Factorio is a building and supervision game centered on supply-gathering with real-time strategy (RTS) and survival factors and sways from the BuildCraft and IndustrialCraft modifications for Minecraft. The Game lets you settle and build numerous large factories, all working to be finally automated all for the sake of development and production! But, be alert of beings trying to stop you! 

There are a number of supply chains that players need to control, which makes the gameplay remarkably engaging. Now there are a lot of base developers out there, so much so that we are almost spoilt for choice. 

Therefore, I decided to compile the best out of best in one single list for the comfort of the gamers. So, Here’s the list of games alike to Factorio which I recommend. You can enjoy these games on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, iPhone, Android, Mac, or even online.


10 . Infinifactory

Top 10 Games Like Factorio You Must Try in 2020 1

‘InifiniFactory’ is one of the games that simply expands on you as you keep grinding. It is not one of those games that you expect to pull up and play a lot but the amount of time you put in-game is really surprising. 

Developed and distributed by Zachtronics, the game manages to remain consistent in the community due to its addictive game-play factors. At the start, the game more of a supply management simulator but with puzzle factors added into the mix.

You act like a human who has been kidnaped by aliens and is being made to create different equipment for them. You are totally under their control and hence need to meet their wants consistently, no matter what they ask for. It is quite obvious that the details they are obtaining will be used for overcoming more people like you, but there’s nothing that can be done about it. You do not desire to meet the same outcome as the other humans you find spread around the world, and therefore, keep to your bidding silently.

9 . Dwarf Fortress

Top 10 Games Like Factorio You Must Try in 2020 2

Dwarf Fortress is a different city-building experience that lets players manage their own group of dwarves in what is a very unique city-building experience that also includes some strategy elements.

The game won’t interest everyone and has one of the most broken learning curves I’ve ever seen in a game but if you lend this game some time you’ll be rewarded with countless hours of gameplay.

The game has been designed by Tarn Adams and has been quoted as deeming it to be his life’s work with an approximated 20 years until the full completion of the game. Dwarf Fortress was first produced in 2002 but an alpha version of the game was not ready until 2006. The game is completely free and maintained solely on donations.

Your main goal in Dwarf Fortress is to build and maintain the ideal environment for your dwarves which just so appears to be a wealthy home in the side of a cliff. This is no easy business though with players having to battle the conditions, evil aliens from the night, and mega beasts (think Balrog from Lord of the Rings). Alternatively, you can command dwarves in an adventure style game mode where you smoothly travel the game world without the building perspective of the core game.

8 . Gnomoria

Top 10 Games Like Factorio You Must Try in 2020 3

Here is our next title that truly took me by surprise. While the fantasy-based environment gives it a unique choice to be on this list, I think that it is very similar in its nature. The idea of Gnomoria is that you take command of a group of little gnomes and then you are liable for making sure they survive.

You can separate and gather pretty much anything you get across which you later can use to build structures and things that will benefit them survive. One of the most appealing aspects of Gnomoria is not just the crafting and endurance aspect. It is when you get across another group of figures.

These will either see your bustling community and desire in….. or they may want to take what you have!


Top 10 Games Like Factorio You Must Try in 2020 4

Others were at least originally drawn to Factorio for its bright retro style that recalls one of late 8-bit or new 16-bit software. Dig-N-Rig entreats this same sort of feeling artistic-ally, but it goes even farther back in time with its blocky, crude, visuals that resemble early 80s PC Softwares.

The game, developed by students of DigiPen, moreover stresses mining and supply collection but reduces things down to an easier premise and mechanics. You take control of mining robots, who must lay down the conveyor belts and plunder more deep depths to nab resources. These are then converted to more powerful tools and other upgrades. This software, which connects a building sim with mining and crafting, feels similar to a simpler, but an innovative new take on the Factorio formula.

6 . Planetbase

Top 10 Games Like Factorio You Must Try in 2020 5

‘Planetbase’ is a base strategy simulator that is placed in a sci-fi world. If you have ever imagined building a community on an outer planet, then look no more. Although there are quite a few games out there that let you build communities on unknown planets, none of them is as realistic as Planetbase.

You have to take in a lot of effort before you start building your bases, such as the supplies accessible to you and the environment. These will have an opposing effect on your community as you progress further into the game. Beginning a community is no easy task and the unfriendly environment does not help either. Supplies are scarce, to begin with, and will demand quite a bit of micromanagement in order to get tasks working.

One of the things that I really love about Planetbase and I am sure you will is how great your community can grow to be. You begin off with just a couple of structures and then before you know, you have all kinds of structures, tons of settlers, and an automatic series of robots that know what to do!

Other than that, the game will force randomly generated events at differing intervals like storms and solar flares, holding the gameplay original and appealing. Fans of ‘Factorio’ will surely find a lot of recurring gameplay factors and hence, should clearly check this one out.

