If you are a fan of the Metroidvania design of games, this game is the best for you. It is known to be the pinnacle of Metroidvania design and is obviously worthy to be played. It takes us back to the 1990s while still keeping the sense of gaming intact. 

The initial days of the genre used 16-bit pixel visuals, something several modern titles have chosen to retain. While this led to a lot of wonderful “hi-bit” art, nothing can relate to the breathtaking, excellently hand-drawn 2D creation of Hollow Knight. Linked with some astounding animation, Team Cherry had a butcher combo aesthetically. With exciting characters and gorgeous backdrops, the creation of Hallownest in Hollow Knight may only be one of the most charming worlds people can travel in a Metroidvania. 

The demand of Hollow Knight, though, is not simply its art. With its immersive and unforgettable score by the remarkably talented Christopher Larkin, Hollow Knight succeeds to create a system with an almost tangible environment. Among the music, sweet bug-like characters, the clouded and touching environment, and the mystifying learning, Team Cherry built a setting that craves for each nook and cranny of it to be traveled.

Top 10 Games Like Hollow Knight You Must Try in 2020 1

In this title, we move as a nominal knight into a subterranean realm that is enchantingly abandoned. During these hunts, we even get special skills and these hold on getting more real as we move forward into the game. It is pretty impressive and there are subtle effects too like the knight gets out his own map when you look at the map.

For those who haven’t played Hollow Knight yet, Hollow Knight is a 2017’s action-adventure Metroidvania game. It was designed and distributed by Team Cherry, and published for Windows, macOS, and other major platforms. Development was partly funded by a Kickstarter crowdfunding drive, gathering over A$57,000. The game tracks a nameless knight, recognized as a “vessel”, as they cross an old plague-infested kingdom resided by various pests, known as Hallownest. The Knight must move through Hallownest, challenging bosses and unbarring new skills to progress, as they reveal the secrets of the kingdom. Hollow Knight was a well-received title. The next part, Hollow Knight: Silksong, is still in development.

Hollow Knight rests at the peak of the latest action-platformer collection but, thankfully, you’ll find several similar titles not far under that mixture of combat, jump puzzles, investigation, and story. In this listing, I’ve assembled a list of top 10 best games like Hollow Knight which you must try in 2020.


10 . Axiom Verge

Top 10 Games Like Hollow Knight You Must Try in 2020 2

Axiom Verge is a Metroidvania title designed by American indie developer Thomas Happ. The title was initially released in 2015 for various platforms. Axiom Verge is an action-adventure title where the people control Trace, an expert who, after experiencing a major injury, wakes up in an old and high-tech memory. The title focuses on action and travel and highlights over 60 items and power-ups. The game obtains factors from vintage games such as Metroid, Contra, and Bionic Commando, amongst others.

The title earned significant praise upon announcement, with praise especially directed to its environment, weapons, boss encounters, direction, upgrades, and secrets highlighted. In the 2019 Indie World presentation, Thomas Happ announced that a sequel oof Axiom Verge is in development, i.e, Axiom Verge 2, and is projected to release in late 2020.

9 . Owlboy

Top 10 Games Like Hollow Knight You Must Try in 2020 3

So, I’m going to start this listing of games like Hollow Knight with a personal pick of mine. It’s pleasing, it’s heartwarming, and it’s one of the most underrated titles of all time. It’s Owlboy. This is a Metroidvania from 2016 that completely drove me away the first time I tried it, which is really suited for a title centering on flying. 

It took D-Pad, the developers, 9 years to develop this game, and you can appreciate every single second of hard work on your screen. The pixel art is stunningly impressive, the visuals are top-notch, the game style is innovative, pleasant, and you can launch your friend off the cliff as much as you want! But really, It’s the narrative that constantly makes me want to play this game again and again. 

The script is equally funny, engaging, thought-provoking, and genuinely very moving. There are really few games out there which have made me giggle, and sorrow as much as Owlboy has. Frequently, at the same time too, which is even more exciting. If you haven’t tried this already, I highly suggest you check it out. 

