Spore offers a very different experience due to the broad range of genres it has inside a single game. The core gameplay elements of this bizarre and popular experience though often involve life simulation, evolution, strategy, and portions of other god games. Spore has brought attention in particular for its huge number of customization which allows you to build anything you can imagine.

Top 10 Games Like Spore for PC | 2020 1

Spore is a 2008’s life simulation RTS God game, developed by Maxis, published by Electronic Arts and outlined by Will Wright, and was published for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Reaching many classes including action, real-time strategy (RTS), and role-playing games (RPG), the game lets players control the evolution of a species from its roots as a microscopic organism, through an evolution as an intelligent and social being, to interstellar journey as a spacefaring civilization. It has drawn wide recognition for its heavy scope, and its use of open-world gameplay and procedural generation. 

The games like Spore that you will see below have a focus on evolution simulation but also include the other genres that are already in Spore. For fans of space exploration, we have also added games like Spore’s space stage. Despite the game you are after, you can demand a highly sandbox focused action from the games found here.

So here are the Top 10 Games Like Spore for PC you must try in 2020!


10 . Impossible Creatures

Top 10 Games Like Spore for PC | 2020 2

Impossible Creatures allows you to create your own army of newfangled creatures from and then experiment them out in a real-time strategy setting. Offering an adventure unlike any other Impossible Creatures has a captivating and diverse game loop that revolves around designing your own units and examining them on the battleground. Impossible Creatures was published in 2002, developed by Relic Entertainment which means that fantastically unique game plan is offset by some technical boundaries of the time. 

Scattered across a total of 15 missions the game design of Impossible Creatures explores the narrative of Rex Chance as he tries to avenge his father’s demise at the hands of the evil magnate Upton Julius. Your father was a famous scientist and arguably the best in the area at the time of his death which his crowing success behind the designer behind Sigma Technology. This technology which is yet new to the game experience of Impossible Creatures allows for the origin of new life forms by mixing elements of other creatures together.

9 . Sins of a Solar Empire

Top 10 Games Like Spore for PC | 2020 3

Overcome the entire world with the strength of the mighty and massive armed forces. It is the blend of 4X and RTS game-play and gets to you with loads of real-time strategies. The traits of this game are Grost Scrappers union, Nilari Cultists, Minor factions like resistance fighters, resisters, mercenaries, mines, and lot more. 

There are three classes in the game and will drive you to the future. You will encounter the beauty of the big world in the 3D platform. During your course, you will come across various enemies, stars, asteroids, and space ships.

8 . Endless Space

Top 10 Games Like Spore for PC | 2020 4

Endless Space is known as one of the best 4X titles that are mostly including fight strategies. Although similar to Spore in the sense that you can fight in space, the growth theory is not as in-depth as Spore.

You have the option of 8 separate civilizations that you can use to control the galaxy. There are loads of things to do in this game, including creating hundreds of different star arrangements, planets, resources, mysteries, and unusual scientific aspects.

In Endless Space, you can also command the universe via trade and diplomacy or travel the universe for great artifacts. You also have the option to just build an amazingly big fleet to decimate your enemies.

7 . Darkspore

Top 10 Games Like Spore for PC | 2020 5

The main purpose of the player is to defend the galaxy from the mutated Darkspore. It is a science fantasy action and a fast-paced game. Here some experts founded Living weapons, i.e, genetic heroes. Some corruptor strengths lead to the elimination of the galaxies. So the last Crogenitors beside some weapons fight and protect the galaxies and drive out the dark spore. The game is a great Spore Alternative and a must-try

6 .  Osmos

Top 10 Games Like Spore for PC | 2020 6

Osmos gives you the feeling of being in a science fantasy setting where your goals are to develop yourself by engaging others that are smaller than you. It is a delightful game that is accessible on platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. First, you are a minute organism called mote, and as you absorb other smaller ones and food available you develop largely. There are some strategies that you need to use to drive your mote all about so you can absorb other smaller motes. The visuals and music are just perfect, and there are stages that heighten the difficulty as you advance

The aim of the game is to drive your Mote into other smaller motes to consume them. Clashing with a mote larger than the person will cause him to be consumed, resulting in a game over. Motes weaker than the player are blue, while motes stronger than the player are red. Changing the course is done by ejecting mass. Due to conservation of momentum, this follows in the player’s mote drifting away from the ejected mass, but also in players’ own mote shrinking.

5 . Eufloria

Top 10 Games Like Spore for PC | 2020 7

Eufloria is an RTS title that was based on the theory of a Dyson tree hypothesis, where a tree-like plant is able to grow on a comet. It was published a few years later than Spore.

The environment of the game is in space as most of the games on our list are, and your task as a player is to control lifeforms called Euflorians who live on comets. You have to use plants that are grown on Dyson trees to continue growing and ultimately conquer comets. You can plant larger trees and these trees will produce more seedlings.

Eventually, you have to go versus other empires to determine the origin of a magical grey menace.

There are nearly 25 distinct levels and if you want to see all parts of Eufloria then you must complete all the levels. The seedlings available in the title will help you to build a wonderful world. You will be the Euflorians means existing in the comet as the game grants you the space to build a world. You can also capture your neighbor’s comets.

4 . Thrive

Top 10 Games Like Spore for PC | 2020 8

Thrive is also one of these top games like Spore. It is an open-source title, which means you can play this game free of cost. Also, the game is available for Windows and Linux based computers.

The game related to the development of life where you begin as an organism and eventually rise up to dominate the universe.

In the game, you will find 7 stages that involve microbe, multicellular, awake, awakening, society, industrial, and space. Also, you begin the game as a small species but over the time you gain knowledge.

3 . SimLife

Top 10 Games Like Spore for PC | 2020 9

If you want to mess with mature in the virtual universe, then Simlife is excellent for that. The game lets you alter the genetics of every existing thing like plants or animals and give them something else. Due to this capability to adjust things the game has been in play since 1992. As its title The Genetic Playground, it is actually a ground where you can work with the genetics of living creatures you find in this life. And form an ecosystem according to your preferences as changing environmental factors is also allowed. So you can choose whether a creature should walk or fly, how many eggs it can yield, what fruits or vegetables it can eat, and a lot more.

2 . Kerbal Space Program

Top 10 Games Like Spore for PC | 2020 10

The Kerbal Space Program is currently traded on Steam and it’s a game where you get charge of an alien species called Kerbals. This game is actually informative as you’re in command of assembling a spacecraft that pilots using physics and aerodynamics.

Your task is to thrust your crew into the orbit to check out other different planets or moons. You have to build space stations and plants as well to extend the size of your journey. This game comes in 3 modes, i.e. science mode, career mode, and a sandbox mode where you can develop any spacecraft you desire.

Kerbal Space Program comes with various awesome highlights, including handling your Kerbal crew, building rockets and spaceships, utilizing satellites to scan places, and even performing R&D for new technologies.

1 . Planetoid

Top 10 Games Like Spore for PC | 2020 11

Last on the list is Planetoid 3, an RTS game that is set in space. You are able to pick which class you need to use and develop your empire. Additionally, you can guide fleets of ships, develop the economy, and even declare war upon others (or peace).

In this game, you can only play the Sandbox Mode where you start working on a randomly-generated solar system. Planetoid 3 also comes with two distinct types of sources, i.e. Keldanyum and Energy.

It is an in-development title but you can actually download it at no cost. This game is open for the players to help with the game development, give ideas, and contribute resources..

I hope you loved our list of ‘Top 10 Games Like Spore for PC To Play Right Now’.These games are purely ranked as per my experience which may vary from players to players.

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