Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a bizarre fusion of Persona and grid-based combat. It accomplishes to make raising an army entertaining as well as a Selfish necessity. Sadly, the fantastical TRPG ( tactical role-playing game) franchise is restricted to Nintendo platforms. Bummer right? But don’t be disappointed; there are a ton of Fire Emblem, alternatives available right now on PC.

Indeed, from miniature mech actions to post-apocalyptic road journeys, you might debate that there has never been a greater time to sink into perfect grid-based tactics games. The format has been implemented to a huge range of environments with plenty of twists tossed in, contributing more depth and variety in turn-based combat than we’ve quite free time to relish.

Top 10 Games Like Fire Emblem You Must Try in 2020 1

For those who haven’t tried Fire Emblem yet, Fire Emblem[a] is a fantasy tactical RPG franchise designed by Intelligent Systems and distributed by Nintendo. First designed and published for the Famicom, the franchise consists of 16 main titles and 4 spin-offs. The gameplay spins around the tactical action of characters across grid-based situations while combining a story and characters related to old role-playing games.

No title in the franchise was published outside of Japan until two heroes, Marth and Roy, were added as playable characters in the 2001 ARPG game Super Smash Bros. Melee. Their fame eventually turned Nintendo to release the next title, The Blazing Blade, in Western countries under the heading Fire Emblem in 2003. Many games in the franchise have sold well despite a drop during the 2000s which ended in the series’ near-cancellation. Individual approaches have frequently been adored, the series together has been praised for its gameplay, and it is often called as the primary series in the tactical role-playing genre, classifying various gameplay factors that would come to represent the genre. Characters from various games have also been added to crossovers with other Series.

But if you like giving it a go, or are seeking to ease your greed of your Switch-owning friends, worry not, because here I am with  Top 10 Games Like Fire Emblem You Must Try in 2020 that will ease scratch that Fire Emblem itch.


10 . Stella Glow

Top 10 Games Like Fire Emblem You Must Try in 2020 2

Stella Glow begins from the group at Imageepoch, also bound for the Luminous Arc titles on Nintendo DS. As with those titles, Stella Glow is a TRPG that lets you pick heroes with specialized abilities and weaponry. The narrative focuses on a young guy with amnesia called Alto, who’s primarily been raised into a family in Mithra Village. He and his sibling Lisette’s are tossed into chaos when Hilda, the Witch of Destruction, changes their entire village into a crystal. Although the setting is rather stereotypical for a TRPG, Stella Glow’s well-written roles keep the game going forward, even with less many fan-servicey bits.

Stella Glow is split among two gameplay sections, free roam and action. While free roam Alto can ramble around several locations, finish odd jobs, buying items, and build connections with other roles. Although not as similar to Fire Emblem’s connections, the connection system in Stella Glow is vitally significant, and how tight you are with other roles can choose which skills they have in a fight.

Most of your team members are witches that need Alto to “tune” them, primarily walking them through sensitive problems or injury they might be enduring. The blend of tactical battles and connection systems should attract any fan of Fire Emblem.

9 . Banner Saga Trilogy

Top 10 Games Like Fire Emblem You Must Try in 2020 3

The Banner Saga drops you in the middle of an apocalypse in a Viking journey in the bronze era. Your objective involves solving the problems during your journey and fight against opponents using your troops. The gameplay splits into two parts. The first is the fight, where Your caravan will take on opponents on a map, getting multiple weapons, action, and skills depending on who and what they are. The fight requires plenty of sacrifices and some dishonesty to succeed. You’re still going to fail people, and it’s going to occur often, whether you try to protect them or not.

The graphics give depth to the narrative of The Banner Saga. Hand-drawn animations bring the world to life. Rather than pulling you out of a grief gagged story where every judgment matters, they pull you deeper. The objective is to keep your people breathing, but that isn’t an easy task by any extent. You’ll run into difficulties with opponents as the end of the world closes in, and depending on the decisions you make, both in and out of combat, there are times when loved allies become hated enemies too.

