Slay the Spire is the most fun card game in the market right now. From a modern game’s run out of early access to being the most beloved card game out there, Slay The Spire has seen all. Several games tangle with doubt, players criticism, and high hopes before for a neon-bright V1.0 release, but Slay the Spire is one of the rarest, fully realized, mesmerizing designs that absolutely earned its fame and player base in its initial stage, presenting a deck-building-roguelike-RPG hybrid that kicks almost any game in its field.

For those who haven’t played it yet (although you must), Slay the Spire is a single-player card game where you beat monsters and build your pack up.

Top 10 Games Like Slay The Spire You Must Try in 2020 1

Designed by American studio MegaCrit and sold by Humble Bundle, Slay The Spire was first announced as early access for Windows, macOS, and Linux in 2017, with an official announcement in January 2019. It was released for PS4 in 2019, for Nintendo Switch in 2019 and for Xbox One in 2019. Mobile versions of this for iOS and Android are also planned for the future.

In Slay the Spire, you, through one of four roles, try to mount a spire of various floors, built through ritual generation, battling over enemies and bosses. The battle comes in through a collectible card-based system, with the player winning new cards as bonuses from fights and other means, asking the player to use tactics from deck-building games to build a powerful deck to achieve the climb.

Slay the Spire has been much-appreciated already from being nominated for many accolades in 2019 and is recognized as the game that started a number of roguelike deck-building games.

It’s a hell lot of fun for anyone who adores tactics based card games. As soon as I hammered Slay the Spire with all three characters, I immediately started looking for other games to fulfill the void that Slay The Spire had just left.


10 . Eight-Minute Empire

Top 10 Games Like Slay The Spire You Must Try in 2020 2

Eight-Minute Empire, developed by Ryan Laukat is a swift title that delivers the Civilization/Exploration theme practicing card-driven field direction and set group (by getting supplies from the board and the cards). Players scattered through the map to obtain points at the edge of the game by holding majorities in districts and continents. All operations are inspired by cards that are face-up and prepared by raising prices. Cards also contain supplies, which also carry points when the game finishes if collected properly.

Its first variant was published as print-and-play, and a general variant was published in 2013. An extension featuring a European map is accessible as an expansion and a stand-alone sequence has also been published by the devs.

9 . Basingstoke 

Top 10 Games Like Slay The Spire You Must Try in 2020 3

Basingstoke is a survival-terror-stealth-roguelike-title developed and distributed by Puppy Games. It was released on Windows, Linux, and macOS in 2018.

The director & Head of Dev of Puppy Games, Caspian Prince, stayed in Basingstoke for a year in 2008, heading to the approach to use the name as a title in the games he designed. The game carries some real places from the real city of Basingstoke.

Like most other games, Basingstoke also uses the Unity engine and was formerly planned to be released in 2015. However, the range of the game evolved through development, heading to a notable 3-year delay, and expanding the game itself.

Basingstoke starts off as you begin the Omni Labs structure to experience some sort of experiment. You advance the reception counter and are granted a visitor’s permit and directions. On your way, you face a kind gentleman serving sandwiches to some genetically mutated beings and the game’s primary mechanics are revealed to you.

Once you’re set to move on you begin your way to the escalator, which places you in an eerie lab. Following the only way, you see yourself inside some kind of chamber, with specialists screaming at you to get out. Some sort of tragedy befalls the lab, and you leave the place to find fire and rubble everywhere, and workers being hit by zombies!

You find your way out of the lab and into the city of Basingstoke, but the chaos has reached there, too. Can you find your way over the town to freedom?

8 . Card Quest

Top 10 Games Like Slay The Spire You Must Try in 2020 4

Card Quest is another Slay the Spire alternative as it’s not centered on deckbuilding but the slightly tactical use of your character’s deck. You can’t add specific cards to your deck, instead, you obtain equipment that comes with factions of cards which is then shuffled into your deck.

There are four separate classes, each with their own powers and flaws, Rogue, Wizard, Fighter, and Hunter. All then have custom subclasses, implying you can train your Rogue into an Adventurer, Hitman, or demonling, Warrior into Holy Warrior or Dwarven Warrior; Wizard into Storm Master, Enchantress, or Lich; and Hunter into Amazon, Changeling, or Arbalist.

This presents a ton of replay content to the game. The title itself is quite hard, so it’ll surely put your strategic thinking to the extreme. Don’t be turned off the outmoded graphics, Card Quest is a fabulous title for card games, puzzles, and roguelike dungeon crawlers, enthusiasts.

7 . Dicey Dungeons

Top 10 Games Like Slay The Spire You Must Try in 2020 5

Dicey Dungeons is yet another roguelike, deck-building game designed by the Irish game designer Terry Cavanagh. It was released for Windows in 2019. Gates for the Switch, iOS, and Android are also planned for later this year (2020).

Dicey Dungeons blends elements of roguelike games and deck-building games. The game Sets place on a game show-like backdrop, each having been changed into a dice, to finish a dungeon with a somewhat unlikely odds of winning their liberty. The player chooses one of six characters, which sets the type of stuff they will start with. The player then rolls their character over a dungeon map, where there are several conflicts with monsters, wealth chests, health items, shops, and upgrade plants, along with doors to the next level. The purpose of each run is to enter the lowest level of the dungeon and beat the boss. Doing so opens the metagame progress, such as opening additional characters, or new events for existing characters that advance new rulesets that makes the courses more difficult.

Dicey Dungeons has earned generally positive reviews, as per aggregator Metacritic. The game has been named as a good introduction to roguelike-deck-building games. The PC announcement of the game was amongst the best-selling new releases of the month.

