Publishing and development studio Bethesda, known for the Fallout franchise with marvelous action RPGs, has fallen out of kindness with gamers. Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas was excellent last-gen adventures that took players into a post-apocalyptic wilderness full of oddities to ignite and engaging conversations to look in.

Fallout is one of those games that would never disappoint you. ‘Fallout’ set down the grounds for post-apocalyptic RPG’s, and it hasn’t been modified much since. It’s serious in tone to any of the following entries, though, it does create time for some pleasure. If action and dystopia are your requirements for an excellent first-person shooter, then you must’ve played ‘Fallout’. 

But Sadly, the latest Fallout 4 may have broken fans regarding its overall tone, it still strived a worthwhile experience for those used to the developer’s formula. Fast-forward to the highly whipped Fallout 76 though you now have a Bethesda that’s no longer as popular.

Seems like Bethesda just doesn’t have the juice anymore, so if Fallout 76’s incomplete state and unfulfilling gameplay discouraged you to no end, keep your hopes up because these are 11 games like Fallout in the wild that will present the type of stuff you’re used to seeing from the Fallout world. These titles offer huge post-apocalyptic locales, nuclear monstrosities to destroy, and locals to talk with during your journey.


List of Best Games Like Fallout:

11. DayZ


Everything went to hell in a handbasket, zombies sneak around every corner, and the rest pieces of humanity struggle to last in whatever way they can. It’s all a bit harsh, really, though it sounds a lot more engaging if you read the title as ‘daisy.’

DayZ is an open-world post-apocalyptic survival title, set in the post-soviet nation of Chernarus. It is like fallout in that it represents the characters by assigning real-world conditions like hunger, thirst, and fatigue. However, DayZ has a back tale that speaks of the pandemic that reduced nearly all of the population to the starved cannibals’ players must face. Other than that, the titles are alike which means switching between the two will not be too tedious.

With all of the dangerous elements, bloodthirsty beasts, and shady people roaming about, Rust players will feel right at home. The comparisons aren’t similar, in fact, Facepunch Studios CEO Garry Newman has openly said that Rust first began out as a DayZ clone. But now We are too sick of fighting Zombies, which is fair enough.

10. FarCry 4

FarCry 4

After FarCry 3, the game which bought FarCry into the mainstream,  people had a lot of expectations with their Upcoming FarCry 4 but the game didn’t have enough improvements from FarCry 3 as one might expect. FarCry 4 was set in Kyrat, a magnificent wild region in the Himalayas where the players write their own story, using a variety of Weapons, Vehicles, and Animals in an Exotic Landscape.

The game was a slight upgrade than FarCry 3 with Much Powerful Character Abilities, Bigger & Powerful Animals to fight with, and the game physics. But it wasn’t a remarkable entry after FarCry 3. The game is not bad or messed at any point but as I said, people had many expectations from FarCry4 After FarCry 3 but the game couldn’t stand up to them but still, the game is a lot of fun to play!

9. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

 When it comes to the open-world of RPGs, nothing can quite beat the blockbuster that is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The supremacy of its frozen fantasy world stole everyone’s heart when it launched nearly 10 years ago, and many of us are still playing it. This is due to Skyrim seasoning beautifully over time – despite its age, the RPG can still get you on an unforgettable adventure. 

Being the Dragonborn who can slaughter big dragons in the sky with a mighty destruction spell, or that awestruck-ing Daedric mace with glowing red eyes you gained during that one quest, it calls for a need for more. Returning to those admittedly growing graphics is made easier with new High Definition textures while more new quests can be added to the game by installing fan-made extensions. And if you’re wanting for something a little crazier there’s plenty to keep you occupied 

8. Rage 2

Rage 2

Rage is one of the most fun RPGs in the preset gaming scenario, and I was stunned when the Rage 2 release dropped out of nowhere. The game mixes various genres and has a decent bit of racing too. The Road Rage mode is excellent for those looking for kicks. The campaign itself is actually lengthy, and you can assume to give over 20 hours very easily. There are loads to explore in the world of Rage and stopping by what we have witnessed so far from Bethesda’s previous games, there is a lot of play stuff coming our way. 

The game was released in May 2019 and is much better than the first title which was released 8 years ago. The game feels like a mixture of Fallout and Mad Max and is surely one of the unique RPGs out there.

