PUBG Corp has bought a new revolution in the gaming industry around the world! The Pc Version of the game has nearly 400 million Downloads whereas the mobile version has around 500 Million downloads worldwide!

If you’ve just started playing PUBG then you must be using the default settings, but there are many tweaks you can do to improve your game play and win each and every chicken out there. And as you know, PUBG Mobile has played a huge role in the Mobile E-Sports industry, where the PUBG Gaming Community organizes a E-Sports Tournament on a world-wide level where players from each country compete with each other in teams of four. The tournament was the PUBG Mobile Club Opens which had a prize pool of whopping 400,000$ (Approx 3Crore Rs.) Well, all the success which PUBG mobile could achieve is all because of us, i.e The daily active users who play this game every day for the thrill, action, and entertainment.

So, I’ll be showing you the best PUBG settings for Mobile to improve your game play and get those smok’in chicken dinners in a snap. Well, I cannot guarantee this will help you win the PMCO but will surely give a boost start to your game than others!


1. Optimize Graphics Settings

Well, as you know, there are 100’s of Smartphones out there and each smartphone has different specifications, and for every smartphone, PUBG tries to recommend certain graphic settings that would help your device run the game real smooth. But those settings are not always accurate! You can always achieve better and smoother gameplay by just tweaking the settings a little.

Optimize Graphics Settings for pubg
  • Open PUBG Mobile
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Graphics. Here you’ll see a bunch of settings to choose from. You can choose the one which runs the smoothest on your device because I surely don’t know which device you’re using (i ain’t no Mark Zuckerburg right?) 

Well, for a guy like me, Graphics don’t matter the most. I want my game to run as smoothly as possible so I keep my graphics settings on the lowest to achieve the best performance. Also, I would suggest you keep the frame-rate on High or Ultra, it might suck a bit extra battery but trust me it’ll be worth the percentage.

2. Visual Style

Visuals of the game is one of the main attraction for players. There are various Style Settings to choose from, Classic, Colorful, Realistic, Soft and Movie. Each Setting has a different effect on the game, for example, in the Colorful Style, all the game colors become more vibrant and beautiful to look at. But if you don’t like Poppy colors, you can always go for other styles, such as realistic, where the colors are too Minimal and realistic to look at. I prefer to play at Realistic Style because its more realistic to look at and it’s easy to spot enemy from a distance. 

Visual Style for pubg

To change the Visual style, 

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Graphics
  • In the style menu, look amongst the different styles and choose the one which is suitable for you

3. Some More Graphics Tweaks

As you know there are multiple tweaks to do in the Graphics option in PUBG Mobile and Anti-Aliasing is one of them. Anti-Aliasing is a technology used in Games to reduce snaggy edges and give the objects a sharper and smoother look. The pixels on your screen are square in shape and not all objects in-game are square or straight. And honestly, the sharpness of objects doesn’t bring a lot of difference in PUBG Mobile as you’re already playing on small screens and if Anti-Aliasing is enabled, it takes up a lot of processing and might affect the smoothness of your game.

The same is with the Auto-Adjust Graphics, where the game automatically calculates the processing on the mobile and changes the settings of the game automatically. If the processing is high then the graphic setting will be reduced and if the processing is low then the Graphics will be increased. It can be annoying at times because when the graphics are changed automatically, the game goes through a 1-sec lag to load the objects according to new settings. I would suggest you keep this too on disabled as it’ll save you from those lag which can be a huge disadvantage in crucial fights. 

How to Disable Anti-Aliasing & Auto Adjust Graphics:

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Graphics
  • Scroll down and you’ll find both The settings adjacent to each other. Tap on disable to disable them.

4. Customizing The Controls

After the graphic settings, what matters the most is the Control Setup. The basic controls in PUBG are easy to play with but hard to master. In the default controls, you use just 2 Thumbs to play the game, one to Manage the movement and the other to aim and fire. And using two thumbs can be slow and hard to manage at times so I’d suggest you using my control setup where I use 2 thumbs, left for movement, right for fire and my right index finger to aim. This is called 3-Finger Gyro Setup where I use the Gyroscope to move my cross hair. I’ll explain about GyroScope in the next point. This setup makes it easy for you to make the first move on the enemy and kill him in a snap. Anyone can easily master it in just 3-4 days of practice and trust me on this, you’ll thank me for this one. I’ll be adding a picture of my Control setup below, here’s how you can customize:

  • Go to settings
  • Click on controls
  • Click on customize
  • And now drag and drop and set all controls according to your convenience or as shown in the picture below.  And save and exit
Best PUBG Settings for mobile

