It doesn’t matter what year it is, Play Station has always been a choice for the basic needs of a gamer no matter what new may arise. Agreeably, a lot of people are more oriented towards PC gaming and even turn to Xbox but the experience provided by the Play Station is something that makes everyone feel like home.


It has been around for so long which is why most of the people directly link gaming to the Play Station and the upgrades they provide every now and then can make anyone’s day quite easily and the extensions provided are just marvelous. The best part is that the developers are still trying to make a console to realize gaming even further and I hope they will achieve that soon enough.

But public opinion isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to a gaming console, performance is always on the top and the performance provided by the latest Play Station 4 is just remarkable. Although there is one very talked-about issue that the download speed on the Play Station 4 is very low which is something that no gamer likes and that is why people choose PCs and Xbox more nowadays.

But what if there was a way around it? The issue isn’t obviously a big one and we can clearly fix it without many frets if we put our heads to it. All we need to do is to keep certain things in mind to abide by them and our download speed will be maintained.


Some Basic Tips and Methods on How To Speedup PS4 Downloads Speed:

We will be talking about the things we can make sure to do for keeping the download speed fast and to even make it faster manually.

Simple Precautions and Tricks for a fast speed

Simple Precautions and Tricks for a fast speed
  1. Download one thing at a time: doing this ensures that downloads don’t tangle up amongst themselves and you must start a new download-only when all others are finished so that the speed remains intact.
  2. Close all the other apps: by doing this, we cut down the amount of data being shared by other applications and instead it is just utilized in the download.
  3. Don’t play any online games: when we play online games that require our internet connection, the speed gets compromised and thus the download speed decreases. So we can make sure to not play any games while a download is in process.
  4. Keep the PS4 up to date: if the software of your PS4 is outdated, there might be certain problems that might occur including issues with the download speed. So the best precaution we can take is to keep the software of the PS4 update.
  5. Pause and Resume: if you think the download is stuck for quite a while and you are worried that you might lose all the progress you’ve had on the download till now, then just try pausing the download that is going on and resume it. This may regain your download speed without a doubt.
  6. Try downloading in rest mode: if you close all other apps and just keep the download going on and then place your play station in rest mode, the download will be the only thing that requires data and no other process will do so while saving the RAM of the console which will make the download faster. But make sure to keep the setting on which keeps the internet on during rest mode.
Optimizing Internet settings

Optimizing Internet settings

This means that the best way we can set up our hardware in order to use it at the right speed. But that might not always be useful because there might be limitations from your current hardware or internet plan. You might not be getting an internet plan of the desired speed which will be limiting your download to a low speed.

In order to bypass that, you will need to contact your network operator for a plan with a higher speed and then you might be able to get your desired download speed. But even that might not be enough. Sometimes the problem may be in your router and not the internet speed from the operator when your router isn’t compatible with the given speed. This is why you must have it checked with the operator if the router supports your desired network speed or not.

Now if both things are already been taken care of or you can’t do anything in the matter then here are some things you can try which won’t cost you any money.

  • Adjust the Router Location: try adjusting the router location to one that is optimal for the right connection speed.
  • Download when using the network alone: try downloading your desired file while there is nobody else using it which will ensure the best possible speed.
  • Connect the Wi-Fi directly: try connecting the router directly to the console using a cable that will circumvent the speed issues.

Try Setting up a Proxy Server

This may definitely help the speed of your PS4 downloads pretty well but you will need to remember the fact that you will have to change the proxy back to its defaults when you are done with the download of a large file because, with this setting, the PS4 will only be able to establish a connection through your proxy server.

By setting up a proxy server on our laptop or desktop, we help the console in receiving data packets in a much simpler way. This means that the data packets will first be received by the PC and then are forwarded to the console which means they’ll receive more data packets with lesser need of demodulation and that will benefit the speed very much.

Try to Switch DNS servers

DNS servers can be called the phonebook of the internet because they can translate a human-friendly address into an IP address. By using this, you can easily modify the speed of your network. In order to do so, follow the given steps:

Try to Switch DNS servers
  1. Launch Settings in your console.
  2. Choose Network.
  3. Select Set Up Internet Connection.
  4. If the console is connected through a Wi-Fi, choose Use Wi-Fi. If the console is connected via a cable directly, select Use a LAN cable.
  5. Choose Custom.
  6. Choose Automatic on the screen with IP Address Settings.
  7. Now select Do Not Specify.
  8. Choose Manual.
  9. You will need to enter the primary followed by the secondary IP address for your DNS network. The best one according to me would be Primary: and Secondary:
  10. After you’ve completed the process, click on Next.
  11. Now select Automatic on the MTU Settings screen.
  12. Then select Do Not Use.
  13. Now finally choose Test Internet Connection.
Download Speed Of Your PS4

I hope I was able to help you in increasing the speed of your PS4 downloads and now your PS4 is optimized for the utmost speed. If there are any unresolved queries, please drop a comment below. If the content was helpful, leave a like on the post.