Escape from Tarkov is a very interesting game that helps the gamer have loads of fun while going through it. It follows a structured approach with a storyline that is pretty great. Although, this isn’t the best part about it. The best part about this game is that it is multiplayer as well.

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As evident from the title, it is a game that involves an escape from a certain map. This place is Tarkov, a city. We have to escape from it because conflicts have broken out of the city and it isn’t safe to stay there anymore. It doesn’t just concentrate on simple escape, it bases itself on survival. This means that the player will need to concentrate on the people and bots shooting at him/her, as well as look after his own hydration, hunger and everything else that a human body needs to survive.

It is a great game and introducing the multiplayer effects into it was the best thing that its developers could do. Moreover, it has a great walkthrough because it accommodates reality in a pretty great way. You have to maintain your gun in this game as well to save it from wear and tear which will wreck its functionality and similarly you get injured too, which is also something that you will have to watch out for.

You can also collect loot and resources from everywhere you travel and this loot can be lost too. But there even is a safety mechanism for that which is known as a safe house. This is where you can stash all your loot and it will remain safe.

This is a game that is widely appreciated amongst a lot of gamers and has great gameplay. Along with that, the online multiplayer thing makes it the coolest. But this makes the game harder too. So here are a few tips on how you can be your best at this game.


Escape from Tarkov Beginner Guide

Escape from Tarkov Beginner Guide

This is a pretty simple task to understand and it can be figured out by looking for extraction points. By finding these points and getting to them on time, can be the only alternative for us to escape from the city. These extraction spots are dependent on where you spawn. The player can figure out if an escape spot is available by looking for green smoke, spotlights, or active lamps.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that payment is required to successfully use an extraction point. This payment depends on the map as well as the particular extraction point. Sometimes it may be in Roubles per player and sometimes you might need to complete an action to access an escaping point.

After you get inside the escape point, a timer will be visible on the screen and you will escape as soon as it goes off. Although there is no certainty of the amount of time that may be needed by the timer.

Escape from Tarkov Tips

Escape from Tarkov Tips
  • Playing as SCAVs: If the fear of losing your loot is too much for you, then playing as SCAVs will be of much greater help. You will also be safe from the AI SCAVs that are distributed over the map which will help you to use certain parts of the map. But remember that there is a cooldown timer on this so you might need to understand that you can’t be a SCAV all the time.
  • Completing quests: There can be different quests for different operators but they might involve killing an opponent operator or collecting certain items from specific traders. Completing these will get your loyalty points from the traders to unlock different loyalty levels as well as it allows you to gain experience points.
  • Investing in insurance: Insurance might be costly but it gives you a chance of regaining your gear from the person who has looted it. There are two insurances provided to the player which are Prapor and Therapist. Prapor is cheaper but it takes more time to bring your items back while the Therapist takes less time to bring back the looted stuff but it is more expensive than Prapor.
  • Dumping your stuff to keep it safe: You can throw your stuff in a ditch or a hole if you think that you are in a raid that you won’t come out of alive. This may save your stuff as most people just check the body and let it go.
  • Keeping an eye out for your limbs: Different parts of your body are represented by different colors to ensure their health. If the color of a certain part goes black then it can’t be conventionally by the gamer, if the color of the part is red then it needs treatment because of an injury and if it is green then the player doesn’t have anything to worry about. Once a body part goes black, it goes dead.
  • Learning the types of ammo you have: Keeping the accurate knowledge about your ammo guide would definitely be necessary as it allows you to understand when it is needed.
  • Use your secure containers in the right way: Secure containers are those that can keep your precious gear secure even after dying. So keeping your important stuff in these containers is always a great idea as it will help you throughout.

Escape From Tarkov Weapons

Now, since I won’t be able to mention all the weapons over here, I will simply list 10 of my most favorite weapons from the game that would be best for most players.

#1. DT MDR .308

DT MDR .308

This is an assault rifle and it uses a NATO cartridge of 7.62x51mm. The best thing about this gun is that it can be modified by the character with the help of the least tools and a very short amount of time.

#2. SKS


These can be referred to as a semi-carbine and a cartridge of 7.62x39mm is required with it. It is one of the best rifles for hunting. These are figuratively semi-automatic snipers and can be used by the user in multiple scenarios but e-specially great for hunting.

#3. RPK-16


This is a type of Light Machine gun and needs a cartridge of 5.45x39mm. Everyone just loves machine guns due to their firing strength and capacity but they aren’t that handy to carry. With the help of our beautiful RPK-16, we can make use of our machine gun based fighting style as it provides better ergonomics than before.

#4. P90


This is an SMG and my favorite one since childhood. It has an awesome firing rate and the accuracy isn’t that bad either. It requires an FN cartridge of 5.7x28mm. It can fire about 50 bullets at a time which means that it can support heavy warfare as well.

#5. Saiga-12


This gun is characterized as a shotgun and a very brilliant one at that. It is a 12 gauge shotgun and is semi-automatic. It provides great assistance in a short combat range and provides a lot of damage in even a single shot. It uses a 12x70mm cartridge.

#6. SVDS


This marksman rifle is better known as the folding stock version of our beautiful Dragunov sniper rifle. It provides great stability and is also great for hunting and spotting a long-distance enemy. Although using it in close combat is definitely fatal. It uses a cartridge of 7.62x54mm.

#7. SV-98


This is categorized as a sniper rifle and uses a cartridge of 7.62x54mm. It was produced by Russians and is very easy to use. Its accessibility is great and provides great support as a long-distance sniper. Its stability is impeccable.

#8. NSV “Utes”

NSV "Utes"

This is a heavy machine gun and uses 12.7x108mm. I don’t think I have to tell you much about this one because of the fact that a lot of gun enthusiasts are already familiar with this heavy machine gun. It provides ultimate firepower in a battle due to its great firing strength and the number of bullets it can shoot at a time. The only sad fact about this gun is that it’s stationary.

#9. AGS-30


This is a grenade launcher and uses 30x29mm cartridges. As you may know already, the grenade launcher can fire grenades as its bullet and they explode wherever they fall. These are great it killing of a number of targets at a time. These are also stationary which makes it pretty different for the player.

#10. GLOCK 18C


This is obviously a pistol and is used as a secondary weapon. It requires a cartridge of 9x19mm and is great to pair up with an even assault rifle or a sniper. This particular weapon provides great handling due to its design.


There isn’t much to mention about the maps so let us just see the entire map to choose locations from and then move on to separate locations that we can deploy in the game. I won’t be separately mentioning the locations of Tarkov that aren’t available to us yet.

Escape From Tarkov Map

The Lab [40 Minutes]

The Lab

Interchange [45 Minutes]


Customs [40 Minutes]


Factory [20 Minutes]


Woods [40 Minutes]


Reserve [50 Minutes]


Shoreline [50 Minutes]




After talking about maps, the most important things we need to know are hideouts. These are first found to be empty and abandoned as they used to be bomb shelters, and have limited to no means of sustaining life due to the chaos it breeds. A player can create various types of hideouts according to their own needs and benefits.

Now, the first thing that a player needs to build would be a power generator and it will make use of fuel without which the performance will go down. The most important thing to remember is that the size of the stash is directly dependent on the level of hideout stash.

Hideouts are an essential part of the game as they control all the other parts of the game other than looting and would definitely affect the outcomes. The player can build a number of hideout modules like water collection system, medical treatment facility, intelligence center, bathroom and much more.

These were some tips and a basic guide to the game “Escape from Tarkov” and I hope I was able to help you figure out a lot of stuff from the game. If there is any query about the content mentioned above, please drop a comment below. If the given data was helpful, please leave a like on our post.