Trust me on this, if gaming industries conduct a survey about how much Xbox One is discussed between the gamers worldwide, the figure will cross every limit. But the hard-hitting fact would be that very few are having Xbox One with them, why? Because they all are hard PlayStation lovers!

Confused? Start considering preach down a discussion and here you have your answer. Jokes are meant to laugh peeps.

The rivalry between Xbox lovers & Playstation lovers is endless and much not needed by both Microsoft & Sony. After all, this rivalry is fetching them huge profits with limitless boundaries. The gaming fans are increasing daily as the culture is developing in a good place nowadays.

Microsoft’s gaming machine Xbox One is considered the safest and piracy free technology in the world of hardcore gaming and this feature gives them an advantage, obviously a great sell point too. However, the prices for most of the games are generally much higher than to the Playstation compatible games.



Why Do We Need A Gameshare? Because.


Let’s end it in one shot, the games are expensive and somewhere buying the Xbox One is affordable but reaching new games turns into a task as tough as Fear Factor’s stunt.

Well, I understand that this is an exaggeration but still you can’t deny the facts that game comes with a hefty price tag. Obviously, people are there who can afford this much expense but that’s not the case with every single Xbox owner.

After this, we gamers don’t stop at just the best quality gaming and great graphics, we need our friend to share the same fun within the same frame. Multiplayer gaming is the need of the hour in the gaming world.

We all love challenges and especially in the game from those who know us. They may be our friends or family, doesn’t matter because they are gonna lose the digital battle that has just started and you are gonna make sure they regret why the multiplayer option is even there.


How To Start Game Sharing On Xbox One? Read.

How To Gameshare On Xbox One? Let's Get Sharing. 1

Before telling you the method to share the game, please understand that the game should be purchased online from the Xbox Store. The regular games encrypted in disks are not available for sharing because of pretty understandable reasons.

The disk can get a shared hand to hand with your friend but that’s not actually sharing, because when your friend is playing the game from the disk, you would be playing some other game or sitting idle waiting for your friend to return the disk. Multiplayer connected via the internet? Don’t even think about it mate.

Game sharing is allowed particularly for the game downloaded digitally from the Xbox Store only. Multiplayers connect via the internet are entertained in this format of gaming only and there is no other alternative present.

So, follow the steps written below and don’t leave reading this article right after the steps section as there is a catch without which the whole procedure won’t even start, enjoy the max out of your Xbox One.


Step 1: Double click the Xbox button on the controller.

Step 2: Shift to the Profile section by toggling the joystick and select it.

Step 3: Click on the Switch Profile option.

Step 4: Pick and sign in with that friend’s profile with whom you want to share games with.

Step 5: After signing in you will be back to your home screen on Xbox.

Step 6: Double click the Xbox button on the controller.

Step 7: Click the Settings tab.

Step 8: Inside the settings, you will find a Personalization option, click it.

Step 9: At the bottom there is a tab My Home Xbox, select it.

Step 10: A new page will appear with option Make This My Home Xbox, hit it.

Step 11: Again a confirmation page appears, select the Make This My Home Xbox tab. Get back to the home screen.

Now your home page is your friend’s Xbox home page and you are having a full view and access to all their games and apps.

Step 12: Click on the profile show on the top of the screen.

Step 13: Select the My Apps and Games tab.

Step 14: Find for the game you want to share with yourself and get on to your Xbox. Select it.

Step 15: Start downloading the game and the game will be saved in your Xbox system, making it available for you to play it anytime you want that too for absolutely free.

How To Gameshare On Xbox One? Let's Get Sharing. 2

Remember the catch I told you about a few steps ago? It’s simple, you will have to take consent of your friend and make them sign in with their login id & password on your Xbox One. This is the first step of the protocol for the game share.

The game share concept is meant to get friends to play the game on multiplayer mode even when they are at their own home with separate Xbox systems. However, in another way this game sharing is saving a lot of money as you can share the game with as many friends as you want.

So you can play the game for which you haven’t paid a single $. For further information, you can visit at


I hope I was able to help you with How To Game share On Xbox and now you are able to play the shared game. If there is a doubt that I couldn’t address then please drop a comment below. If the content was helpful, leave a like on the post.