After the release of genre-defining Overwatch in 2016, the classic “hero shooter” quickly turned into a multimedia juggernaut that ruled Twitch & Youtube live streams, produced an Overwatch esports league, and encouraged incredible art, cosplay, and even Legos. Even though the game introduced new characters, maps, styles, and seasonal exhibitions over the ages, the game has touched a spot where the updates have slowed down and all players are awaiting the sequel. Until Overwatch 2 arrives, you may need other titles like Overwatch to play right? 

Top 10 Games Like Overwatch You Must Try in 2020 1

For all those who haven’t played Overwatch yet, Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer FPS developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Overwatch allows players into two units of six, with each player choosing from a list of over 30 characters, called “heroes”, each with a different style of play that is broken into three roles that fit their mission. Players in team work together to achieve and maintain control spots on a map or accompany a payload over the map in a short amount of time. Players gain cosmetic gifts that do not affect gameplay, such as hero skins and winning poses, as they play the game

There’s no doubt that Overwatch 2 has become the gossip of the town for the series committed fan base. As for the new announcement, Overwatch has got a hit in live-streaming demand, but it is still an engaging team-based venture worth playing. Once Overwatch 2 begins, the huge player base for both games will join into one, as the two games will unite for a cross-compatibility enabled platform.

But again, if you see yourself in need of something related to Overwatch or just wild for a new online multiplayer addiction, then you’ve got to the right place. The titles I’ve listed below indicate team-based multiplayer battles, class-based characters, and lots of fast-paced gunplay. All in all, these games are in order with the themes present and popular in Blizzard’s famous first-person shooter.


10 . Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Top 10 Games Like Overwatch You Must Try in 2020 2

Well, you can say that The Tom Clancys R6 is a hotter son of Overwatch which lacks precision shooting, and precise hit detections like Overwatch but I’m sure once you’ll start playing this bad boy, then there’s no end to it.

The Rainbow Six is a more Tactical game, which requires a high sense of Map Locations and really good coordination with the teammates. Learning this game can be a pain in the Ass but the game is worth the effort. You get multiple Maps, characters, gadgets, etc to choose from. 

Team-work and cooperation are a complete must. Players will see themselves holding to uniformly work with each other and support the team to victory, just like in Overwatch. Random players need at least some form of help to learn the maps and the models completely, as it is a strangely steep training curve for amateurs who have no clue about the title.

The Game has the same teams and  Gamemodes as Overwatch, Like Death Match, Rescue hostage, Planting Bomb, etc. where you have to choose between Counter-Terrorists or Terrorists.

9 . Warframe 

Top 10 Games Like Overwatch You Must Try in 2020 3

Warframe is an online action role-playing game, that started its development as a Dark Sector but was ultimately released as a standalone title. You perform as a Tenno, a race in a faraway universe that has awoken from ages of deep sleep to a world that has fallen into chaos. There are several races within the universe that are competing against each other for dominance and you need to use your reliable old warframes in order to secure your world from these intruders.

The gameplay is very stealthy and you need to take up hunts and missions and perform them in a co-op setting in order to gather supplies and upgrade their warframes. This will allow them to fight stronger opponents that will equip them with better loots.

8 . Dirty Bomb

Top 10 Games Like Overwatch You Must Try in 2020 4

Dirty Bomb is yet another class-based First-person shooter that performs similarly to Overwatch in terms of gameplay and technique. The game centers on achieving objectives and leading out strong team play as you can’t do everything in a multiplayer game. The characters are called Mercs and you can collect from a list of several mercs that each owns different features and abilities. The main difference among Dirty Bomb and Overwatch is the point that Dirty Bomb practices a much-sophisticated theme and even the characters would use adult language several times and it’s enormously slower-paced when compared to Overwatch.

7 . Destiny 2

Top 10 Games Like Overwatch You Must Try in 2020 5

Destiny 2 is apparently the most distant from games like Overwatch on this list but it is worth halting out for those that love team-based play. Destiny’s rich world is filled with PVE events, but it’s the PVP Crucible where you can begin putting your Overwatch abilities to good use. Here, information is key to seizing objectives, taking out rivals, and assuring you have a good mix of Destiny’s 3 classes: Warlocks, Hunters, and Titans. This threesome of flavors isn’t actually as rich as Overwatch but comes with sets of subclasses that support for a touch of customization. 

Balanced changes, single-player/multiplayer game updates, and the conversion to free-to-play have given Destiny 2 a good refresh. You can choose to grab the game’s huge slate of co-op missions, but the team-based aggressive mayhem Overwatch fans are seeking, is within Destiny 2’s Crucible. If you’re seeking for another game to get fallen in with a pal, you won’t go far beyond with Destiny 2. 

