In today’s world, there are a number of games that peak the interests of players worldwide. These games have powerful graphics and can be played multiplayer around the globe. This gives an edge to gaming which makes it more thrilling than it used to be.

Playing such games is fun and when you play such a game for the major part of your day, it makes you figure out some tricks that in turn help you to be better at it. One such trick is the B-Hop. This is the abbreviation of Bunny Hop. And it gives a slight edge to the player as it increases the speed of that player, a little. Due to this increase in speed, it gets difficult for other players to shoot the primary player which is very helpful.

This mechanism is existent on the source engine that allows its players to gain speed by strafing and hopping. Earlier, this mechanism had no speed limit or speed cap which is why the player could circulate all around the map using this trick in a quite convenient order. Although it wasn’t long before the developers figured it out and braced a speed limit over it to prevent this abusive use of the technique.

Even after being limited by the developer, the speed gained is quite significant and helps the player quite greatly. Imagine a scenario where you are using Map Dust 2 and you are a terrorist. Now, the time it takes for a terrorist to cover the long doors and take sight round the corner from the T-spawn to A is quite significant.

To avoid this, a player may use the B-Hop technique to cut the corner and wait for counter-terrorists with an AWP to take a clear shot. This would be quite helpful in multiple situations and would definitely give a slight edge to the player.

Now, using the technique I’m going to tell you, how to Bhop or bunny hop in games like CS: GO, GMOD, and CS Source.


Requirements for B-Hopping

how to bhop

Although there are no such definite requirements, but having a mousepad, gaming mouse and a tactical keyboard can be really helpful while attempting a Bhop. This isn’t completely necessary but it will give you a greater chance of achieving a Bhop in CSGO. Although using the spacebar of your keyboard is completely fine but the scroll wheel of your mouse will be better and easier.

 Now, in order to activate your scroll wheel for jumping, you need to carry out the given steps.

  1. Open the “console” in your game by pressing the “~” button.
  2. Type the given commands in the console.
    • bind mwheelup + jump
    • bind mwheeldown + jump

Using these steps, you can activate your scroll wheel for jumping. If you want to use scroll up as jump then use the command that accommodates “mwheelup”, else you may use “mwheeldown”.

Now, you may begin to practice your bunny hop but don’t use your private server as it might not help you when it is time to play in a real match. You can use official servers specially made for bhopping practice.


Now, strafing is also a very important concept when it comes to bhopping. This is done in order to gain a certain amount of speed to help the player in moving faster. Although if it is not followed in the right way, you might actually lose speed.

how to bhop in csgo

To do this, press “W” and run forward, then jump and release it. Now, press “A” and move your mouse gently in a single motion to the left if strafing left or press “D” and move your mouse gently, in a single motion to the right if strafing right.

Try to keep it maintained or you might lose speed.

How to BHOP in CSGO, CSS, and GMOD

This technique is simply used by utilizing your strafe and the most important thing to remember in this is to get your hands off of the “w” key.

All you need to do is continue with your strafe to maintain your bunny hop by maintaining the hop using the right and left strafe alternatively. This can be done by starting your strafe with the “w” button and not using the “w” button again, instead of, after releasing the “w” button, keep using a chain of left strafe and then right strafe and repeat it without a doubt. If done right, you will be able to gain a significant amount of speed and sneak up on your opponent while escaping a lot of fire.

bunny hop guide
Try using this kind of orientation while performing a bhop

Remember to strafe every time you touch the ground. The most accurately maintained strafes will help you keep the bhop going. It is all about the right timing. Here is the link to a video that will help you through this process.

Also, try different types of gripping patterns on your mouse and check which one is the most helpful. And try to practice as much as you can because it is the only thing that will help you get better at it. People say “practice makes a man perfect”, and it is extremely true.

Practice using different styles and techniques in order to get better but remember to practice on an online server rather than your private server and try to remember that the “w” button should only be used to start your bhop and it should be released completely after that.

I hope I was able to help you in learning how to BHOP in CSGO, CSS, and GMOD. If you have any queries or doubts related to this video, please leave a comment mentioning it. And if you liked our content, please leave a like on the post.