Pokemon Go has won our attention quite fast and I think it might not be just because of the game play. I guess it is due to the fact that we all have loved Pokemon dearly as a kid and it must have been amongst the favorites in our list. This is why whenever most of the people play this game, they remember the times they have had as a kid while watching the show.

Pokemon Go is a multiplayer game that somehow turns our world into a reality that accommodates Pokemons. And I think it was a very clever idea to develop this game as it was bound to a massive following. And other than that, the game also fulfills the intent of most of its players by bringing their most loving memories back to their lives all over again.

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I myself am a huge fan of the game and I feel like there are just too many things I can say about it. The thing I like the most about it is the fact that it tries to make the experience as similar to the Pokemon world as it can be. The developers have added some great features and resembling factors that make it extremely delightful like the game’s currency and other such things.


How To Get Pokecoins?

Pokecoins are the currency in which all the exchange takes place in the game and that simply means it is really important to have it for any purpose you need to accomplish. But before discussing how you may acquire them, let us discuss the uses of these coins.

How To Get Pokecoins

Uses of Pokecoins

We need Pokecoins for almost everything we do in the game which is why they are pretty necessary. By using Pokecoins, you can buy Lure Modules, Poke Balls, Egg Incubators, Lucky Eggs, Premium Raid Passes, bag Upgrade, incense, Max potions, Max Revives, Pokemon Storage upgrade and visual changes for the avatar.

Although, you must remember not to waste your Pokecoins onto things that can be acquired by spinning at a Poke Stop or by going around town. Especially you shouldn’t waste the coins on stuff like Revives, Poke Balls and Potions because they can be found while walking around. And when you level up, you even get stuff like Potions, Poke Balls, Lure Modules, Revives, Incense, Egg Incubators, and Lucky Eggs.

Here are the items that can be bought using Pokecoins along with their price.

Poke Balls: these are what you use to keep your Pokemons

Uses of Pokecoins
  • Poke Balls x20 – 100 coins
  • Poke Balls x100 – 460 coins
  • Poke Balls x200 – 800 coins

Incubators: these allow you to hatch the eggs you find during the game but will break after three uses. There is a super version of the incubator which allows the player to speed up the process.

  • Egg incubator – 150 coins
  • Super incubator – 200 coins

Premium Raid Pass: 100 coins – it allows the user to join a raid battle.

Lure Modules: These help the player in attracting Pokemons to a Pokestop for about thirty minutes and may be of help to any other players nearby.

  • Lure Module x1 – 100 coins
  • Lure Modules x8 – 680 coins

Max Potions: x10 for 200 coins – these can be used to restore the health of any ten Pokemons completely.

Max Revive: x6 for 180 coins – these help in restoring the HP of the Pokemon if they keep fainting and you battle a lot.

Bag Upgrade: 200 coins – help in increasing the space in your bag to carry items by 50.

Incense: these help in luring Pokemons to your location for 30 minutes.

Use of Pokecoins
  • Incense x1 – 80 coins
  • Incense x8 – 500 coins
  • Incense x25 – 1250 coins

Pokemon Storage Update: 200 coins – helps to increase storage space for Pokemons by 50.


  • Hats:- 50 – 800 coins
  • Bags:- 200 – 250 coins
  • Glasses:- 50 – 400 coins
  • Tops:- 100 – 500 coins
  • Footwear:- 50 – 200 coins
  • Gloves:- 50 – 150 coins
  • Bottoms:- 80 – 200 coins

Boxes: these contain a collection of items in them and are heavily rewarding.

  • Special Box – 480 coins
  • Great Box – 780 coins
  • Ultra Box – 1480 coins

Acquiring Pokecoins

There are a number of hacks out there for getting Pokecoins in a bulky amount but if you don’t wish to get your account banned, I’d recommended that you stay away from them. There are two other ways of acquiring these coins legally, that is, without using any hacks. They are:

Purchasing Pokecoins using actual Money

You can buy coins in Pokemon using actual currency but I wouldn’t recommend this either as it would seem like a waste of resources. But for those who still wish to move along with the purchase, here are the prices you’ll experience:

  • 100 coins – 0.99 USD
  • 550 coins – 4.99 USD
  • 1200 coins – 9.99 USD
  • 2500 coins – 19.99 USD
  • 5200 coins – 39.99 USD
  • 14500 coins – 99.99 USD

Acquiring Pokecoins from the Gym

Gyms are available to all the players after achieving trainer level 5. You can earn coins by dropping your Pokemons off at a gym. By doing so, you will be making coins every day but there is a limit to which you can earn money from gyms and that is 50 coins a day. And that isn’t for a single Pokemon, it is rather for every Pokemon in total.

But that isn’t it, there is another little detail that might make you flip. You cannot collect your Pokemon with your earnings till it is finally defeated. This means that you may have to wait for days until you may collect the Pokemon from the gym. So it might be tiring at times.

I hope I was able to help you out with how to get Pokecoins and I’m sure the coins you’ve earned are helping you out as well. If there are any queries on the matter, please drop a comment below. If the content was helpful, please like our post.