8 . Dragon Ball FighterZ

Top 10 Games Like Hollow Knight You Must Try in 2020 4

Dragon Ball Z or what the fans love to call, The DBZ has been one of the most-watched anime for years with a great storyline, a jar full of action and thrill, and the impact which the characters made on viewers. If you haven’t watched Dragon Ball Z yet, then I’m sure you have at least heard of Goku Or Vegeta at some point.
What if, you get a chance to be one of your favorite characters from DBZ and fight against others? Well, the game makes all your dreams in reality as you can choose amongst your favorite DBZ characters and fight with other players or game AI.

Dragon Ball Fighterz is an informal, MMO, action, and adventure title developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc.,QLOC, and DIMPS. It was released in 2016. Bandai Namco Entertainment US issued the game.

The graphics are in 2D but when you boot the game for the first time, you’ll be surprised with the stunning graphics it delivers. All the fights feel super realistic and as we saw on TV, but with much higher graphic animations. 

If you’re a DBZ fan, then don’t even think twice before buying this one!

7 . Legrand Legacy – Tale Of The Fatebounds

Top 10 Games Like Hollow Knight You Must Try in 2020 5

Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds is an RPG  game designed by Semisoft and distributed by Another Indie. Semisoft defines the title as a “nostalgic love letter to classic JRPGs”. The title was published in 2018 on Windows, and in 2019 for Switch, PS 4, and Xbox One.

Legrand Legacy is a refined successor to most all-time beloved JRPGs with a new shot on the classic turn-based warfare. Explore a wonderfully hand-drawn environment riddled with fantastical beings, devastating conflicts, and appealing stories of individual redemption. 

Mugna Feud, the vast war among the Kingdoms of Fandor and Altea, places Legrand in a turbulent state. You play as Finn, a growing slave who rises up without any recollection of his past, yet soon realizes that he owns mysterious powers ahead of his control. Board on an epic experience in this sprawling fiction universe and fight beside the Fatebounds to establish order back to Legrand and stop the Second Coming! But be cautious who you trust, everyone has something to hide…

6 . Ziggurat 

Top 10 Games Like Hollow Knight You Must Try in 2020 6

Ziggurat is an FPS dungeon crawl game designed and distributed by Milkstone Studios. The title was published for Linux, Windows, and OS X in 2014 after remaining available for two months in early access. The game is motivated by Heretic and Hexen: Beyond Heretic.

Levels and confrontations are procedurally formed and hold bosses, trap openings, spells, and riches. Throughout the game, extra weaponry and perks can be opened, increasing level unlocks randomly generated elements to add further variety.

The game centers on fast-paced FPS, with an old-school touch, and modernized approach and game mechanics. Dungeon crawling and Roguelike factors are combined in, ending in a fun, challenging, and varied title, with lots of elements to discover.

Fight mighty bosses, get by rooms packed with traps, and stores that may help you in your quest… Each game is a completely new adventure!

5 . The Elder Scrolls Online

Top 10 Games Like Hollow Knight You Must Try in 2020 7

Finally, we have The Elder Scrolls Online. Bethesda’s multiplayer approach in the Elder Scrolls Franchise got off to a solid start in the launch in 2014, but after feedback from its players and gradual refinements to the operation, developer ZeniMax Studios continued to improve its MMO to the point that it’s now deemed a serious contender to World of Warcraft’s throne.

Maintaining the view, fonts, and UI of Skyrim to present a true Elder Scrolls feel, so this MMORPG (Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game)  is definitely worth striking up for fans wishing to continue their Skyrim experience, while still looking for a brand-new adventure.

Even better is that it grants you to explore Tamriel with friends. Everything you demand from an Elder Scrolls game is here, the up-close combat, the races, the sprawling questlines, but it’s transported to a complicated, stat-focused MMO. Added, the Morrowind extension is pretty much planned for those crying out for a Morrowind remaster.

