let us know in the comments. If anyhow you disagree or agree with me, then do let me know in the comments. That’s it for this one! GG!