5. Setting Up Gyroscope

Well, as I said previously, the gyroscope is a lifesaver for the players. It makes it so easy for players to aim their crosshair on the enemy by just tilting your mobile a bit. Swiping your crosshair all the way on your enemy is slow and inefficient. Basically, GyroScope is a sensor in your device which locates your mobile’s orientations and sends commands accordingly. So, while playing PUBG, you don’t have to swipe to move your crosshair, you can just move your mobile up, down, left or right to move your crosshair. But to use gyroscope in-game, you first need to enable it from Settings>Basic>Gyroscope. There are 2 options there mainly, Always on and Scope on, choose the one which suits you the best. Here is my gyroscope sensitivity which you can tweak according to your convenience.

Setting Up Gyroscope
  • Go to settings
  • Click on Sensitivity
  • Scroll down and look for Gyro-Scope Settings and tweak as needed or as shown in the picture.
Setting Up Gyroscope for pubg

6. Enable Peek & Fire

 Ok, so this one is a total lifesaver in a combat situation where you have to stick to the cover and fight with an enemy. Peek and Shoot allow you to peek your head out while in cover and shoot at your enemy, where your enemy just has a peeking head to aim at which is difficult for most of the players and you get to shoot at the enemy while in cover. Peek & shoot are disabled by default but can be enabled from the settings menu. Here’s how you enable Peek & Fire:

  • Open Settings menu
  • Go to Basic Settings.
  • Look for Peek & Fire and click on enable.
Enable Peek & Fire

You can also enable Peek & Scope where when you tap on the peek key, your player will peek and scope-in automatically which is much more convenient and faster. So you just have to aim the crosshair on to the enemy and hit fire. There are many tweaks in Peek & Scope mode to look from. You can experiment and look for the one which suits you the most!

7. Enable Auto-Open Doors

If you play with players who loot the whole area while you could get a Sub-Machine gun? Well, this one will help you to loot faster and move faster inside a building. As you know there are a lot of Doors in Buildings in PUBG Mobile and stopping at each door to open them takes up a lot of time. If you enable Auto-Open Doors, then you just have to run at the door and it will open automatically! This helps a lot in looting and changing your positions if an enemy is inside your building. Here’s how you enable auto-open Doors:

Enable Auto-Open Doors
  • Open Settings menu
  • Goto basic
  • Look for Auto Open Doors and click on Enable

8. Enable Auto-Pickup Loot

I know looting stuff can be a lot irritating when you have to tap on each item to pick it up. But well, PUBG Mobile has a feature that lets your character auto pickup Ammo, guns, or attachments for the gun which you’re carrying without tapping on any item. This helps a lot in looting faster for those Jump-in combats in places like Pochinki where you pick up whatever you get and push on to the enemy next to you. This also helps you concentrate more on the game then just tapping on the screen to pick up loot. Here’s how you enable Auto-Pickup Loot:

Enable Auto-Pickup Loot
  • Open Settings Menu
  • Goto Pickup tab
  • Enable Auto Pickup

9. Change Crosshair Color

Crosshair is the cursor in games that lets you aim at your enemy or target. Sometime’s the cross hair’s color mixes with the color of the objects in-game and makes it difficult to spot. You can always change the color of the Crosshair to something like Neon Green Or Red which is easier to spot. Here’s how you change the Color of your Cross-Hair:

Change Crosshair Color
  • Open Settings Menu
  • Tap on Scope Tab
  • Scroll among all scopes like Red-Dot, No-Scope, Holographic Sight, etc and select the color and the crosshair style according to your convenience.

10. Add More Quick-Chat Messages

Quick chat comes in handy when you don’t want to use your Microphone or your team-mates speak a different language. You just tap on a pre-set template or message and send it. If you spot an enemy somewhere in the middle of the field and you want to tell your friends exactly where then just move your cursor near the enemy and send Enemies ahead from the quick chat menu and all your Team-mates will be indicated exactly where the enemy is! Here’s how you Add more Quick Chat Messages :

  • Open Settings Menu
  • Click on Quick Chat Tab
  • And select the messages that will come in handy for you

I hope this article on best PUBG settings will helped you improve your game play in PUBG Mobile and get those Hot Chicken Dinner in each game. If you apply all these settings, don’t forget to practice them in the training mode because it might take some practice for you to adapt them and also as you know, Practice Makes A Man Perfect!

If you have any other queries related to this topic, then do let me know in the comments down below or if you have some extra tips, mention them in the comments and help others in improving their game! GG Y’all!