If you are a fan of gaming then there is no way at all that you haven’t played or at least heard of Call of Duty. It is the most widely known game that tends to excite all types of gamers no matter what. Whether you discuss its most basic games or the latest ones, they all leave the player awestruck.

It is basically a generation where people love battle royale games and there are a lot of them in the market. Out of which, some of these are free. But Call of Duty is a game that provides great game play along with powerful graphics, which is why it is obvious to leave its fans boggled if it even starts providing one such game for free.

Call of Duty warzone

This will definitely cut short the following of all the other games which is what makes it the most amusing thing of all. It has been released a few days ago and has been receiving a great response. A lot of gamers are already hooked on it and most others have left all the other games for this one even if they have bought paid subscriptions on other ones.

Call of Duty Warzone Battle Royale is Free To Play

This battle royale game is loaded with extreme graphics and provides the user with a very premium gaming experience while providing everything for free. And it doesn’t just stop at that, it provides the user with the perfect gaming experience.

Call of Duty Warzone Battle Royale is Free To Play

Although Call of Duty: Warzone doesn’t have as much widespread data as that of PUBG or Apex Legends but it is quite new so let’s just leave it some slack. Even if it doesn’t have a very wide range of gaming facilities, it still has great game play and much better graphics provided by most games.

It was released quite recently on the 10th of March and despite that, it has become a fan favorite. A lot of people have loved it completely and are very much likely to play it for a long period of time.

It basically has two gaming modes which are, Plunder mode and traditional battle royale mode. These modes have different features than themselves like the traditional battle royale mode accommodates about 150 players into an arena and the one to survive to the end will win. But the fight isn’t contained amongst themselves as they have to fight time as well due to a circle that keeps shrinking gradually.

call of duty warzone pc

This outer circle has lethal gas that drains the players’ health points which makes it much more interesting and wrist clenching. Other than this, the Plunder mode requires the players to collect cash by looting items on the map, completing in-game contracts and looting the cash from the players you kill.

This is not all, there is still a lot more inside the treasure of this game. But to me, the most interesting thing was the 1-vs-1 respawn. This is a new feature in this game where a respawn mechanic named dubbed Gulag is present which helps the player in respawning by winning a one on one fight. It even allows the teammates to watch if they are in the Gulag queue.

Various sorts of contracts are available in Call of Duty: Warzone like simple scavenging mission to collect loot or to find out enemy locales and a couple more. Along with that, there may be certain complex missions that will earn the player certain unique rewards and perks. One of them may be getting the finish location of the next circle before it starts to collapse.

Call of Duty warzone pc is completely free and really fun to play and I hope I was able to address a lot of the queries you had about it. If you have a doubt, please drop a comment below and if you linked the content then please leave a like on our post.