The Mass Effect Franchise is indeed one of the best gaming series ever. The Narration, flexibility, and visuals merged created something which no other title in the market ever could. You can begin playing Mass Effect and literally be lost in it for hours, sometimes even days, in the story that lets you take full charge.

Mass Effect reflects the story of Commander Shepard as he adventures across the universe to stop the Reapers. Mass Effect blends a Sci-Fi context with role-playing gameplay. You are offered a range of dialogue choices that will influence gameplay based on your judgments. This ends in a varied experience every time you play the game. Warfare in Mass Effect is Strategical and done in the TPP (Third Person Perspective). You will engage in action beside a hand-picked team of NPC characters for assistance.

Top 10 Games Like Mass Effect You Must Try in 2020 1

Most Games like Mass Effect have been developed with the Game Cupid’s game development engine and will provide you with extensive role-playing experience, sci-fi environment, or shooter mechanics that make them related to Mass Effect.

From deep narratives, comparable game mechanics, customization, and a lot more. These games are going to give everyone something new to experience while holding the same  Mass Effect format.

Mass Effect has contributed a lot to the rise in popularity of the RPGs, but there are still plenty of other games with reams of folklore to learn, extensive character customization, and a commitment to creating an immersive world. Well, don’t worry, because here are Top 10 Games Like Mass Effect You Must Try in 2020 that will help fill those Mass Effect Cravings in your life.  


10 . Destiny 2

Top 10 Games Like Mass Effect You Must Try in 2020 2

Destiny’s rich world is filled with PVE events, but it’s the PVP Crucible where you can begin putting your Overwatch abilities to good use. Here, information is key to seizing objectives, taking out rivals, and assuring you have a good mix of Destiny’s 3 classes: Warlocks, Hunters, and Titans. This threesome of flavors isn’t actually as rich as Overwatch but comes with sets of subclasses that support for a touch of customization. 

Balanced changes, single-player/multiplayer game updates, and the conversion to free-to-play have given Destiny 2 a good refresh. You can choose to grab the game’s huge slate of co-op missions, but the team-based aggressive mayhem Mass Effect fans are seeking, is within Destiny 2’s Crucible. If you’re seeking for another game to get fallen in with a pal, you won’t go far beyond with Destiny 2. 

9 . Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Top 10 Games Like Mass Effect You Must Try in 2020 3

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is yet another first-person shooter title that was released in 2014. The game has been a tremendous success since and so is the narrative of the game. The design of the game is also very impressive.

The game has a quite complex storyline, but that is the main attention-seeker which is why players love the game so much. While there are people who play the game just for the narrative alone, but there are many who like to engage in the narrative because they enjoy the other aspects.

You can have fascinating fun if you play as the lead character. You can pick any character you want and then use it to compete for the challenging missions. One such example is picking a soldier as your hero and using him to support escort the president on his job.

The main lead in the game is now no more and so is the narrative. In the opening, the storyline told the narrative of how this guy met his death and how he was killed. If you want to play as the lead character, you can still engage in the storyline and your end won’t move the storyline in any way.

So if you want to take the Mass Effect Cravings to the next level, then you must play as one of the other heroes in the game and assist them to fight against the rival so they could win the game.

Also, If you Love Battleroyal, then you must check out Call Of Duty: Warzone, which is a perfect blend of Battleroyal and Call Of Duty’s iconic gameplay!

8 . Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online

Top 10 Games Like Mass Effect You Must Try in 2020 4

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online is undoubtedly one of the best Open World Free-to-Play Co-Op, Tactical, TPP Shooter that offers MMO factors as well and even lets you experience quality gaming. Placed in the Futuristic Age, Ghost Recon Online lets you use both advanced and common weapons to track down your opponents in order to achieve the game objectives/missions. With plenty of different game modes, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online places you with a team of people like yourself and asks you to go against various enemy units in order to accomplish the objectives of any game mode. 

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online grants a wide character and unit selection choices and lets you to play either with a team or go solo upon a number of enemy objectives, finish various tasks, earn skill points and in-game currency, and blow it on upgrades and character upgrades or weaponry upgrades. With amazing gizmos like Cloaking Device and EMPs, this title grants an addictive and pretty immersive game-play adventure. 

Ghost Recon Online presents the best ever Third-person shooting action, plenty of different maps, various new equipment, upgrades, etc., ultra-high-definition graphics, and an amazingly charming game-play.

7 . The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt

Top 10 Games Like Mass Effect You Must Try in 2020 5

As one of the best fiction fantasy RPGs in recent thought, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a complete must. In the shoes of ghoul-slayer Geralt of Rivia, you are tasked with finding Ciri who appears to be the successor to the Cintra throne. In the race to find her before the Wild Hunt, you’ll be forced into monster combats, political unrest, and so much more. Like Mass Effect, you can choose how you play out your adventure in the rich world with narrative quests and areas to explore. 

The scope and depth of Witcher 3 make for one hell-a experience, with fantastical monster battles and gorgeous vistas to soak up. Seriously, there’s so much more to discover, you can easily wind up playing for hours exploring the vast environment without the main story-line. There are endless hours of adventuring to be had. 

6 . The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Top 10 Games Like Mass Effect You Must Try in 2020 6

 When it comes to the open-world of RPGs, nothing can quite beat the blockbuster that is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The supremacy of its frozen fantasy world stole everyone’s heart when it launched nearly 10 years ago, and many of us are still playing it. This is due to Skyrim seasoning beautifully over time – despite its age, the RPG can still get you on an unforgettable adventure. 