6 . Apex Legends

Top 10 Games Like Overwatch You Must Try in 2020 6

Apex Legends doesn’t demand much of an intro, as it is one of the most beloved games out there. This game has gained the souls of millions of players around the world and firmly won the title as one of the biggest new battle royales. 

It’s a free-to-play title where players from all over the world team up for battle. Currently, there are eight available characters, all with their individualized abilities. While it isn’t too close to Overwatch gameplay, there are several things that make it comparable.

The first thing that will attract Overwatch fans is a wide list of characters. They are all very distinct from one another, and all have their own unique and exciting nature. Besides that, the cooperative elements between several characters and the overall fluid gameplay look back to Overwatch as well.

For players that are interested in where the game is headed, Respawn and EA have released a road map for the year. Among over 10 million players in just the initial 72 hours of the game’s release, things are really developing up for Apex Legends and it’s set to remain to impress, maybe intended to be even bigger than Overwatch.

5 . Monday Night Combat

Top 10 Games Like Overwatch You Must Try in 2020 7

The maybe only, third-person shooter on the list is this wack Monday Night Combat. This game will deliver you giggle out loud and yell in a rage all at the same point as you make war upon the opposing team. If you love deep combat, impressive special movements, and fast-paced game-style, Monday Night Combat simply just be the title for you.

This game comes with stylized comic graphics that are suggestive of Overwatch or Paladins and suggests plenty of exciting environments to play and travel. In addition, there are numerous character levels, weapons, and perks that give the game feel strange every time you play. If you love Overwatch, this one is a must-try.

4 . Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Top 10 Games Like Overwatch You Must Try in 2020 8

Well, Everyone has played Plants Versus Zombies in their childhood for sure and If you like Overwatch’s graphics style blended with light-hearted combat then you are going to like Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 as it grants everything you want from a field shooter and presents loads of fun. Of course, nothing’s more fun than shooting seeds and blowing potatoes at a zombie? True? In PvZ Garden Warfare 2, you get to pick your faction, you can either enter the plant team or the zombie team. Each team comes with its bizarre soldiers and each soldier holds a unique feature or ability that will help you through battle. If you prefer over-the-top action and light-hearted battle, then Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is the game for you.

3 . Block N Load

Top 10 Games Like Overwatch You Must Try in 2020 9

Block N Load is a matchless blend of Overwatch and Minecraft. Players can pick between a wide class of characters, each with their very own unique abilities that allow both co-operative gameplay and a broad variety of play techniques. The concept of the game is to build a home with your team to defend yourselves from the rival team.

Strategy grows into play when picking whether to defend or strike. Like Overwatch, it includes some wack characters, fast-paced gameplay, and important mechanics, but it also combines the unique base-building mechanics to help identify it from the pack. If you love Minecraft and Overwatch, then Block N Load is your game.

2 . Team Fortress 2

Top 10 Games Like Overwatch You Must Try in 2020 10

If you are seeking games like Overwatch, then you need to try Team Fortress 2. The game has several different characters to pick from, each with different abilities that will assist you in winning the game.

The gameplay and models both resemble Overwatch. A sniper from Team Fortress 2 is same as to Hanzo from Overwatch while a Scout from Team Fortress 2 will recall you of Tracer from Overwatch.

The game massively relies on coordinated team-play and positional tactics to defeat the rival team. If you want to have amazing fun and play along with your partners then Team Fortress 2 is the game for you. It is one of the best shooting titles for players who desire to play in a team. 

1 . Paladins

Top 10 Games Like Overwatch You Must Try in 2020 11

The nearest thing to Overwatch in expressions of art style and gameplay is Hi-Rez Studios’ Paladins. However, don’t overlook this team-based First Person Shooter as a copy of OverWatch. Paladins’ argument rests primarily in the field of fantasy, where guns and magic come in plenty. The game’s pleasant array of heroes sticks to one of 4 classes: Front Line, Damage, Support, and Flank. Blending and matching each hero with your fellow online spell wielders fits into thinking out the best ways to accomplish victory in Paladins’ group match types. With a list of 42 Champions to control and an ever-evolving playlist of styles, Paladins is the perfect alternative for Overwatch fanatics.

So I hope you loved the list of Top 10 Games Like Overwatch You Must Try in 2020. These games are purely ranked as per my experience which may vary from players to players

If you want more such Ranking Lists for other Series like Call Of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto, etc, do let us know in the comments. If anyhow you disagree or agree with me, then do let me know in the comments. That’s it for this one! GG!