FarCry, the Gaming Franchise which gives you a wholesome experience of Exotic Locations, from Greeny tropical islands to Shady plains of Africa, lets you Embrace beautiful Countrysides & Experience Wildlife on your screen like never before. The FarCry Franchise has been delivering players an immersive experience for 15 years now. The FarCry games are filled with Nail Biting action & Thrill and the game’s Storylines are very dramatic and intense.

The franchise really got its fame after FarCry 3 which is still one of the best FPS games to play right now. The open-world environment never fails to impress and the storylines just take it to the next level. So it’s the right time to take a look back at the FarCry series and rank best Far Cry Game!


10. FarCry Vengeance

  • Platform: Wii
  • Release: 2006

FarCry VengeanceFarCry Vengeance was the worst and the most criticized game of the FarCry Series. The game was launched only for Wii Consoles. The game had Good Controls but where everything went wrong was the Game Environment, Gameplay, Character Physics & Visuals. And the Game AI was the worst. The FarCry Vengeance was the remake of FarCry Instincts for Wii Players, which Ended up being the worst amongst all!

9. FarCry Instincts

  • Platform: Xbox
  • Release: 2005

FarCry Instincts

The FarCry Instincts was a Remake of the PC version of the original FarCry for Xbox users. Back then, the 6th Gen Consoles didn’t have much power in comparison to PC. And when the Developers tried entering the Console Gaming Market with a Remake of Original PC Game, they had to narrow most of the game elements like Environment, Open Areas, Gameplay, Physics, etc, because the consoles weren’t powerful enough.

But still, the game managed to grab some attention with its Multiplayer game Modes, Never-Seen-Before Weapons, and the character’s abilities but it wasn’t enough to keep an Xbox player stick to their console for hours.

8. FarCry

  • Platform: PC, Xbox 360, PS3
  • Release: 2004


The game might look outdated today, but back then, it was one of the best open-world games to play. The game was developed by Crytek And Published by Ubisoft exclusively on PC. The game is totally different than games which we play now. The game was focused on a soldier named Jack Carver who goes to a mysterious island in search of a journalist. The Island was filled with mutants that were born from Evil Experiments. The game surprised everyone with their Unpredictable AI, Free Roam in the game, the required strategies and tactics to face your enemies, and a lot more. The game lets you drive cars around, Snipe your enemy down from far, and a lot more.

7. FarCry 5

  • Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Release: 2018

FarCry 5

Farcry 5 is different from its previous parts as they were set in some exotic locations and FarCry 5 was set on the Western United States. Despite such location, it still doesn’t fail to deliver the same Action, Thrill, Adventure, Endless hordes of Weirdos, a vast Open-World to explore and of course the Dynamic Combat.

FarCry 5 was not as memorable as FarCry 3 but still, it’s the best in terms of Animations, Gameplay, Game Physics, Weapons, Map Size, and of course the Graphics.

6. FarCry Primal

  • Platform: PC, PS-4, Xbox One
  • Release: 2016

FarCry Primal

After a lot of Running and Gunning in exotic sets, the franchise took a break and went back in time. Primal was set in 10,000 BC where the players were to survive against Giant Mammoths, Tribe Clans, and a lot more. The game left all weaponry in the future and picked up Spheres and Stone-Made Weapons to fight off! The game is a lot of fun as players have to use melee weapons and combat techniques to fight with their enemies to survive. The game allowed players to tame and train various animals which could be used in fights and combats along with players which added a whole new wild-life experience to the game which was never seen before. The game is more on the imagination side more than appearance which generated a separate fan-base for the game!

5. FarCry New Dawn

  • Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Release: 2019

FarCry New Dawn

The FarCry New Dawn is a perfect combination of Mad Max’s Gamestyle and FarCry’s Gameplay which continued FarCry 5’s Story and managed to turn the tables for the franchise. The New Dawn was a definite upgrade from FarCry 5 as it didn’t lose its focus from FarCry’s core Mechanics, Strategy, Gameplay & the Storyline. The FarCry New Dawn was re-titled as ‘The most enjoyable title in the FarCry Series’ by the players 

4. FarCry 4

  • Platform: PC, PS-3, PS-4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
  • Release: 2014

FarCry 4

After FarCry 3, the game which bought FarCry into the mainstream,  people had a lot of expectations with their Upcoming FarCry 4 but the game didn’t have enough improvements from FarCry 3 as one might expect. FarCry 4 was set in Kyrat, a magnificent wild region in the Himalayas where the players write their own story, using a variety of Weapons, Vehicles, and Animals in an Exotic Landscape.

The game was a slight upgrade than FarCry 3 with Much Powerful Character Abilities, Bigger & Powerful Animals to fight with, and the game physics. But it wasn’t a remarkable entry after FarCry 3. The game is not bad or messed at any point but as I said, people had many expectations from FarCry4 After FarCry 3 but the game couldn’t stand up to them but still, the game is a lot of fun to play!

3. FarCry 3: Blood Dragon

  • Platform: PC, PS-3, Xbox 360
  • Release: 2013

FarCry 3: Blood Dragon

The game was made with 80’s & 90’s Movies references story from RoboCop, Terminator, and Predator. The game was insanely fun. The developers went to a whole next level of Crazy-ness (in a good way) while developing this game. The game was filled with rampage, neon Lighting, robotic sci-fi elements and a lot of VHS filters. Ubisoft made the game which no one ever thought of. The Blood Dragons would shoot laser beams and would glow in the dark. The gameplay is a lot familiar with the FarCry New Dawn. If you’re a 1980’s Kid or a fan of 80’s movies, then no one can keep you away from this game. Even if you’re not a fan of ’80s then the gameplay is enough to keep your head on the screen!

2. FarCry 2

  • Platform: PC, PS-3, Xbox 360
  • Release: 2013

FarCry 2

The FarCry 2 is more of an Action-Survival game where the lead character falls ill with malaria which keeps getting worst as the story continues. The game was equally loved and hated among players & is still loved by most players (including me) after nearly 12 years now. The game was loved so much amongst players because of the Weapon Jamming System, the Good-Ol Muddy Graphics, The Assault and Sniper Rifles which could pop ahead far away, and the hordes of enemies which keep spawning made the game a lot remarkable and an upgrade from The Original FarCry. The game has a Storyline filled with Action-Packed Combats, Thrilling Story buildup, and a bold narration! 

1. FarCry 3

  • Platform: PC, PS-3, Xbox 360
  • Release: 2013

FarCry 3

FarCry 3 is the game that bought the whole FarCry Franchise to the Mainstream Market. The game tends to set a whole new level of insanity & craziness with jaw-dropping fights with evils which no gamer experienced before. And Pirate Vaas, the evil head from the game had his own huge fanbase because of his insane unpredictability and action-Packed battles which made them one of the most memorable Villans in the whole gaming history. The game gives a spectacular Adrenaline rush to the players as they would move ahead in the story.

FarCry 3 was a major upgrade from its previous hits, FarCry & FarCry 2, with a flawless open-world map, improved game mechanics, the blood Bathing Battles, and an immersive Storyline which no gamer experienced before. The game is a balanced combination of Insanity And Action & thrill! There’s no FarCry Game better than this in the whole FarCry Series which is why FarCry 3 tops our list!

The games are purely ranked as per my experience which may vary from players to players. If you want more such Ranking Lists for other Series like Call Of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto, etc, do let us know in the comments. If anyhow you disagree or agree with me, then do let me know in the comments. That’s it for this one! GG!