Clash of clans is a wonderful game and has been trending for quite a while since it came on and still hasn’t lost much of its following. It has been a great game for all this while and I’m sure it will stay around for more days to come and will keep amazing everyone who plays through it.

The best thing about it is that it is an online game that helps in developing a keen sense of survival and provides arrangement techniques to build your own world. It keeps us occupied with the awesome game play and new updates that provide little changes to spice up our gaming experience.

In Clash of clans, a playing space is provided to every player and they have to build that into their own little clan. We are provided with a town hall, some resource extractors and some basic weaponry to fend off enemies. Making use of these, we have to build our own village and upgrade it from time to time in order to make it powerful enough to defend it against enemies.

But it isn’t just about the defense. Rather it looks through the complete task of being the chief to a village as you can train and enhance troops to fight your battles and use heroes to defend your village as well as use them for heavy damage on enemy villages. We can even join or create our own groups which are called clans and start a war against others with the help of our clanmates.

clash of clans

Due to these brilliant features offered by supercell into this excellent game, a lot of users are interested in playing it. Some of the people are also interested in checking this game out on a PC for some apparent reason. Although I think it might be like the player might want to see it on a bigger screen or might not be in a position to play it on their cellphones so here is how you can play it on PC.


Running Clash of Clans for PC

Now there are actually a number of ways to play clash of clans on your PC but the developers haven’t yet rolled out an official application to run on the PC and neither have they provided a website extension or browser extension. So in order to play it on PC, the most common way is to download an android environment to install the game on.

There are a couple of such environments available out there to install these android apps on but here the two most basic ones are listed to help you through the process and it will keep the experience simple. These two environments are:

#1. KO Player

KO Player

This is one of the oldest emulators present in the market yet doesn’t compromise on the performance. It is fast and has a pretty simple interface as it tries to provide an exact environment like that provided by any android system. It even provides different performance modes so that you can use it on your given PC even if it covers the most minimum specifications for running this environment.

The best thing about this is that it is ad-free which is what felt most appealing to me. Even the usage is pretty easy as all you need to do is start by downloading the setup. Once the download is complete, the setup must be used to install it on your PC. After the installation is complete, the application has to be started and then all the processes need to be taken care of the way we set up a normal android system.

This means that we will first need to login to our Google Play store accounts and then we can simply search for the game to install it. After installing the game, all we need to do is log in with our initial ID if there already exists one of the data will be saved ahead in the same account that you are using for your Google Play games.



It is obviously the most famous android environment available for PCs and has a very easy to use interface. The handling of applications in this environment is very easy and the maintenance isn’t much work either. It doesn’t cover a lot of hard disk space on your PC and is much different than KO Player.

It presents a user interface that isn’t much likely to look like its android origin and that might be a bit unlikeable to some people but it helps in managing the entire library through a single place. The application isn’t very complex which is why it can be used by any user and it still provides a decent gaming experience.

The full resolution gameplay and fast performance can be experienced directly by downloading the setup of Bluestacks and installing it according to the instructions given throughout. After the installation is done, we will need to sign in to Google Play store in order to utilize the service and then we can simply search for the game, which is Clash of clans, in this case, we need to install and then launch it without a way we normally do.

I hope I was able to help you figure out a way to run Clash of clans on your PC and you are satisfied with the performance. The two software mentioned above is pretty simple to utilize and well known. If there is any doubt, please drop a comment below. If the content was helpful, please leave a like on the post.