8 . Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers

Top 10 Games Like Fire Emblem You Must Try in 2020 4

Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers is a (TRPG) tactical role-playing game designed by Omega Force and distributed by Koei Tecmo. The title is a spinoff to the Dynasty Warriors franchise of games that centers less on the action, and more strategy, like its previous spinoff Dynasty Tactics. The title was published on the PS Vita and PS 4 and other game consoles in the West, with a PS 3 port existing solely in Japan.

This is the newest title in the franchise that was previously called Dynasty Tactics, which is itself a by-product of the famous Dynasty Warriors series. Godseekers is not a supremely developed title, but it is an enjoyable TRPG anyway. This title uses a similar grid arrangement for traveling across the battlefront that many of such titles use.

Visuals are generally excellent in TRPGs, but this is surely taking you back to the 8-bit days. This is where Godseekers stumbles though, the visuals and animation could have been much better considering the device on which this title is meant to be enjoyed.

7 . Into the Breach 

Top 10 Games Like Fire Emblem You Must Try in 2020 5

Fire Emblem: Three Houses can be a wildly addicting title, even if you’ve finished it, you might desire to play it again at least to look what the various routes you could take or try a harder difficulty. Essentially, the game has a lot of possible replay content.

If that can get the most out of your turn-based tactics, then you surely should check out one of the greatest titles of 2018, Into the Breach. It’s quite more like the modern X-Com franchise which is a futuristic sci-fi title where you are protecting the planet from alien forces but is yet turn-based tactics where you actually have to be aware of your rivals, your environment and also the results of every move you take as your team can fall and will have to be restored.

Into The Breach uses this idea and does it so that you can go back in time and just begin over, but with 1 unit moved over to the following timeline. You aren’t supposed to beat Into the Breach in a single run, you might not even finish it in your 50th, but it still maintains it’s addictive factors and has strangely deep important choices to make you keep going.

Into the Breach is more of a bite-sized action related to others on this listing so while you can kill dozens or yet hundreds of minutes playing, it can be in much shorter sittings making you seem more refined getting only say 30-40 minutes at a while.

6 . Wakfu

Top 10 Games Like Fire Emblem You Must Try in 2020 6

If you don’t mind bearing a slightly-lesser-known, but no-less creative MMORPG, Wakfu couldn’t be more worthy of your time. There is light-hearted humor that should please Runescape fans, but Wakfu flags its own path with a genre-defying turn-by-turn based tactical fight system, political system, and ecological-focus which makes it uniquely lovable. Wakfu is an MMORPG ( Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Genre) developed by Ankama Games, the same lads who brought Dofus to us. 

The story in Wakfu sets place 1000 years after the events in Dofus. A freak named Ogrest gathered Dofus eggs for someone he loved. Ogrest realized she only needed the eggs and stabbed her in a fit of fury. Realizing what he had done, he began crying and stayed for the next 1000 years, which brings us to Wakfu.

The map and weather system provide a wonderful environment to travel, professions are broad and diverse, and there’s a powerful co-op focus that makes playing with friends as fun as questing with randoms. As you might assume, there’s a little community playing Wakfu, but everything from individual cities and beasts to character design and combat is so precisely charming that you’ll soon be screaming to your friends about this deep MMORPG until they join you in the fun.

5 .  Dofus 

Top 10 Games Like Fire Emblem You Must Try in 2020 7

 Dofus is a flash-based, tactical turn-by-turn MMORPG that has evolved a lot since it was first released. Unlike others, Dofus is a pay-to-play game. Although there is a limited quantity of content accessible for free, to play the game in its whole you need a monthly subscription.

The monthly subscription costs five euros, but you can also obtain it through the game. Once you get to grasp the crafting and farming system, you will be able to earn in-game currencies and with it, you can buy Ogrines that will allow you to subscribe for a specific time.

