The world is evolving pretty quickly. Gaming isn’t just a hobby anymore, it is an art. An art of performing in various genres of games while trying to be the best amongst all. It has even become a profession that helps people make a living. This has made gaming an important part of our day to day life because it isn’t just for fun anymore. It’s a serious path.

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And we all know that in order to be good at any art, we need the right equipment. Like a musician needs an instrument, a painter needs his colors and brushes, and a writer needs his quill, similarly, a gamer needs his console, mouse, keyboards, gamepads, etc. to excel at this art. One such equipment for gamers is the RGB keyboards.


What are RGB keyboards?

Now, in order to understand what these keyboards are, let us broaden our minds. Everyone who is familiar with modern technology knows a little about the keyboards that have a backlight to help during low light. Well RGB keyboards are almost similar but have a basic characteristic difference.

The difference is that there are keyboards that provide single-colored lighting as well as multi-colored lighting, but RGB keyboards provide the lighting ranges from the complete spectrum of Red, Green and Blue wheel. You may program a single button to a particular color, you may program a cluster of keys to have the same backlight, you may program the entire keyboard with the same light color or you may try any hybrid way according to your choice.

Some Reasons Why RGB Keyboards are Useful

The best thing provided by RGB keyboards is the number of choices a user gets according to his/her convenience. These keyboards are great and very useful for gamers as well as normal folks who need backlight while working in a dark environment.

This is fairly a great product for gamers as they can completely settle the lighting on their keyboards according to their wish. They can set navigation keys to a different color, attack keys to a different color, defensive keys to a different color, and so on depending on their need. This will definitely help in creating a better gaming experience.

Another thing you can do with these keyboards is that you can set certain tasks assigned to the keyboard. For example, if the game has a feature that tells you if you are seen by your enemy, you can simply put a blinker on the keyboard to show you that or if your character has an ability that requires a cooldown time then you can assign that to particular keys that trigger them to keep them off for that interval or time after being triggered.

Now that we know what these keyboards are and how they are useful, let us discuss what the best keyboards might be according to the user’s choice.

Some Checkpoints While Buying an RGB Keyboard

Before discussing the keyboards, let me tell you about some basic features you must look for, before buying a keyboard. Some things you need to look for while doing so are:

  1. Individual lighting system for all keys which will help the user set different colors to different keys.
  2. Grouping keys into a certain color which helps the user to assign a particular color to a group of keys in a particular area with the same kind of function rather than choosing one key at a time.
  3. A certain master button that turns off the backlight just by a single push.
  4. Lighting should be available over a certain range that covers all the colors over the RGB spectrum.
  5. It should have RGB effects that are directly synced to certain effects of the game.
  6. It must have good software with it to use for programming the backlight.

5 Best RGB Keyboards According to Me

Here are some great keyboards you must check out if you are looking for RGB keyboards.

#1. DAS Keyboard X50Q

RGB Keyboards Which Will Enhance Your Setup! 2

This is a beautiful and extremely powerful RGB keyboard. It is a mechanical gaming keyboard and is liked by a lot of gamers worldwide. Its looks are astonishing and leave the users awestruck over itself. It has Gamma Zulu mechanical key switches, a full keyboard key rollover, a pretty strong RGB brightness and is built with aluminum top plates. It has a premium build quality.


RGB Keyboards Which Will Enhance Your Setup! 3

This keyboard has a great build quality. It is built with aircraft-grade aluminum which definitely tells us a lot about it and is the best compact mechanical RGB gaming keyboard. Apart from this, it has stunning looks, a dedicated OLED display, and works on dynamic key-to-key illumination. It is a wonderful keyboard to use while gaming.


RGB Keyboards Which Will Enhance Your Setup! 4

This keyboard is designed and manufactured by Roccat. It is advertised by the manufacturers as a precision gaming equipment and I completely agree with it. It has AIMO lighting and the mechanical keys it contains are elegantly silent. It is made with anodized aluminum plating. The build quality is great and definitely powerful enough to attract great gamers towards itself.


RGB Keyboards Which Will Enhance Your Setup! 5

This keyboard is manufactured by Logitech and has a decent build quality. It is one of the cheapest mechanical keyboard used for gaming and attracts the attention of a large number of audience that is looking for one under their budget range. Its lighting system is precision Romer-G and looks quite decent as well. A setback to this being in a regular price range is that it isn’t completely an RGB keyboard.

#5. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

RGB Keyboards Which Will Enhance Your Setup! 6

This is one of the best mechanical gaming keyboards available in the market right now. It has a premium build quality and is pretty powerful as well. It is an RGB keyboard and carries a wide array of lighting options. Other than its brilliant and stunning design, it has a lot of great features and has a brushed anodized aluminum frame. The only disadvantage to this is its huge size and expensive cost. But it is worth every penny when it comes to performance.

I hope I was able to help you understand what an RGB keyboard is and how might it be useful to any user. These keyboards are one of the best out of a wide array of choices and will provide optimum performance. If the content was helpful, please leave a like on the post. If you have a query regarding anything mentioned above, please drop a comment in the given section.