5 . Prison Architect

Top 10 Games Like Factorio You Must Try in 2020 6

Prison Architect is a title that I just lately got into (it was one of the free Games With Gold on Xbox One) and I got into it right away. The purpose of the game is what it appears like, you need to create a prison and make sure that it is working properly and that those prisoners know who is the boss.

No doubt this is a game you have learned of and I can assure you right off that bat that the building aspect of this game is simple to pick up, but it is too far in-depth than one would think. The idea of the game is to build all that you would expect a prison to have. Cells, canteen, a gym, bathroom, and more. You want to keep the system in your prison or you can break loose. You are free to just mess around and raise your dream prison.

What I really liked about playing Prison Architect is that there is really a pretty impressive story that runs through it.

4 . Open TTD (Transport Tycoon Deluxe)

Top 10 Games Like Factorio You Must Try in 2020 7

One of the management games where you endeavor to be the king in the world of transport by building your empire. The game has roper recreational factors that make it worth the while just like the factorio. It offers a multiplayer game, enhanced user interface, quality visuals & animations, etc. with a lot of advances the game has established itself as a superior version of what it was in 1994. 

So just like any management game, it needs effective management of the transport system. You can use any form of transportation like trains, planes, boats, buses and present the best services to gain profits. 

The game is really fun to play and all the factorio fans will love it!

3 . Terraria

Top 10 Games Like Factorio You Must Try in 2020 8

Re-Logic’s classic 2D sandbox game, Terraria, has simply become one of the largest and most played indie games since its original launch almost a decade ago and since then, the game has sold over 27 million copies.

This rich and extensive play manages to be both common and unique; mixing Metroidvania gameplay with retro-ish action and Minecraft-like crafting in a 2D environment. The charming pixel art presents a visual charm that pulls you in and refuses to let go.

It doesn’t matter how many hours you grind over or how expert you get in-game, each nightmare and poltergeist that’s been sitting at the edge of the light is still let free when night falls, and the blood moon will nevermore tire of watching them force you to your knees.

Terraria has something for everyone. It’s the ultimate sandbox, RPG, survival, and hack-n-slash, all curled up in a pleasant, 2-D video game burrito. With this different fusion of genres and capabilities in the gameplay, it can be hard to find games with a similar style.

2 . Stardew Valley 

Top 10 Games Like Factorio You Must Try in 2020 9

The Stardew Valley grew the gaming world’s love for the Real Life Simulator genre, and it will always have a special place in our hearts. I have been playing the game since its original release and reached year 10 in my first save and pushed myself for completing the community center upgrades in just a year for my second save, and also supported Jojamart just to let myself an excuse for a third save. Like many others, I was obsessed with the game for bringing the farm and life simulator genre to PC.

Stardew is a lot less relaxing than Factorio, days flow by in minutes rather than in real-time, so you’ll feel some trouble to use that time efficiently as you rush around town, doing jobs, exploring the mines for minerals, or giving off gifts for your lover. But the whole experience raises a sense of accumulation, zen, and control over what you’ve made. I love the different feel of each season, and there’s always a new celebration on your list to look forward to, bringing the village and its citizens to live in cute ways. 

1 . Oxygen Not Included

Top 10 Games Like Factorio You Must Try in 2020 10

Oxygen Not Included’ places you in the cold clutches of outer space with short supply to oxygen. Developed and distributed by the Canadian game studio Klei Entertainment in 2017 by the Steam Early Access regime, the game is currently still being renewed upon with updates being published for it at regular interims. 

The basis for the game is pretty simple, but the choices that ultimately open up to the players are endless. You find yourself caught on an asteroid with just a light layer of atmosphere holding you alive. Though you are not alone and you see around to find two other survivors caught on different asteroids alike yours.

As you travel the enviorment, it becomes obvious that the three must act together in order to sustain the mess. This is where the actual gameplay begins. Each of these three survivors holds access to different supplies and you must handle them efficiently in order to enhance the three posts apart. It will be possible to connect the three posts eventually with the opportunity to colonize other asteroids in the belt. This presents a whole lot of possibilities for you as you obtain access to other resources. Alike ‘Factorio’, you need to efficiently manage these supplies and ensure that the essential needs for all your actions are met. 

‘Oxygen Not Included’ is a must-play for fans of ‘Factorio’ and if you haven’t still tried it out, goto to Steam and download it directly on your Windows PC, macOS, or Linux devices.

So I hope you loved the list of ‘Top 10 Games Like Factorio You Must Try in 2020’! The games are listed in ranking orders and are selected as per my experience which may vary from players to players.

 If you want more such Lists for other Series like Call Of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto, etc, do let us know in the comments. If anyhow you disagree or agree with me, then do let me know in the comments. That’s it for this one! GG!