4 . The Last Warlock

Top 10 Games Like Fire Emblem You Must Try in 2020 8

The Last Warlock is a turn-by-turn based tactical/strategical game with a moderately unique almost-anything-goes strategy. You act as a warlock able to summon deadly monsters, casting enchanting spells, and crafting weapons, armor, and other equipment. You begin on a series of quests to find and destroy enemy warlocks, all vying to discover the mysteries of the famed last warlock. To conquer these rivals you need to beat their monsters, pitfalls, and puzzles before bringing them down.

It presents an amazing amount of freedom. You can go through for your enemy or travel a little and take the road less traveled. This gives a great chance of replay advantage because you can play the same quest various times and use a different approach. There’s also an asynchronous online choice for those seeking for multiplayer action.


Top 10 Games Like Fire Emblem You Must Try in 2020 9

Nearly 2 Decades ago, humanity fought a war against attacking aliens. Though people tried desperately, they lost. In the years after, the aliens have taken over the planet with little human resistance, besides for the remains of XCOM, the force which has resumed to work in the shadows waiting for the day when they could rebel. That day has finally arrived, and it’s time to take the fight back to our invaders.

XCOM picks your team of four to six soldiers facing the aliens who have taken over the world. It’s a turn-by-turn based strategy game that uses cover, movement, and different other class skills to let you fight back. You control a roster from XCOM operatives who come into four different classes as they level up and fight against the alien threat. Along the way, you’ll also find new technology, grow up your base, and create new weapons, armor, and items for use in fights.

The XCOM 2 Collection presents far more than just the first game. You furthermore get access to the best DLC. If you desire the best strategy game on your PlayStation 4, this is the game to grasp. It mixes excellent gameplay mechanics, an appealing story, wonderful graphics, and more into one package that is simple to love.

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2 . Persona 5 

Top 10 Games Like Fire Emblem You Must Try in 2020 10

Past titles in the Fire Emblem franchise centered quite slowly on relations amongst your team, which is literally nothing different. Fire Emblem: Three Houses began a table where you have to plan actions and balance among growing relations while also crushing out fights to make sure your learners are able to follow up with whatever the narrative demands along with more extensive introspective into the roles in the game and how they correlate to each other.

While it’s difficult to say if the devs at Fire Emblem: Three Houses were straight encouraged, the more social perspectives of this special entry in the franchise, where you roam around a region and talk to other people and give them parts along with events that promote your relations and have to adhere to a plan on a calendar bear more than a fleeting similarity to the Persona franchise, which since the part three has had mechanics where you watch a calendar and have to coordinate a plan of training and building relations.

If the elements of Fire Emblem: Three Houses you appreciated the most were the social-building features you should surely try the Persona franchise out. I chose Persona 5 specifically because it’s the only one available on modern platforms, but it’s also surely the smartest and arguably best title in the franchise yet. If you are prepared to wait a while, Persona 5: The Royal, an extended version of the title with a new team member and other unique content will be released out in 2020.

1 . Valkyria Chronicles 4 

Top 10 Games Like Fire Emblem You Must Try in 2020 11

One look none of the other games on this listing actually deals with is the concept of youngsters being prepared for war. Behind the fun talks, tea parties, and trading with highwaymen and beasts that are eventually the idea of what you are making in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. You are developing young people to destroy others in war. That’s just a firm reality of the title.

The only other Franchise I’m aware of to actually do this is Valkyria Chronicles. The first title in the franchise is also accessible on most platforms, but I’m going to particularly recommend Valkyria Chronicles 4 because as a modern entry it has few upgrades the initial one simply doesn’t have because of being over 10 years old at this time.

As an extension, Valkyria Chronicles 4 provides turn-based tactics combat, a broad category of classes, the probability of units falling and individual features, and bonds that can influence things on the battleground. Really, if you want a game like Fire Emblem that took place in an alternative timeline, I’d honestly recommend the Valkyria Chronicles 4.

So I hope you loved the list of  Top 10 Games Like Fire Emblem You Must Try in 2020. The games are not listed in ranking orders. The games are selected as per my experience which may vary from players to players.

 If you want more such Lists for other Series like Call Of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto, etc, do let us know in the comments. If anyhow you disagree or agree with me, then do let me know in the comments. That’s it for this one! GG!