Everyone who loves movies or likes to play games would have a definitive genre that excites them the most. But still, war games are what keeps a lot of us going. Moreover, it might even happen that sometimes, we may watch a war movie or play a game that features a fighting sequence, and we pick up anything accessible and start treating it like a weapon.

I can’t talk for anyone else but I myself love to act this way after witnessing such an event. I start swinging my actual sword or even a ruler, all around the house. All of this means that war games really awaken a part of us that is truly interested just in games related to war.

Such a person would definitely have heard of Total War games. This is somewhat a gaming franchise that allows the gamer to witness and live certain events from history and reshape them in whatever way we need it to turn out. Due to this these games are so popular and it is very hard to decide which games are actually the best.


5 Best Total War Games That Are Just Amazing:

This is the list of the 5 best Total War games according to me and would definitely be fun to go through. We’ll witness this in descending order.

5. Shogun


It may be old and seems somewhat poor to the eyes of a modern gamer but it is an absolute delight to a person who has played it before and found it interesting. This simply means that it ages well. There isn’t much to say about this game but it is still playable. The gameplay of Total War games has always been the same but it is just about the graphics and effects.

A lot of gamers think that this game isn’t worthy of being played but I believe otherwise. This game was the absolute starting of Total War games which simply means it should be tried out before we judge it for its lower ends.

4. Napoleon


Everyone knows that Total War games are widely appreciated for their introduction of the user into the previous times. This is what helps the player live a part of history on his/her own terms, depending on his/her own decisions. This can simply alter the history and show events in quite a different way than it actually happened.

This game provides a look into the empire of Napoleon Bonaparte. This is set back in the early 19th century. It depicts the brilliance of a great commander and a fair person who believed in humanity more than aimless killing. Its strategies are well thought out and would definitely be interesting to the player.

3. Attila


This game is somewhat appreciated for its complex strategies and it brings back the time of Attila and his Hunnic army. It provides a great gaming experience by giving out a game with a lot of strategical decisions to be made. It is not just about a few details and just the fighting but it also accommodates the politics, famine, feasting, desolation, etc. into the set of this game. It even shows buildings on fire and depicts the weather conditions as well.

It sets an urgency over the player so as to remember that there is a storm coming to destroy his/her empire. It depends on the timing solely and what strategies can be used to save oneself against an attack through this great commander.

2. Warhammer


This game comes with never-ending curiosity and gameplay where old powers fall to make room for the new ones to employ. It is a great battle game that simulates battles for survival and the need to make it through every eventual battle. The desperation for survival thickens through every battle as it creates a situation of utmost urgency every time.

This is actually the most varied Total War game and also has new strategical changes that appeal to the gamer. Trying this game out wouldn’t really be disappointing as it provides a great gaming experience even if it isn’t perfect.

1. Shogun 2

Shogun 2

Obviously I was saving the best for the last. This is the sequel of a previous Total War game. It accommodates the time of the unification of Japan and no other game does a better job at it than this one. There might be certain games in this list that might be appreciated by gamers much more than this one but there most certainly won’t be a game more comprehensive than this one.

The game concentrates more on the unification of Japan, rather than the conquests to be carried out around the world, which may seem short but it really isn’t. It even thickens the gravy by fixing a lot of problems faced by earlier Total War games. Providing a great gaming experience as well as excitement that no other games in this list may be able to provide the gamer.

I hope I was able to resolve your curiosity in knowing which Total War games are the best. In case of any further doubts, please leave a comment below. If the content was helpful, please leave a like on our post.