4 . Fire Emblem

Top 10 Games Like Hollow Knight You Must Try in 2020 8

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a bizarre fusion of Persona and grid-based combat. It accomplishes to make raising an army entertaining as well as a Selfish necessity. Sadly, the fantastical TRPG ( tactical role-playing game) franchise is restricted to Nintendo platforms. 

Indeed, from miniature mech actions to post-apocalyptic road journeys, you might debate that there has never been a greater time to sink into perfect grid-based tactics games. The format has been implemented to a huge range of environments with plenty of twists tossed in, contributing more depth and variety in turn-based combat than we’ve quite free time to relish.

For those who haven’t tried Fire Emblem yet, Fire Emblem is a fantasy tactical RPG franchise designed by Intelligent Systems and distributed by Nintendo. First designed and published for the Famicom, the franchise consists of 16 main titles and 4 spin-offs. The gameplay spins around the tactical action of characters across grid-based situations while combining a story and characters related to old role-playing games.

3 . Valkyria Chronicles 4 

Top 10 Games Like Hollow Knight You Must Try in 2020 9

One look none of the other games on this listing actually deals with is the concept of youngsters being prepared for war. Behind the fun talks, tea parties, and trading with highwaymen and beasts that are eventually the idea of what you are making in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. You are developing young people to destroy others in war. That’s just a firm reality of the title.

The only other Franchise I’m aware of to actually do this is Valkyria Chronicles. The first title in the franchise is also accessible on most platforms, but I’m going to particularly recommend Valkyria Chronicles 4 because as a modern entry it has few upgrades the initial one simply doesn’t have because of being over 10 years old at this time.

As an extension, Valkyria Chronicles 4 provides turn-based tactics combat, a broad category of classes, the probability of units falling and individual features, and bonds that can influence things on the battleground. Really, if you want a game like Hollow Knight that took place in an alternative timeline, I’d honestly recommend the Valkyria Chronicles 4.

2 . Rayman Legends

Top 10 Games Like Hollow Knight You Must Try in 2020 10

Now, this is a game that isn’t truly Metroidvanias but still has plenty in common with Hollow Knight, and is related amply in quality, that I believe like it deserves to be on this list.

Rayman Legends is a goddamn pearl.

This might be the only most vigorous platformer title ever made. The fast swift progress, blended with the perfect impulse, and beautifully designed levels that are nearly begging to be sped run, making this a totally memorable experience. I mean, you roll through a level to the strike of Barracuda, for saying out loud.

It’s just one of those titles that you know the developers had a lot of pleasure making. There is energy and emotion exploding out of all corners in the game, and it’s surely one of the greatest fun games ever made.

The gorgeous cartoony style and amazingly swift visuals make this game a complete joy to watch at, and really represents the finish that was put into this. T

1 . Ori and the Blind Forest

Top 10 Games Like Hollow Knight You Must Try in 2020 11

Before Hollow Knight started off last year, we had an excellently beautiful game known as Ori and the Blind Forest. This experience exhales life with its vibrant visuals and lively colors, mirroring almost like something from kids’ pop up book. Interestingly ample, Ori and the Blind Forest was truly motivated by stories such as The Iron Giant and The Lion King, while also getting some ideas from games such as Rayman and Metroid. 

Here, people manage a lovely guardian character named Sein who drops and runs its way throughout the game’s wide world. Ori and the Blind Forest is loaded with different mysteries to solve, often asking players to find abilities to defeat these trials and even explore new territories. Though, despite the game’s adorable features, it claims quite the challenge and forces players into making quick decisions with its complex levels. Hollow Knight enthusiasts who love a great challenge should surely turn to Ori and the Blind Forest for another pleasant experience. Oh, and also, the game is getting a sequel pretty soon, too.

So I hope you loved the list of  Top 10 Games Like Hollow Knight You Must Try in 2020. The games are not listed in ranking orders. The games are selected as per my experience which may vary from players to players.

 If you want more such Lists for other Series like Call Of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto, etc, do let us know in the comments. If anyhow you disagree or agree with me, then do let me know in the comments. That’s it for this one! GG!