Being the Dragonborn who can slaughter big dragons in the sky with a mighty destruction spell, or that awestruck-ing Daedric mace with glowing red eyes you gained during that one quest, it calls for a need for more. Returning to those admittedly growing graphics is made easier with new High Definition textures while more new quests can be added to the game by installing fan-made extensions. And if you’re wanting for something a little crazier there’s plenty to keep you occupied

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5 . Fallout 4

Top 10 Games Like Mass Effect You Must Try in 2020 7

If you want something that’s similar to Mass Effect with a different flavor, then Fallout 4 is right up your road. Made by the same developers, various aspects of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic open-world RPG will be familiar to you. In place of weapons like swords and magic, you instead have nuclear weapons and guns. Considerably darker in coloration thanks to its rather flat, scattered world – starring giant flying bugs, super mutants, and the horrifying demons. it’s essentially like a devilish, futuristic Skyrim after a nuclear war. Y’all plays as a mother or father who finds themselves escaping into the safety of Vault 111 after nuclear bombs start to fall. After being cryogenically iced, you wake up finding your son has been kidnapped and you have to set out toward the vast Wastelands to find him. If you still like some sweet rolls you’re in luck as Fallout 4’s got them, and they’re only just a little bit irradiated. 

Here’s a listing of Top 11 Games Like Fallout you must check out if you’re a Fallout Fan!

4 . Jade Empire

Top 10 Games Like Mass Effect You Must Try in 2020 8

Before Mass Effect, BioWare had an unfamiliar and beautiful outing to a strange kind of fantasy than the one they were usually accustomed to. Instead of European-inspired high fiction full of dragons and spells, they rather made a brand new system that was set on Asian mythologies and traditions, especially those of China, Korea, and Japan.

But This time we would swap in our blasters and crossbows, our fireballs and biotic abilities, for a kung-fu martial arts fantasy.

Following harshly the same gameplay technique that BioWare has ever stuck to with several minor changes after KoTOR1, Jade Empire is a third-person action RPG where we straight control a primary character and involve in real-time combat, resolve quests, and cooperate with a host of NPCs, some kind, some unfriendly, but that’s how people are right?

What’s unusual this time around is that the fights are a lot more hands-on quite straight. Rather than giving an order to your protagonist and waiting for them to perform it, you directly guide your character, a Spirit Monk, in a fast-paced fight system that is built about plenty of styles and combos.

3 . Bioshock

Top 10 Games Like Mass Effect You Must Try in 2020 9

From the moment you start playing this System Shock-inspired FPS, BioShock feels like a mystery wrapped in intrigue that you can’t want to stop playing for a single minute. The game’s excellent sound design and (at the time) incredible Animations & Graphics help build one of the most unique gaming environments available out there. The underwater city of Rapture’s eerie, ’50s-inspired style and the voice recorders scattered throughout the city make a real sense of history in the ruins of a utopian society that somehow took a terrible turn for the worse. I haven’t tried the game yet, but from the other’s review, the game is a lot of fun to play and go through and deliver an experience that others don’t!

2 . Borderlands 3

Top 10 Games Like Mass Effect You Must Try in 2020 10

It seems like the players have a pretty love-hate connection with this one. I myself think it’s the greatest Borderlands yet as far as gameplay is regarded, but the gags can usually be like a 13-year-old lad on Xbox Live: loud, annoying, and making you severely worry about the next-gen.

Though I still think Borderlands 3 is overall great, and it’s one of the most similar Mass-Effect-like games out there. Not only is it a Sci-Fi RPG where you blast aliens, travel planets, and glitch into walls, but you also have a spacecraft you keep coming back to that’s packed with all your allies and friends.

That seems pretty Mass8Effect-like to me. Also, you even give half of your time touring around various planted in an outwitted out space car that guides really weirdly. Mass Effect essentially discovered that!

It’s clearly got its issues, but Borderlands 3 is definitely worth a look if you’re a follower of Mass Effect. Just be warned ( don’t come back saying I didn’t), if you don’t already get annoyed by the word “Badass” you surely will by the end of this one. 

1 . Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

Top 10 Games Like Mass Effect You Must Try in 2020 11

Yet another obvious one before we get into the ghastly stuff. Really, most would even call this a sequel to Mass Effect. It’s primarily the base of the series existence.

After publishing this title, Bioware knew that people wanted another Sci-Fi RPG, but applying their own IP this time rather than Star Wars, which settled up in Mass Effect. Although I wonder they would’ve been capable to do that if this title here wasn’t a slam dunk in each way.

It had it all. Amazing story, astonishing outer space experiences, and all the bizarre you could beg for. Hell, it was so great it even entertained the hardcore Star Wars fans, and those people are choosier than a 4-year-old pricked inside a giant piece of Eggplant.

And how is it similar to Mass Effect? Well, it’s a Sci-Fi action Role-Playing Game made by Bioware that would continue to inspire the franchise in different ways. If that doesn’t fit the “Like Mass Effect” style for you, then Idk what will. Also, if you don’t like this game, then you won’t like the rest of the listing too! Just Saying!

So I hope you loved the list of Top 10 Games Like Mass Effect You Must Try in 2020. These games are purely ranked as per my experience which may vary from players to players

If you want more such Ranking Lists for other Series like Call Of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto, etc, do let us know in the comments. If anyhow you disagree or agree with me, then do let me know in the comments. That’s it for this one! GG!