RuneScape is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) developed by Jagex Games Studio (or Jagex Ltd., as it’s more famously known), was first released in 2001. And today, with over 250 million accounts created, many spin-off games, a range of books, and a very dedicated player base, RuneScape is one of the most beloved series of online games ever.

RuneScape sets its feet in the world of Gielinor, an ancient fantasy kingdom divided into multiple kingdoms, regions, and cities. Players can explore throughout Gielinor via various methods including on foot, charter ships, or magical spells. Each region confers several types of monsters, supplies, and quests to challenge players. 

Free Games Like RuneScape You Must Try

In terms of Combat Mechanics, RuneScape has been designed so that it can be engaged with two combat mechanics. These two systems of combat are known as “Legacy” or “Regular”. ​The legacy mode highlights the more traditional, and more-known variant of the RuneScape game. The new “Evolution of Combat” mode offers a new texture to RuneScape’s pattern of combat and has been compared with other games like World of Warcraft, among others.

In case you are already tired with Runescape, and you want to try other games with a similar style and gameplay, you are in the right place. Here’s a list of Top 10 Free Games Like RuneScape You Must Try!


10 . Wakfu


If you don’t mind bearing a slightly-lesser-known, but no-less creative MMORPG, Wakfu couldn’t be more worthy of your time. There is light-hearted humor that should please Runescape fans, but Wakfu flags its own path with a genre-defying turn-by-turn based tactical fight system, political system, and ecological-focus which makes it uniquely lovable. Wakfu is an MMORPG ( Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Genre) developed by Ankama Games, the same lads who brought Dofus to us. 

The story in Wakfu sets place 1000 years after the events in Dofus. A freak named Ogrest gathered Dofus eggs for someone he loved. Ogrest realized she only needed the eggs and stabbed her in a fit of fury. Realizing what he had done, he began crying and stayed for the next 1000 years, which brings us to Wakfu.

The map and weather system provide a wonderful environment to travel, professions are broad and diverse, and there’s a powerful co-op focus that makes playing with friends as fun as questing with randoms. As you might assume, there’s a little community playing Wakfu, but everything from individual cities and beasts to character design and combat is so precisely charming that you’ll soon be screaming to your friends about this deep MMORPG until they join you in the fun.

9 .  Dofus 


 Dofus is a flash-based, tactical turn-by-turn MMORPG that has evolved a lot since it was first released. Unlike others, Dofus is a pay-to-play game. Although there is a limited quantity of content accessible for free, to play the game in its whole you need a monthly subscription.

The monthly subscription costs five euros, but you can also obtain it through the game. Once you get to grasp the crafting and farming system, you will be able to earn in-game currencies and with it, you can  buy Ogrines that will allow you to subscribe for a specific time.

8 . MU Online 

MU Online 

MU Online is a game that is deeply seated in its MMORPG roots. However, the third-person gameplay and evil-slaying combat mechanics make the game worth mentioning.

You can pick your character to either be a wizard or an elf and battle with other players in Players Vs Player combat. Each class has its own skill, and you can unlock more as you progress further in the game. There are also irregular gold monsters you can kill to obtain rare in-game loot.

The best part about the PvP system is the high risk/high reward gameplay. As you kill someone, you’ll be branded as the murderer and Once you go down that road, you have to avoid being killed if you want to keep your invaluable loot.



Finally, we have The Elder Scrolls Online. Bethesda’s multiplayer approach in the Elder Scrolls Franchise got off to a solid start in the launch in 2014, but after feedback from its players and gradual refinements to the operation, developer ZeniMax Studios continued to improve its MMO to the point that it’s now deemed a serious contender to World of Warcraft’s throne.

Maintaining the view, fonts, and UI of Skyrim to present a true Elder Scrolls feel, so this MMORPG (Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game)  is definitely worth striking up for fans wishing to continue their Skyrim experience, while still looking for a brand-new adventure.

Even better is that it grants you to explore Tamriel with friends. Everything you demand from an Elder Scrolls game is here, the up-close combat, the races, the sprawling questlines, but it’s transported to a complicated, stat-focused MMO. Added, the Morrowind extension is pretty much planned for those crying out for a Morrowind remaster.

