Gaming is always an integral part of our lives and we never want it to stop. Most of the times we just can’t get off our gaming systems to take care of real-life issues because these consoles actually help us get rid of those stress-related issues. And anyone can testify how great and awesome the gaming community is.

how to get free xbox live codes

Microsoft came through with its XBOX quite a while ago and has been offering great updates ever since but the best possible gift to the user from Microsoft is the XBOX live, which was released about a decade ago. Through the help of this, we can simply play some XBOX games on our PCs and laptops. A very insightful way to solve a lot of our problems as well as a great way for the XBOX community to enjoy together.

But since it has so many perks, it is bound to have at least some disadvantages. One such disadvantage is the fact that the XBOX live is free for its most basic entry but requires a gold membership to be included in the inner circle. This costs about $7 a month which is fine for some yet unaffordable to many.

To enable this subscription, a set of code is needed as activation which is quite unlikely to work most of the time because people have already utilized its services. So unlike others, I won’t be giving you codes that render waste of time for most gamers. I have two alternatives that will help you with the XBOX live codes.


How to Get Free Xbox Live Codes

The two alternatives I will discuss will be quite easy to understand because first I will talk about a free trial that will help you get a short free run into the premium community and then we will discuss certain generators to help you with the codes.

14 Day Free Trial Activation on Existing Devices

14 Day Free Trial Activation on Existing Devices

Although one obvious thing to remember is that it is only available for the people who haven’t already used their free trials and can still get their gold trials now. If you have had an XBOX for quite a long time yet you have never used your free trial then this is how you can get started with it. You can check your eligibility for this gold trial because there will be a “Gold 14 Days Trial for Free” on your subscription page. So if you see this button then you are eligible for the trial and you can proceed.

  1. Set up your Microsoft account if you are new to XBOX live.
  2. Click the “14 Days Trial for Free” button.
  3. Submit your credit card details without worry because you won’t really be billed for this but please remember to cancel the subscription before the trial ends.
  4. Follow the process as per directions to complete the signup process.

Get the Codes through a Generator

Get the Codes through a Generator

This is the simplest and safest process that may help you get XBOX live codes because you won’t have to click on suspicious adware or download malicious software. Although you must remember to never give your username or password to anyone even through an app because your account can be hacked through that and all your reward points will be taken away.

So since there are a lot of fraudulent generators out there, I have one that I have tested myself and works pretty well throughout. But if you are going to use some other generator, please be careful.

  1. Visit and look for the “Generator” button on the top.
  2. Press the “Generator” button.
  3. Now, the rest of the process will be in 3 simple steps. Firstly, you have to choose the subscription package that you are looking for.
  4. Secondly, share the information on two social media platforms provided on the page or even if you don’t wish to, just click on two different sharing platforms and close the redirected page as soon as it opens.
  5. Now, click on “Next” and complete an offer to get your codes.

The codes you get will definitely work as they did for me and then you will be able to utilize the gold subscription without a single problem.

I hope I was able to help you with XBOX live codes for gold subscription and now you are able to enjoy your premium privileges. If there is a doubt that I couldn’t address then please drop a comment below. If the content was helpful, leave a like on the post.