Today’s needs for a general human being are quite basic. Every one of us needs certain things to survive with peace in the modern world. One such thing is the internet. It is quite important for our entertainment as well as work. Some devices don’t come with an in-built WiFi, and some are quite old to have had that feature. This is why a user might need an extra alternative to use WiFi on such a device.

This can be taken care of with the help of a USB adapter. This adapter can simply be plugged into the USB port, set up if it needs to, and will be ready to use. Quite simple and elegant to be used. This solution can be deployed by minimum efforts by the user.


5 Best USB WiFi Adapters For Gaming

Here’s a list of 5 adapters that I think are the best when it comes to USB WiFi adapters.

1. NET-DYN AC1200


This is a great WiFi adapter and doesn’t need you to break into your savings to get it in your hand. It is said to be the best USB WiFi adapter overall to be available in the market. It is best known for its 100-yard range. Which means you can use it easily from any part of your place without a fret. It also gives you an approximate transfer speed of 856 Mbps. This means that there won’t be any amount of buffering when you are playing a game with heavy graphics and need a powerful connection. This is also true for streaming videos. And it doesn’t simply need too much time to load any heavy webpage either.

Other than providing a powerful connection and a fast transfer speed, it can be used on a device directly by plugging it in. It doesn’t need any special programs to run on a device. Simply plugging it in will do the job and you’d be able to surf the way you wish to. It uses WPA/WPA2 encryption to secure your personal information and provides you the best transfer speed that it can. The manufacturer even provides a lifetime warranty on this product which makes it much more fascinating.

2. D-Link DWA-192 AC1900

D-Link DWA-192 AC1900

Before saying anything about this device, I would like to take a minute to discuss its amazing design. It is supposed to be the best adapter in terms of a unique design. To the geeks out there, do you guys remember the orb in which Star-Lord acquired the power stone? That is exactly how this device looks. It resembles the same kind of an orb-like shape and it definitely adorable. Looking at it would be fascinating to any user due to its unique design.

Although its design is very pretty its size isn’t as small to be used for traveling which means it can easily be used in a desktop but isn’t ideal to carry around with a laptop. This is one of the things that is challenged by its design and annoys a few of its users. Another downside to this is, it is holy expensive. You won’t be buying such an expensive and great looking product if you have to keep it at home while hiding it from people. Which is what disappoints a user the most. This is something that we need to worry about a bit.

Apart from these quirks, it has a brilliant network range and provides a powerful output against most other adapters at short distances of about 30 feet without disappointing the user. It also makes use of beamforming technology and offers dual-band support. This is what makes it most powerful as its bands support a bandwidth of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz and support speeds up to 600 Mbps and 1300 Mbps respectively. Quite impressive for any user at first glance.

3. Asus USB-A62 AC1900

Asus USB-A62 AC1900

This is supposedly the best USB Wi-Fi adapter for gaming and wouldn’t disappoint the user in a million years. It is made to fascinate the people who are interested in gaming. Being a product of Asus, it already has certain credibility and would obviously attract the users on a much different level due to the goodwill of the brand. It makes use of the simple concept that in order to have a good network performance, you need a good antenna.

This has been the mentality of the people at Asus for a long time. This is why they have provided two big red three-positioning antennas externally which makes it look quite hilariously complicated. Although, it is even paired with a set of internal antennas with a 3X4 MIMO design. It provides a speed of 802.11ac speeds and fascinates the user with its mechanism.

In order to plug your adapter into your PC or Mac, Asus has provided a USB cable with USB 3.0 to be included with the adapter which will help in minimizing the interference by letting the user place the adapter at a distance from the initial device. This can be used to place the adapter at the best difference according to you. Also, the adapter can be folded down to a USB stick if you need to take it with you while traveling which makes it quite convenient.

The adapter naturally supports USB 3.0 with a speed of 1300 Mbps due to its 5 GHz bandwidth. Due to its cutting edge technology and antenna configuration, it provides power-packed speed and would definitely stun any gamer.

4. EDUP-1635


This is a very compact adapter even though it has an antenna and that is why it is great for any user who’s looking for the best adapter with antenna and needs it to be compact enough to use while traveling. It can provide a speed of about 600 Mbps for the user to surf the web at a fast speed while using a USB 2.0 port and a dual-band Wi-Fi connection. This connection is enough for playing games, surfing the internet, streaming movies and videos, etc.

It provides an 802.11ac wireless connection which is about three times faster than most products. The antenna can be rotated for about 360 degrees and it has an angle of 90 degrees to help the user in getting the best signal strength wherever you are, for perfect networking. It also contains a single key encryption function, which helps the user in protecting his personal information while using the internet.

It comes along with a CD and its drivers can also be downloaded which makes it quite easy to set up. This makes the process quite quick and helps the user in maintaining a balance. It also comes with a refund/replacement warranty in case any manufacturing defects get into the user’s way.

5. TP-Link TL-WN725N

TP-Link TL-WN725N

Now, this is the most pocket-friendly adapter in the list and provides an opportunity of upgrading your network connection without being too harsh in your pocket. This provides a reliable connection even at a strict price range. The connection is pretty fast and doesn’t disappoint its users. It provides WEP and WPA encryption for the protection of the user’s information.

It uses a band of 2.4 GHz which can give a speed up to about 150 Mbps which may be sufficient for you to stream movies and videos, surf the internet and play games that use a light speed internet because it might not be able to support games with heavy network usage. It has a very compact design and is obviously great for traveling. You can easily use it by just plugging it into your device and you can even set up a Wi-Fi hotspot by using the soft AP feature. Other than that, it can be used with Windows, Mac and even Linux which makes it quite useful.

I hope I was able to present to you the appropriate USB Wi-Fi adapter as per your need so that you may be able to work your way without an issue. If you have any further queries, please drop a comment below. If the content was helpful, please like the post. Any sort of criticism is warmly welcome.