6 . DarkEden


DarkEden is one of the longest-running MMORPG titles, which offers a variety of different factors and combines them with core MMORPG game style One unique feature of the game is that it allows you to experience a totally different character line-up. DarkEden is an excellent and unique game that you will enjoy playing. where you have to play in the world of vampires and slayers.

The game allows you to be Vampires or the Slayers and experience going through several classes. With an Isometric-perspective, DarkEden delivers a RuneScape and Diablo-Esque game style and mechanics. Despite being an Early title, the true touch of DarkEden is not less than any other modern-era MMORPG game.

It’s exciting old school visuals, bizarre character and skill classes, versatility in the journey and questing factors make it far better than any traditional MMORPG. The combat part of DarkEden centers on Melee aesthetic and offers character-specific skills. This unique way pitches the players in fights against each other that head to a fast-paced play.

 5 .  Neverwinter


Remember those good-old classic Dungeons & Dragons games? The comics? The cartoons? Well, now you don’t have to remember any of those books, comics, etc to enjoy the amazing Neverwinter that takes part in the Dungeons & Dragons world. You can pick any one of the 8 different classes in this game. Each class holds different abilities and powers that you can upgrade with character progression.

Team up with your friends in a party and raid dungeons and slay monsters. Steal powerful weapons and artifacts and indulge in the brilliant story of Neverwinter that keeps growing better with each new update. It feels like playing World of Warcraft!

4 . World Of Warcraft

World Of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is an MMORPG that hardly needs an introduction. It was published in 2004 by Blizzard and to this day it endures the most popular MMORPG. It grew to one of the most addictive games in the World, and it is a perfect Runescape alternative in case you want to begin again soon.

The latest development Legion was released in 2016 and a new one was declared in 2017. World Of Warcraft offers everything you could desire from an online RPG. Huge amounts of players, fun in-game mechanics, exiting content, and much more.

The best part about this title is the exploration of the infinite world. You can go about fighting with other players and game soldiers to earn money so that you can spend on upgrades such as armor, weapons, and items that will increase your strength.

3 . Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online is an online ARPG developed by Bigpoint. This game has a lot in common with the Diablo series than any other game on this list.

You get a choice to play as four characters—Ranger, Steam Mechanicus, Dragonknight, and Spellweaver. Each character has a mastery in a different skill set. For Instance, Steam Mechanicus is unmatched in Close to Mid Range combat. You can also create up to four characters for each account and master each class at your own pace.

Drakensang can be played alone or online with friends. Players can explore the world of Duria. With numerous regions and cities in the world, you’re assured to stay in this world for quite a while.

This game is considered as a freemium game as you can buy virtual currency or Ingame currency to buy and upgrade weapons. The virtual currency can only be bought with real money or by playing the surveys given by the sponsors.

2 . Rift


Rift is more like a sparkling rival of the popular World of Warcraft series games. It’s a Fantasy-based Free MMORPG title based in the world of Telara. Telara is the heart of 6 elemental elements Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Life, and Death. The narrative of the game spins around a destructive conflict between the two most powerful sets of that time. These sets are known as The Guardians & The Defiant. The Guardian is a Spiritual faction and The Defiant is a technologically advanced faction. You’ll see, most of the game world used in conflict is because of a massive Religion vs. Science clash. Rifts in the game have a great level of importance. They keep cracking up in random places in the world. The players are challenged to close them before the area gets populated by the enemies.

1 . Path Of Exile

Path Of Exile

The only title on this list that isn’t an MMORPG, Path of Exile is an ARPG that urges Runescape players who could play without the game’s “massively-multiplayer” features. Path of Exile has witnessed high-praise through various expansions since its first launch back in 2013, particularly for its unique barter-based market, massive and complex improvement system, various events, and genuine free-to-play market model.

There is a learning curve associated with Path of Exile that might affect some of Runescape’s more casual fans off, but if you own some time to kill, you’ll be rewarded with an exciting experience. And I’m not just referring to the game’s improvement system, Path of Exile is filled to the edge with content, and every bit of it demands and deserves your full attention.

So I hope you loved our list of ‘Top 10 Free Games Like Runescape You Must Try!’. The games are purely ranked as per my experience which may vary from players to players. If you want more such Ranking Lists for other Series like Call Of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto, and other major Franchise, then do let us know in the comments. If anyhow you disagree or agree with me, then do let me know in the comments. That’s it for this one! GG!