7. MadMax


Mad Max is another open-world experience that takes place in a post-apocalyptic environment. While its story might be a little weak on the ground, and the vocal performance isn’t nearly as enjoyable as that of Fallout 4, the sand wastelands set the view for some very fun vehicular battle. The fight mechanics oppose that of Fallout and consist of fighting progressions where you have to hit the bars in time, as well as placing a focus on breaking and crashing your car in crazy highway encounters with enemy groups during the many areas. You can still get your journey fix in this wasteland, though. The extensive landscapes are there for you to ride through and explore at your ease, and as you enhance your vehicle, weapons, and bases, crossing the dusty roads becomes more of a riot. 

6. FarCry 3: Blood Dragon

FarCry 3: Blood Dragon

The game was made with 80’s & 90’s Movies references story from RoboCop, Terminator, and Predator. The game was insanely fun. The developers went to a whole next level of Crazy-ness (in a good way) while developing this game. The game was filled with rampage, neon Lighting, robotic sci-fi elements, and a lot of VHS filters. Ubisoft made the game which no one ever thought of. The Blood Dragons would shoot laser beams and would glow in the dark. The gameplay is a lot familiar with the FarCry New Dawn. If you’re a 1980’s Kid or a fan of 80’s movies, then no one can keep you away from this game. Even if you’re not a fan of ’80s then the gameplay is enough to keep your head on the screen!

5. FarCry 3

FarCry 3

FarCry 3 is the game that bought the whole FarCry Franchise to the Mainstream Market. The game tends to set a whole new level of insanity & craziness with jaw-dropping fights with evils which no gamer experienced before. And Pirate Vaas, the evil head from the game had his own huge fanbase because of his insane unpredictability and action-Packed battles which made them one of the most memorable Villans in the whole gaming history. The game gives a spectacular Adrenaline rush to the players as they would move ahead in the story.

FarCry 3 was a major upgrade from its previous hits, FarCry & FarCry 2, with a flawless open-world map, improved game mechanics, the blood Bathing Battles, and an immersive Storyline which no gamer experienced before. The game is a balanced combination of Insanity And Action & thrill! There’s no FarCry Game better than this in the whole FarCry Series which is why FarCry 3 tops our list!



As one of the best fiction fantasy RPGs in recent thought, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a complete must. In the shoes of ghoul-slayer Geralt of Rivia, you are tasked with finding Ciri who appears to be the successor to the Cintra throne. In the race to find her before the Wild Hunt, you’ll be forced into monster combats, political unrest, and so much more. Like Skyrim, you can choose how you play out your adventure in the rich world with narrative quests and areas to explore. 

The scope and depth of Witcher 3 make for one hell-a experience, with fantastical monster battles and gorgeous vistas to soak up. Seriously, there’s so much more to discover, you can easily wind up playing for hours exploring the vast environment without the main story-line. There are endless hours of adventuring to be had. 

3. Metro: Redux

Metro: Redux

Nuclear war has hit Moscow and took the few surviving remains of humanity to go underground. As Artyom, you progress through a litany of dark shafts within the Metro and even try above ground through your fight against rival gangs and the Dark Ones. If you’re seeking for a survival FPS with a strong story and the type of challenge that truly tests your strength, then this 2-in-1 pack is a great pick. Metro: Redux highlights visually and mechanically improved renditions of Metro 2033 and its progression, Metro: Last Light. Extra highlights that offer a higher challenging adventure for both games and a host of other enhancements make this collection the ultimate way to play the first two Metro games.



You might have more of a heartfelt connection with at least one member of Commander Shepard’s crew than at least half of the people you know in real life. That’s because the Mass Effect trilogy tells an excellent story in a fascinating, fully realized universe, where politics, morality, and love between life forms are all part of a much bigger picture. Mass Effect 2 is the Empire Strikes Back for the series, giving you more of everything you loved from the first part with none of the tonal changes of the third.

Commander Shepard feels like an extension of you, both for the ethical choices she or he makes, and in the capturing TPS, where lasers, bullets, and orbs of biotic energy zip every which way. Regardless of how you feel about the way the game ends, Mass Effect 2 is the indisputable high point in one of the greatest action RPG franchises of all time and a lot similar to Fallout Games.

1. The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us

I really had to put this one on the top of this list, not just because of its similarities with Fallout, but because if its absolute brilliance. I personally, as a movie buff, look for captivating narrative in games and usually get disappointed. However, ‘The Last of Us’ gave me an adventure of a top-class movie, and a charming game, both at the same time. I’ll am not gonna tell you much about this one, but If you haven’t played The Last of Us yet, despite you like’ Fallout’ or not, just play it instantly. And yea, you can thank me later!

I hope you loved the list of Top 11 Games Like Fallout You Must Try in 2020. The games are purely ranked as per my experience which may vary from players to players

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