6 . Hand Of Fate

Top 10 Games Like Slay The Spire You Must Try in 2020 6

Hand of Fate is an action-role-playing (ARPG) game developed and marketed by Australian studio Defiant Development for Windows, Linux, macOS, PS4, and Xbox One, published via early access in  2014, and then the full release in 2015. A PlayStation Vita version was also announced but eventually canceled due to development issues.

Players in Hand of Fate advance in-game through randomized dungeons, made by cards chosen from customizable decks, to try to strike the final boss of every dungeon. Most of the game is worked for an in-game tabletop scene, with the player’s movements narrated and performed by the strange Dealer, at points requiring the player to make decisions to proceed. 

When a fight occurs, the game shifts to a third-person perspective (TPP)  brawler-style game, challenging the player to time attacks, charges, dodges, and other skills to defeat opponents without losing all their strength. As the player advances, they can earn tokens, which, upon the finish of a dungeon, gain them extra cards that they can use to upgrade their decks for the next dungeon hunt.

Hand of Fate drew generally positive reviews and led to the strong crowdfunded physical contrast of the game. A sequel of  Hand of Fate 2 was also released in November 2017.

5 . Hand Of Fate 2

Top 10 Games Like Slay The Spire You Must Try in 2020 7

Hand of Fate 2 combines the Role-playing, Rogue-like, and Combat factors developed and published by Defiant Development. The game maintains Single-player mode only and essentially concentrates on Card-based gameplay. The game sets itself in the dark fantasy universe of the dungeon and proposes a variety of stages each with a different adventure. In the start, the player requires to create his r deck by choosing amongst the powerful cards and apply them to fulfill the goals to loot treasure and eliminate the opponents. 

The game has more than 22 challenges available that will drive the deck-building abilities of the player to its peak. The player can find new companions through the gameplay, team up, and can fight off against overload to bring them down to protect the day. As the game advances, it grows tough to play and unbars a series of exciting tasks to perform. Hand of Fate 2 offers core elements such as New Characters, Imperial Soldiers, Team up in Battles, New Card Suits, and a lot more. 

4 . Griftlands

Top 10 Games Like Slay The Spire You Must Try in 2020 8

Griftlands is a forthcoming science-fiction role-playing game developed by Klei Entertainment. It is assumed to release in 2020.

Griftlands is a science fiction game with factors of role-playing and digital card games. The player begins the game by picking one of the predefined characters, each a soldier seeking glory and prosperity in on a planetary system that is residence to a hostile peacekeeper body, thieves, and dangerous creatures. While the design of the realm is the same for every game, the events, missions, and other factors within it are procedurally generated on beginning a new game.

The game is split up among moving around on an overworld map and interesting in conversation trees to gain quests or store, and card-based conflicts. At the origin of the game, the players are given two predefined sets of cards, one factoring those to be applied in combat battles, and another to be used in compromises. As the player advances in the game, they can earn new cards for each deck from quest bonuses or through stores, update existing cards to more powerful versions, or have cards lifted from either deck. Additionally, players can obtain specialized implants for their roles that have determined effects during the rest of the game.

3 . Dream Quest

Top 10 Games Like Slay The Spire You Must Try in 2020 9

You can’t have a listing of alternative games for Slay the Spire without considering Dream-Quest somewhere. This is the OG of roguelike-deck-building titles and is what really inspired the genre today.

A lot of players love this game and most even think its better than Slay the Spire, but not me. While the artwork is outrageous, I can get past it. It’s the gameplay itself that gives a lot to be wanted.

Unlike in Slay the Spire, you don’t own a limit on the number of cards you can pull per turn. You also can’t look at what your enemy will do. So what closes up happening is you simply pull all cards in your hands and hope your luck works!

Some beasts and bosses are total pushovers, while others are apparently invincible. You’ll have to play a lot to open other types and cards, which isn’t the most fun thing to do.

There is also a good amount of RNG included that can perform all the judgments you made earlier to useless. Some points you’re destined to lose, and even if you play correctly won’t be prepared to do anything just based on the freaks you confront.

2 . Has Been Heroes

Top 10 Games Like Slay The Spire You Must Try in 2020 10

Has Been Heroes is the absolute perfect combination of Rogue-like, Tactics, and Action factors, developed by Frozenbyte and distributed by Game Trust for various platforms. The game begins with a mixture of Real-time Strategy (RTS) and Turn-based Strategy Elements. It includes the set of characters on a historic quest to attend the twin princess of King to their school. In the game, the player commands one of the 3 characters through the epic journey and must keep the center on melee strikes, jumbling hundreds of spells to make the destructive combos to kill opponents of the undead. The unusual strategy game offers profane humor, developing level difficulty, and extending the size of the maps. The huge number and procedures spells and details with unlockable characters enable tons of new adventures, permitting the player to modify his playstyle every time he begins the new game. Has Been Heroes awards core features such as commanding Three Characters, Randomly formed Maps, Treasure Chests, Epic characters, etc. are striking features of the game.

1 . Invisible, Inc.

Top 10 Games Like Slay The Spire You Must Try in 2020 11

The only game without any cards on this list, but offers astounding turn-by-turn-based roguelike strategy gameplay.  Invisible, Inc. is a game where you use a variation of different characters to perform missions set in heavily-guarded businesses. Everything is randomly spawned, and the game is bound with customization possibilities, various game modes, and loads of gadgets that allow you to execute the game your way. Though the core game is excellent worth the price, mod support is also available and greatly adds to the greatness of this cyberpunk game. If you’re a diehard fan of roguelikes like me, but also into turn-by-turn based and stealth titles, then this an excellent choice that just doesn’t disappoint.

So I hope you loved the list of ‘Top 10 Games Like Slay The Spire You Must Try in 2020’! The games are listed in ranking orders and are selected as per my experience which may vary from players to players.

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